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Sunday, 9 May 2010
05:18:09 PM (GMT)
(this diary entry talks about parenting a lot.  I encourage you to apply this to
yourself as a possible future parent AND to your own parents.)

Mother's day is not about the ability to give birth.  Many people who have babies are
not mothers.

Mother's day is about her influence in your life.

There are plenty of women who never gave birth but have "momed" people. 

Here I'll be talking about our social fabric.  Focusing on the dynamics of the home
and how they represent society.

Clinically if you life together before marriage (cohabitate) your odds for divorce
are about 80%.  This is clinical, please forgive me for not remembering the website. 

This is because the people involved become so used to the idea of not having to
commit, that they can back out of the relationship at any time, that things don't
last.  I have some ground breaking news, people.  Relationships take a lot of work. 
Its actually the tough times that can cement bonds.  And to love someone is to give
up your "right" to be angry at them.  And to forgive them even if they don't forgive
you.  Not to hold grudges. 

*sighs* Things didn't used to be this way,  young people.  Adultery did not used to
be accepted and perversion was NOT normalized.  We've accepted them and gotten used
to them and its not for the best.  Not at all.  

God is the architect of marriage.  If you don't agree that the bible is the
blueprint, the guideline, the foundation of how to live a happy and successful life,
then you might as well stop reading this.  God created woman before there was sin. 
This is very important to think about.  It is written that two will become one flesh.
 To paraphrase, man and woman are woven together like cloth.  They cannot be
separated without damaging or destroying both.

It is sad how easily we throw relationships away.  They are hard but they are NOT
disposable.  I am going to work and to forgive and to love and to grow regardless of
my partner.  Just because she's mad at me (almost always for a good reason) doesn't
give me any leeway to argue or to be mad in return.

Nothing can replace the design of family as God has told.

1. Home is where righteous lives are to be lived.  God has called you to be a godly
man/woman, wife/husband, and mother/father in that order.

When you have a marriage, it is to be couple-centered.  NOT a kid-centered marriage. 
If your kids are the center of your life, your relationship with your spouse will

Character and morals aren't taught, they are caught.  They, your kids, will catch
what you demonstrate not what you tell.  They will also see what the priority of your
life is.  It should always be you and your spouse combined focusing on God first.

2.Kids DO make their own choices.  They ARE cognitive beings.  If you have a good
household your kid can still end up bad.  Just like a good kid can come out of a bad

There's a huge difference between being a God loving person and just going to church.
 God intends for you to impact your kids by catching your love of God and your
sincerity of worship.  If you just send your kids to church then you are not doing
your part.

3.Your home is the first classroom.  You are responsible, not the schools, not the
babysitter, and NOT THE T.V.  

Do not focus to raise open minded and empty headed children.  "Oh, I don't want to
stifle them, I want them to go out and make their own paths and choose their own
religion and way of life".  No, it is written very clearly that we are to instruct
our kids and to give example.

If your kid leaves your home without God's morals, guidance, and a relationship with
him, then they have a vacuum in their life.  And it will certainly be filled, but
likely not by what it is designed for.  If you send your kids to find their own way,
guess what?  You've just made God optional.  And you have made your kids the Gods of
their own life, or they will choose a person or an object or a feeling to be their
God.  What is your God is the most important thing in your life. 

Follow the blueprints.

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