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Thursday, 15 July 2010
07:01:14 PM (GMT)
We've got a lot of chapters to cover. You might want to brace yourself.
Chapter 17 is on Meaghan's diary.

Chapter 18
I can’t believe I let them go.
I had a hard time letting Meaghan and Edward go out by themselves. Out of everyone in
this world, they’re the two people I care about most. Meaghan is my very best
friend, and Edward is my... What would he be? I usually call him my crush, but... I
don’t think it’s that simple anymore... My lover? No, he doesn’t love me back,
at least not in the same way I do. What should I call him? I guess for now, I’ll
have to stick with ‘crush’.
I held baby Rin in my arms as I tried not to worry. Ryoki had gotten onto the couch
and was lying painfully. Meaghan REALLY went overboard. I wish she’d consider how
the other person felt for once... Mikino and Aki were getting a bottle of milk for
the babe, because Meaghan and Ryoki failed to. Jin was sitting on a couch opposite to
Ryoki, in thought. Didn’t Meaghan say something about Jin before Ed locked her up?
Mikino took Rin from my hands, and I sat down beside Jin, my head soon lay in my
hands. I felt an assuring hand on my shoulder. 
“You’re worried, aren’t you?” Jin said softly to me when I looked at him.
This was one of the few times I heard him speak so far. I nodded reluctantly.
“They’re my two best friends. Even though it might be a walk, we’re probably on
the hit list of the Lycans now. They might get attacked. Even though they’re both
experienced fighters, I don’t think they’re very compatible as partners.
They’re both headstrong, and even a bit sacrificial, I’m worried that fighting
together, they wouldn’t be as good as usual. That’s probably why the Academy
didn’t partner us up like that. I probably wouldn’t do very well with Ryoki
either...” I started, which soon ended in mumbling. Jin tightened his grip on my
shoulder slightly.
“I’m sure they’re fine.” He told me assuringly. I couldn’t help but give a
small smile.
At that moment, a large screech echoed through the air. Have you ever watched Lord of
the Rings? Do you remember what the Nazgûl sound like? It sounded almost exactly
like that. But I knew better than that. It was no Nazgûl. That was a Lycan screech.
One of the loudest I’ve ever heard.
I didn’t even think then. I got up and rushed out the door, not bothering to get a
coat or even shoes. Once I heard that screech, something in me snapped. I could hear
the cries of my name behind me in the house, but nothing could stop me then. Is this
what Meaghan feels like when she realizes I’m in trouble?
Meaghan and Edward’s footsteps were easily visible in the muddy ground. All the
rain makes it easy to track footprints. Ed’s shoeprint stuck out to me, and as I
went further, how deep they were into the mud got greater. I was getting close. When
I looked up then, I saw Ed.
He was leaning against a tree trunk, in a slump. Both of his metal limbs had been
forcibly ripped off, and Ed’s shirt had been scratched and bloodstained. The most
horrifying thing about it was, he was motionless.
...Was he dead?
“...Edward?!” I cried out. He responded with a bit of movement. He looked up at
me, with a look of horror. Well, at least he wasn’t dead... You DO realize I’m
trying to write as calmly as I can right now? If I wrote what I felt right now,
it’d be illegible nonsense.
I ran up to him, crying out his name over and over. 
“Edward!! Edward, what happened?!” I cried out, slightly delirious at the sight
of him. His eyes gave me sadness and defeat, and his good arm slowly held onto his
“...You probably heard the Lycan screech...Sam, it took Meaghan. It took her north.
You gotta go get her in my place-” He started weakly, but ended up
coughing blood.
“Edward, I’m not leaving you, not when you’re like this!”
“Sam...listen to me. I’m doomed, you can still save Meaghan...”
“What?! When did you, of all people, become a pessimist?! I’ll take you back to
the houses, and then me and Ryoki will go after the Lycan!” I cried out, not
believing what I was hearing.
“Don’t waste your energy, Sam... It... It bit me...” He said with regret
lingering in his voice.
...Had I just heard that right? No, I couldn’t have!
“Let’s face it, I’m doomed. I can already feel the poison starting to infect
me. I’m going to die, either by becoming a Lycan or dying in the progress... I
don’t want either...Sammy...” He said softly. My heart stopped when he called me
by the nickname my mom called me all the time...
“...Kill me.” 
His voice came out as merely a whisper, but it rang in my head. Time seemed to stop
then. What had he just asked me to do?! 
“Listen, Sammy, if I have to die, I want to die as a human, and by your hands, if
anybody...I know there’s no weapons around, but your force field... You could use
one, to kill me from the inside...”
I sat there beside him, something building up inside of me.
