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Saturday, 1 May 2010
10:08:57 PM (GMT)
"Hey Naruto!" Sakura chirped, over the years she had filled out, she was no longer
flat chested and annoying to some, she was even more beautiful, she had grown out her
long pink hair again and her emerald eyes bigger and brighter.

"Hi Sakura, how are you?" It was a cold winter's day. She told me how her day was and
I bought her some ramen, even my amazing ramen was no match for her beauty and
smarts, I'd give it all up for her, but still I think she had feelings for Sasuke.
She told me she never had loved him, only cared for him but I couldn't believe that.
It wasn't fair, he treated her so badly yet she cared for him so much. And for what?
I walked her home and she stood up on her door step, she lived alone. Her rich
parents had moved away, for a better life without their only daughter. "Thank you for
walking me home Naruto." She had such a sweet voice; I could listen to it all day and
never get tired of hearing it. It was one of the many things I loved about her.
"That's okay Sakura, anytime." I smile at her, and a cool brush of wind blew past us,
blowing her hair band out of her hair and letting it flutter in the air, breath
taking. As she turned away to open her door I spoke again "Sakura," I said, she
turned back round to me, "I was…um…wondering not like a date! But would
you…uh…go out with me tomorrow?" She made a cute smile and replied, "Of course I
will! Come round when you like I don't mind." She giggled and it made my beat faster,
she was so special. She walked into her home after a last wave and closed the door
behind her, I missed her already, but I would get to spend as much time with her
tomorrow as I would like! I couldn't wait. I rushed home and just thought about her.

I knew Hinata liked me, I had known for a while, not as long as everyone else but
wasn't as completely stupid as everyone thought. She fainted in front of me, she
stuttered, she was a nice girl but still for me she was no Sakura. She never would be
and I couldn't like her anymore than a friend. Sure I had gone out with her a couple
times because she practically begged Sakura to ask me, and of course I couldn't say
no to Sakura, even if it really was for Hinata.

And now, I still couldn't help but feel a little bad, it was a love triangle in a
way. Hinata loves Naruto, Naruto loves Sakura and Sakura loves?

That's a question I asked myself daily. One I couldn't answer and I never would be
able to truthfully.
I was laying on my bed after having a cold shower, yes a cold shower; I had been
thinking of Sakura so much it had been making me hard. I felt guilty but I tried to
relax my mind, I was still twenty years old and luckily for me it was normal to think
about girls like that.

I still didn't have the guts to admit I loved her to her face; I was scared of what
she would think of me, would she be happy, disgusted or upset?

The problem about my questions was I never had an answer present.

I closed my eyes and breathed out.

"How are you doing today kit?" said a voice, it was Kyuubi, the nine tailed
Jinchūriki, I swore under my breath. I hated this demon, he popped up unwanted and
without any notice to annoy me daily.

"Fine Kyuubi, what do you want?

"That's not a very welcoming hello Naruto, haven't I taught you any manners?" I

"What do you want?"

"Well I just came to tell you that, that little girl named Sakura will be mine for
mating season…"

"What are you talking about? What mating season?" Kyuubi just laughed evilly.

"I couldn't start my mating season until you admitted to yourself your true feelings,
in your case, you having feelings for Sakura."

"You can't have her…"

"You can't stop me, she will be mine."

"I don't know what your talking about but you can't have her you dirty demon."

Kyuubi left with a laugh leaving me to bite on my nails nervously, how he could have
a mating season, no one ever told me.

It all made sense now, he had never told me about it because he knew if I knew about
unlocking his mating season I would have never admitted I loved Sakura.

She was in danger now, and it was all my fault now, but I couldn't tell her, it would
be to embarrassing. But what was I to do?
"I am so sorry Sakura." There were my last words to myself before Kyuubi took over.

My eyes became slits and changed from sea blue to blood red, the whiskers I had
became black and more defined on my cheeks, my fangs grew and my nails grew to long
black claws. I smirked and made my way to the little pinkette named Sakura's house.

When I got there she was lying on her bed, she had a nearly see through blue short
nighty on. Perfect, I walked over to her sleeping figure and put my hand on her hip,
I turned her over to get a better look a my new mate. She had pale white skin, creamy
lips and an amazing body. My smirk grew, Naruto you have good taste in females… I

I looked a big bust a she breathed, beautiful…she started stir gently and then her
eyes opened. "Mmm…" she moaned sleepily, she frowned a little and then looked at
me. I smiled, she jumped up to her elbows still sleepily and started to move away
from me, I put my hand up to her cheek and she flinched violently, I shushed her and
spoke "What's the matter Sakura?" I asked, her breathing had increased, she was
breathing fast, and she was frightened, good. It would make it a lot more enjoyable
for me. "K-ky-kyuubi…?" she stuttered, I laughed.

