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First 5 chapters of my new bookCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 21 July 2010
01:55:03 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1: The first sight
This is a story about a boy who is torn between the world of wolves and the girl he
loves. It was a bright and sunny day when he first saw her. Then it hit him. He was
in love with a human. He didn’t know much about her but he did know that she was
the most beautiful site he has ever seen. He couldn’t take his eyes of the way she
smiled when she saw him or the way the wind blew hair over her eye. Little did he
know what that would be the last he would see of her for awhile. That night he went
to sleep thinking about the girl he saw today and now much he loved her. 
The next day at school he thought about her constantly. Later that night he would see
her again looking even more beautiful than before. He would then fall even more in
love with her and start to turn away from his true nature.
Chapter 2: The werewolves
 	It’s been three days since that day as he walks into the pack meeting he thinks
about her. One of his fellow clan members asks why he is smiling. Then he goes wolf
embracing his true nature still thinking about her.
	The pack rushes a group of vampires from the sides. He is thrown into a tree and
knocked out. He turns human and lays there thinking about the girl he saw three days
before. A vampire stands over him ready to get an easy kill. He is saved by one of
his brothers. They carry him back to the house and lays him in his bed. The rest of
the night he lays there dreaming about the  girl that distracted him from fighting.
Chapter 3: Heart break
	It’s shortly after Christmas and he plans to do something nice for her. He goes
out looking for a nice necklace or ring for her. By this time they are already going
out and he loves her more than ever. He searches everywhere for something she would
like and doesn’t stop thinking about her. He is in love with her.
	He calls her phone then later gets a call back from her sister saying she has
boyfriend already. He sits there against the tire of his truck head in hands and
tears rolling down cheeks. This is the night that will freeze his heart for the next
year and after this night he will try to avoid her at school.
Chapter 4: Semester tests
It is time for semester tests and he has first lunch with her. He sits with some
friends and when He looks up he sees her coming that way. He feels his heart start to
race and a tear fall down his cheek. He starts to leave and her friends start to walk
to him. They ask if he wants to go to the movies Friday night with her. He turns her
down due to pain from Christmas. 
A few days later he goes to run something to the office and on his way back he sees
her coming down the hall. They walk side by side alone in the hall. He looks away and
feels his heart burst with love for her.
That night he goes hunting and is more deadly than ever. He fights five vampires by
himself. They fear him and run. Now he is focused on killing. This marks when pain
turns to anger.
Chapter 5: End of junior year
	It is the end of his junior year. He is stronger faster and has moved on from her.
Or so he thought.  He has seen many girls and thought he has fallen in love but still
truly has feelings for her. He tries to hid and ignore them but they are there.
	Later during the summer he faces her for the first time since that day turning his
sophomore year. He walks to her door rings the door bell and smiles when he sees her.
She smiled back and took a step forward to get closer. They talk for a few minutes
until she is forced to say goodbye.
	The next day he went to the store brought her some roses and left them on her car.
By now he is the leader of his pack and stronger with a tattoo on his arm. He has
mastered all fear expect for her. He went to his friend’s house and saw the roses
were gone. Now he will do whatever it takes to get her back. He has realized that he
loves her still and can’t live with live without her. The next day he plans to ask
her if she wants to go for a walk. By this point he isn’t sure if she has a new
boyfriend yet or not.

‹Ello Mello› says:   21 July 2010   797366  
Chapters are more then two paragraphs, they are pages and pages
You need some work..
‹<Aaron_X>› says:   21 July 2010   870257  
most of this happened over 2 years ago
‹ღJєѕѕιє яαωяѕღ› says:   9 August 2010   433664  
haha, waaaay to short.
Good tho 
‹<Aaron_X>› says:   9 August 2010   432941  
SmexyTheBetterHalf says:   20 September 2010   633520  
Elaborate more make the chaps longer Its really good though
‹<Aaron_X>› says :   20 September 2010   440792  
im trashing it


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