Instinct took over then; I leaned over him and held him as well as I could. My right
hand held on to the back of his neck, while my left wrapped itself around his waist.
It’s not like I had any control of it, it was pure impulse. 
“And who the hell do you think YOU are?! You can’t die yet! You... You still have
your personal mission to complete! Do you think I’d let you die like this?!” I
said, my voice partially muffled in his bloodstained shirt. I didn’t even care
about the blood anymore. I couldn’t believe what he had become now. I could feel
the tears coming; they were rushing for my eyes. I could feel his chest flux with
irregular breathing, but ended up holding my back with his good hand. 
“I don’t think there’s anything that can be done...” He said in a whisper.
The tears started to form in my eyes...
“...But...there HAS to be...” I softly responded, my voice cracking. My grip on
him only strengthened, as the tears finally started to fall. They came like a river,
dripping onto Ed’s shirt. My eyes shut tight. I was hoping – no, praying-, that
this was all a bad dream, and that I’d wake up and see Ed in the bed to my right,
sleeping peacefully. I tried to wake myself up, like I always did when I realized it
was all a nightmare. It wasn’t working. I continued praying this all wasn’t
I prayed with all my heart.
 It was then that something had started welling up in me. I have never felt this
feeling before. It didn’t feel like an emotion of any sort, it felt more like what
I felt like when I used a force field. It wasn’t the same as the force field
though, what the hell?
“...Sam?” I could hear Ed’s voice ask me. What, he noticed it too? Confused, I
opened my eyes again. When I looked at the tree trunk in front of me, I noticed there
was light. A nice warm yellow light. Had somebody come for us? Pushing away from him,
but not letting him go, I looked around for somebody. It was only then I realized,
the light was coming from me. 
Yep, you heard me right. I was actually glowing. No lies.
Confused, I turned back to Ed, who was staring at me with bewilderment. In this new
light, I only then realized that his skin had turned into an awful greyish colour,
and his golden eyes had started to turn the same colour. He looked like he was really
sick. An urge came up from in me, a dire urge to help him. After that urge, a strong
wind appeared, and my glowing only grew brighter. Afraid and unsure, I gripped Ed
again, who looked more confused then I felt. His chest expanded again with a gasp.
Before too long, the wind subsided and the glowing stopped. Shocked at what had just
happened, I pushed myself off of Edward, landing on my rear in front of him. His eyes
no longer had the ghastly grey colour. He checked his torso for wounds with his good
arm, his eyes wide and filled with the same shock as mine were. 
“...It’s gone...Sam, what on earth did you do?!”
“I-I don’t know! It just happened- Wait, did you say the virus was gone?”
“I think it is, because I feel normal again. I don’t feel it inside me
Overjoyed, but confused, I thrust myself onto him again, in a tight hug. A big smile
grew on both of our faces. I don’t know how it happened like that, but it did.
It’s not like I had any control. It just suddenly appeared, like it was in a
container that was constantly building pressure and had finally exploded. I don’t
think I could call it back on demand...
After that, I searched around for his metallic limbs. Ed’s leg wasn’t far off,
but his arm was nowhere to be found. Disappointed, I ran back to Ed, who was unable
to stand on one leg. He had rolled up his pant leg to where his real leg started just
above the knee, making reattaching it a breeze. Luckily, it wasn’t damaged that
badly. There were some large claw marks, but no damage to the mechanical workings.
When he recovered from the nerves reconnecting, I stood up and held out a hand to
him, which he accepted with a smile of disbelief. 
“...You don’t have any idea at all what that was?” He asked as I pulled him
“No clue at all... It’s not like I knew about it, or I could do it again...Ed,
I’m just glad you’re alright. For a few moments there, I wasn’t sure what to
think...” I replied, giving my thoughts. He simply smiled and rubbed my head.
“Now, we still have an insane girl who’s in trouble. We’ll go and get her
“But, Ed, you’re still missing your arm. How are you going to fight?”
“I’ll have to get your help on that. I can’t use my power now, but I AM a
lefty, I just need some sort of weapon...”
“Alright, let me try something...I haven’t tried before...” I said as I
focused. I activated a force field in a strange shape – a sword. Astonished, Ed
grabbed the hilt, and I let him move it around freely. He tested it against a tree
trunk, and it left a nice clean cut. It hurt me, but I didn’t let him see that.
Then he wouldn’t use it. I halted the force field, and Ed let out a small gasp as
the sword disappeared from his hand.
“That should work. C’mon, Ed. We’ve got a friend to save.” I said as I saw a
fresh track of Lycan footprints. He gave me a re-encouraging smile as he followed my
lead through the muddy ground, on the way to the Lycan’s hide-out.

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