"I feel honoured you know my name." She started to whimper then some tears started
fall from her eyes, she held her hands up to her mouth and cried into them.

"Don't cry; don't cry my beautiful mate…"

"W-what do y-you wan-t?" she stuttered. I moved my face close to her ear and
answered, "You…" she started to shake and move away from me again but I grabbed her
by the ankle and pulled her back with on quick pull.

She curled up into a ball and I heard her speak, "No…please no…don't…"

"I'll be gentle for your first time, don't you worry, and you will enjoy it." I
assured her but she kept crying, I didn't want her to cry when I made love to her to
be honest, but if that was the only way then to be inside of her than so be it.

I laid down next to her body and wrapped my fingers in her pink hair, and spoke, "You
know, I've wanted you for so long, I've wanted to make you happy believe it or not."
She held her hands up to her face, she didn't want me to see her like this, but I
didn't mind. I put my hand to her chest and she cried more. I ripped her dress off of
her body with one quick pull, she pulled her knees up to her chest and I forced them
back down. "Just relax." She sniffled.

I ran my hands along her bra then I threw it to the ground, it was no longer needed,
I came to meet her big white breasts and pink nipples, I took one in my mouth and she
cried out loudly, she tasted so sweet. She definitely was still a virgin.

She grabbed a bunch of my long hair and pulled it, "No! Please don't make me do
this!" She screamed, I put my finger to her lip then kissed her full on, and then I
slipped my tongue in her mouth, she just cried into my mouth, and then I felt her
bite down on my tongue, it didn't hurt but I stopped with a mouth full of blood. I
held her face in place and she closed her eyes, I let go. I was still unconsciously
being too rough with her.

I went further down her body and pulled her underwear off; she wouldn't even dare
look at me. I sighed again and kissed from her hip bone down to her pink hair, she
really was natural. I forced her legs open and she struggled to pull them back, she
was strong but no where near as strong as me. Beautiful…I examined her perfectly
shaped slit then I licked it and she screamed. "Stop! This is disgusting!" I ignored
her and carried on, she was so sweet tasting, better than I had imagined and I could
feel my bulge growing.

When I pulled back she was dripping wet, I smiled. She may not have been enjoying it
but her body certainly was, even if she wouldn't admit it. I crawled on top of her
resting on my arms so I didn't crush her underneath me, then I undid my pants and she
turned her head to the side, she didn't want to watch, she closed her eyes but as she
realised what I was doing she doing and she looked down to my member, her eyes
widened and she held her hands to her mouth. "No…" was all I could hear her say. I
whispered in her ear, "Don't be upset, I love you."

I touched my throbbing member at her entrance, and then I gently pushed in. She bit
her lip hard. I looked down, she was bleeding already, I pushed in further, and she
was tight. She put her hands on my back and dug her nails in, in utter most pain. It
didn't seem like being gentle was working so I decided to push in quickly and get the
worst over. Her back arched like a cat and she screamed hysterically, I growled, she
was so tight I couldn't believe it.

I stayed in the same position for a couple of minutes waiting for her to get used to
it but it didn't seem to do anything to help. I slammed into her again and again
attacking her cervix and making her beg me to stop; I just hoped she would forgive me
someday for me making love to her against her will.

It was over. I sat on the edge of the looking at her; she was crying herself to
sleep. I tried to smile, but failed. I covered her body with the quilt to warm her
naked body up. I felt guilty; I kissed her on the lips and went back to Naruto's home
where Naruto would take over again as my mating season was finished for this year.
I'll miss you Sakura…
I woke up with a splitting headache. What happened last night? Why is my member so
swollen? Kuso….

"Kyuubi what did you do to Sakura?!" 
"I did what I told you I would have done." Was all Kyuubi would answer; I could
detect a sense of sadness in his voice, that didn't make any sense.

"You are sick! I'm going to see what you have done you wretched monster!" I screamed

Kyuubi turned around a walked back to the dark corner of his cage in my mind; I could
have sworn I heard crying. Was he crying? I shook my head, I didn't care, I had to
see Sakura, I had to see if she was okay.

I walked up to her door step and breathed deeply, was she okay? I didn't know but I
would find out, I used my chakra to unlock the door and I walked in, everything was
quiet and still. I stared around, her pink walls and furniture were the same as they
had always been, and nothing had been moved let alone touched. I walked upstairs and
looked at Sakura's door, my heart was kicking ribs. I was scared to see if she was
okay, then I wouldn't worry so much. I always worried about Sakura, I loved her.

