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Saturday, 1 May 2010
03:15:50 PM (GMT)
If you were pregnant, how long would you wait to tell the dad?
haha see that's the thing, i won't be pregnant.

Are your boobs real?

Ever purposely broken your iPod/phone just for a new one?
lmfao good idea. but no, never.

Do seagulls really annoy you or do you find them cute?
they are evil lurks.

Can you get over people easily?
uuhh depends.

When your pet comes in the room, do you say hi or just ignore them?
misty - "yo bitch"
max - "OHAAII ♥"

Would you rather live in a mansion, or a small cozy home?
ah i'm tied between a mansion and a cute little apartment.

First thing you do every morning?
close my blinds.

What theme is your calendar?
random nature shit, methinks.

When did you last swim in a pool?
last summer, i think.

Do you honestly miss someone?

What are you NOT looking forward to?
uhh i'm not sure. exams?

Do you have any fun plans for tomorrow?
yeah! mark's comin over :}

Ever heard the saying "to get over someone, get under someone else?"
haha yeahhh.

What was the last thing you bought?
can't remember.

Where were you three hours ago?
in bed. 

Were you with anyone?

Are you wearing shoes right now?

When was the last time you saw a movie in theaters?
2 or 3 weeks ago.

Has anyone called you beautiful today?
well i recieved a message from somebody
that was sent last night, and i read it this
morning, and it contained something like that,
so does that count?

Does drama seem to follow you everywhere?
i try to stay out of drama.

Do you feel like anyone is playing mind games with you right now?

If you knew you had the right person, would you marry them today?
no. i don't want marriage.
it's only a contract.

Does it make you uncomfortable to talk on the phone around people?
no. i'm uncomfortable talking on the phone in general.

Would you rather be 10 years older or 10 years younger?

Do you bite your fingernails?
yeah, bad habbit.

Do you embarrass easily?
too easily.

Have you ever tried to talk your way out of getting a speeding ticket?
no, i don't drive.

What was the last thing you drank from a mug?
iced tea.

Were you born in the 90's?

When was the last time you paid less than $1 for something?
ah no idea

Have you loaned anything out to anyone recently?
nooo ?

How many different picture ids do you have in your wallet?
i have my OHIP card haha

Do you have a hard time making decisions?
err depends.

Does your dad smoke?

Do you want to get married?
not at all.

Have kids?

Are there any movies coming out you wanna see?
they're already out.
The Runaways and The Losers.

Do you have any plans to get a new tattoo or piercing?
i'd like to get a small tattoo.

Do you know anyone named Christine?
ehh, not sure.

Open the nearest book, turn to page 11, and type the first sentence:
"Appeasement Display: a gesture or pattern of behavior which signals defeat in a

What are you currently listening to?
ItsKingsleyBitch's channel.

Would you ever consider getting breast implants?
no, never.

Do you know anyone who is bisexual?

Would you walk into Walmart naked for $10,000?

Do you hate it when people try to play with your hair?

Were you in a relationship 6 months ago?

Are you the kind of person who has crazy mood swings?
haha, noo

How long is it until your birthday?
uh it's next year

Do you think you could be with someone for over four years?
i hope so!

Were you happy when you woke up today?
not at all! i thought i would sleep in more.

Have you ever tripped someone?
oh er'day

Something you really want right now?
ice tea, but it gives me heart palpitations :I

Whats the last drink you had?
apple juice.

Do you get freaked out when you're in the dark?
not when i'm with other people.

Would you rather pierce your lip or tongue?
ugh, neither.

Does anything on your body hurt?
my left arm. stupid wendy's door.

Who are you more like, mom or dad?
my dad.

Could you date someone taller than you?

What song are you listening to?
john lennon - arkells

What smiley face do you use often?

Do you hate the last person you kissed?

Have you ever sat in the back of a police car?
noo haha

Who was the last person to be on a bed with you?
uh my cat

Have you ever been told you were amazing?
ohyeah (h)

Who's the last person you dreamt about?
too many to list! it was like a dream party.

Have any memories that you'd like to forget?
of couursee.

Does anyone completely understand you?
Not completely.

Do you have a reason to smile right now?

Would you be happier if life had a rewind button?
no, a fast-forward button would be better.

Do you think more about the past, present, or future?

Next time you will kiss someone?
maybe today! but probably just tomorrow.

What side of heart do you draw first?

Do you think relationships are even worth it?

Have you held hands with the opposite sex today?

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
not always.

How long did it take for you to fall asleep last night?
i was reading for like 2 hours straight, 
and i fell asleep right after i put the book down..

Anything annoying you right now?
not really

Do you think you're a good friend?
i hope so!

If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?
autumn, but just before the leafs start falling off.
so the trees could stay a pretty red (:

Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
i would prefer not to.

What was on your mind mostly today?
plans i've made with somebody for the future.

Do you like the rain?
i like the smell of it.

Can you handle the truth?

How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
not as often anymore.

Are there some songs you can't listen to because they remind you of someone?
yep, but i like listening to them.

Last night, did you go to sleep smiling?
not really! i was too tired to keep reading.

Where did you sleep last night?
my beddd.

Did you have a good day yesterday?

What was the highlight of today?
the radio played alot of songs that i like.
and i recieved a lovely little message <3

Do you hate anyone?
hm.. no

Do you wish you had the chance to tell someone something right now?
i don't need to tell anybody anything.

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
aunt dianne.

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
er, no?

Has anyone disappointed you recently?
a little.

At this moment in time, do you wish you could trade places with someone?

Do horror movies these days scare you?
i'm not really into horror movies.
i'm sure i'd find the older ones funny, though.

Is there an A in your name?

What's the weather like outside?
kinda sunny. it just rained.

What did you do last night?
had an intense convo with mark until he had to leave for work.
talked with hailey and sora.
went upstairs to read.
fell asleep.

What are you doing tonight?
probably nothing.
maybe i'll convince mark to skip work
and come watch SNL with me :}

If you could push one person off of a mountain, who would it be?
uuhh idk

Have you ever thrown your cell phone in anger? When?
nooo never!

Could you go the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot?
:} not as often anymore

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