I slipped my hand through the crack of the door and opened it, I bit my lip and my
eyes widened at the sight of Sakura barley clothed and covered in blood in her bed. I
held my hand to my mouth and fell to my knees, what had he done to her? I crawled
towards her and examined her sleeping expression; her face was pale, and covered in
white tear marks. Only her breasts and private parts were covered by the silk blanket
laying on top her. I slowly pulled it over the remaining and uncovered parts to
lessen my blush and I brushed some sweaty, sticky hair out of her face.

Her eyes fluttered open, and I struggled not to break down crying, "N-Naruto?" she
said unsurely, I held her hand to my chin and weakly smiled.

"I am so sorry." Was all I said before a tear made its way out of her eye.
I sat in the living room staring thoughtlessly at the television. Then Sakura came
down stairs, she had washed and dressed but she was distraught, I didn't expect her
to feel any different though and I was surprised I was acting so calm. "Are you
feeling any better Sakura?" I asked her nervously, she was walking as if she was in a
lot of pain, but I didn't want to imagine or even talk about what I knew Kyuubi had
done to her, and if I didn't I couldn't picture how bad it was for her. She nodded to
my answer and sat down next to me on the sofa making a pained face as her bottom
touched the cushioning.

I looked after her for the whole day, not even caring that missed training with
Jiraiya, I normally couldn't wait but right now I had to take care of Sakura, she
looked ill and she didn't want to talk about it.

Meanwhile with Kyuubi…

I cried in the dark corner of Naruto's mind where I had been imprisoned for twenty
horrid years. I had wanted out but I couldn't leave, it was that jutsu Naruto's
father had used to seal me away and I cursed him for doing so. I would have had
Sakura ages ago if it weren't for him, I would have had no interference with Naruto
wanting Sakura as well, or his stupid friends, she would be mine and she would be
happy, but things never went to plan.

I had never cried before for anyone but her, I cried almost everyday even though on
the outside I was ruthless killer. I couldn't help it that was my path, my origin I
had no choice in, just as Naruto and Kakashi fought for good they had no choice, it
was fate that couldn't have been changed. I wanted to hold her when she cried and
tell her 'It's alright." I didn't want to wait any longer; I deserved to be happy
didn't I? Monster's needed love too, from a beautiful girl named Sakura maybe…

I didn't care about being locked in Naruto's mind, I just wanted Sakura, to hold her
whenever it was possible but I couldn't, I started crying again. I couldn't help it,
I need to touch her again, but the only way I could do that was to…I'm going to do
it…no matter what…for her…

Back with Naruto…

"Do you want me to go to the shops and buy you anything?" I asked Sakura, she looked
so tired still. She shook her head and replied, "No…No! Don't leave me by myself!"
she buried her head in her hands and cried loudly, I pulled her close to me and
shushed her, she needed comfort in the biggest douses right now. Sasuke had come back
with Karin and Sakura put on a brave face and ignored the two of them after the
insulting things they said about her, they soon got engaged and they were due to be
wed, Kakashi became distant after marrying Rin finally after she practically begged
him, we could all see he liked Sakura though, I didn't blame him, and she was

"Thank you Naruto for being here." She said.

"There's no need to thank me, you didn't deserve what he did to you." She
straightened out her clothes, and I helped wipe some of her tears away, she looked at
the dark window. "Naruto, thank you for helping me but you need to go."

"Sakura, I can't…no I won't leave you alone again for him to hurt you." I shouldn't
leave her, she wasn't ready to be alone yet, she put her hand on mine and a felt my
heart beat fast. Even at this depressing time she still made me nervous.

"Naruto thank you," She kissed me on the cheek and began to walk to the stairs, she
turned slightly to look at me, "You're a good friend." She went to bed and the house
went quiet.

A friend! Still was that all I was to her? I need to be more than that, I love
her…she loves me…doesn't she…No I don't care if she does, I want her and she
belongs to me, no Sasuke or Kakashi or even you Kyuubi…

You're going pay for this Kyuubi…

Kyuubi's P.O.V

I knew I would have to wait until both Naruto and Sakura were asleep and then I could
perform the miracle. I'd leave his body which was only possible through the ancient
forbidden hand signs. She'd be mine finally.

When the hand signs were done, I took a last look at Naruto. Luckily I didn't kill
his escaping his mind, I couldn't do that, Sakura was still his friend and she would
never forgive me if I killed him in my leaving. I journeyed to her home in the
shadows quietly; she was sleeping again in the same position in which I had first
found her. This time I could see tears visibly on her face, she'd be crying, for me?
Or about me? I kneeled by her side, I wasn't to wake her until I was in my realm, she
was going to live with me and I only hoped I'd have no interruptions from her so
called 'friends'.

I slowly picked her up, and carried her out of the house; I left no traces I had even
been there. I didn't care to bring her clothes, I would make her clothes myself, I
couldn't bare to see her in the worthless clothes she wore, and she deserved more.

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