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Friday, 8 January 2010
02:28:02 AM (GMT)
Let's see how interesting I can make a simple concept....
        The man stared ahead blankly, watching as ordinary objects appeared to bulge
and swirl before disappearing into his perceptional void. Looming figures filled his
vision for a moment, and then vanished, never touching him, never reassuring him of
his sanity.
        The man cast his gaze down, where he seemed to have nothing but air between
him and the floor. This was not the case- if there was nothing between him and the
floor, perhaps he would know for sure. But the world is far crueler.
        How horrible it was that a rational, intelligent man, successful in his
career, had attempted to pass along his wisdom, and soon found himself in a position
of near complete helplessness, reliant on unseen forces and people for his survival.
What's more, the people, who meant him well, even cautiously respected him, had no
idea of his own internal struggles.
       Well, except Hiki.
The man squinted through his home for the smudge of pink that he knew to be the
student who accidentally put him in his horrible predicament. The great South Eastern
warlock Fishi, defeated by a ten year old- by mistake. And if that weren't
humiliation enough, Fishi had been turned into a fish.
       He had spent long nights in the days following the accident muttering
incantations to regain his original form, but it was no good. For reasons unknown, he
was trapped.
       Hiki had listened to him as he spoke of his loss of faith in reality. He was
in a body that should have a brain too small to hold his consciousness, but he was
still self aware. But it wasn't that he was just the magical appearance of a
non-human, because his vision was that of a koi.
       He really missed the color blue.
       When Hiki learned that he'd given up, she fell into a depression almost equal
to his own, and seeing the person who'd doomed him to life as a fish in pain felt
good, in a horrible way. During dreary and sleepless nights, the two of them began to
discuss the trials of existence with one another.
       For instance, people who rode things that flew always came down from their
first flight gibbering about how much of the world was blue. But to koi, blue did not
exist. Colors and shapes were only real because things with eyes said they were real.
In the moment after the world was created, before there was life, what did the land
look like? Was it all just grey rocks and brown dirt, with no blue? Of course
not- without life grey and brown didn't exist. If there was no one to perceive
reality, reality itself ceased to have ever been.
       Finally from these talks, he let go of any of his anger at Hiki, and decided
that she should stop being depressed. And he told her so.
       She proceeded to spout a list of things he could do to ease his
       "Don't think of yourself as a fish, or a former human. You're a man. A human
being. That's what you are." she was always saying.
       "I may be a human being, but I'm a fish doing," "Wrong." She
informed him simply. "In my own perceived reality, you're right. I am a man. Every
day of my life, I fulfill the activity 'being a man'. But I cannot do what men do. I
am a fish doing." 
        "If you resign yourself to that, you'll lose yourself," Hiki warned, her cat
ears twitching.
        "You expect me not to think of myself as a fish?" he had asked
incredulously. "Yep, that pretty much sums it up," "Hiki, I live in a fish bowl." he
informed her.
"Well, don't think of it as a fish bowl. It's your place of residence. If you think
of it differently, you'll drive yourself crazy," she'd countered.
        "Hiki, maybe it's a generational difference, but I fail to see how denying
that I live in a small floating vase of water will preserve my sanity,"
        "It's to help you become more passive about your situation. You needn't be
constantly aware of your body, after all,"
        "But this is a very nice vase; Dwarf crystal," "Yes Master, very sturdy."
Hiki said, her voice implying an eye roll that he hadn't been able to see.
        "Anyway, to stop being aware of my body, I'd have to give up my own name.
That seems counterproductive, considering I'm supposed to retain my humanity,"
        "Bah, you're hopeless! Figure something out," His student had declared. 
From then on, within his own mind, the man no longer referred to himself as Fishi,
and without their talks and how meaningless the Universe was, Hiki became something
of a ditz again. The man was okay with this, and even offered to continue teaching
her magic.
        Then, just as life neared normalcy, a pupil in greater need of study than
even Hiki appeared. The powerful young prince returned, guiding an equally powerful 
young chosen player. And the chosen player was guiding any number of young magical
and non magical companions.
        Of course the man would have agreed to teach them all, but the prince
explained that he was aware of their ability to use magic, but for now he should
focus on getting the chosen player battle ready.
        If the man guessed correctly, prince Eichiro realized that the chosen player
attracted people who could wield magic in the other world, because it was a place
that had almost no magic. They didn't seem to have any control over it, or knowledge
of it, yet they were pulled magnetically to the chosen player. To them, she must seem
to be some sort of bringer of fate!
      But really, the prince had been bringing along all sorts of unaware mages who
stumbled close enough to them for him to sense their power,  probably pulling the
poor sods out of all sorts of troubles. 
        Or maybe he just thought he'd need more people on his side. Prehaps Eichiro
was pulling them into trouble. But the man noticed one of the boys was
undoubtably an elf, who'd somehow gotten stuck in the other place. The prince surely
knew that the elves would try and bring Takuya back into their society.  
        So the rational explaination was that the prince had utilized the chosen
players innate ability to draw in mages close enough for him to contanct them via
dream speech, and then he resqued them out of their desperate situations out of
        Based on that, it was logical to assume that the prince had some scheme up
his sleeve to solve the issue of their magical education.

But of course, that was only a rational explaination if the man was not insane.
-end. I wanted to play with someone sounding nuts without being nuts.

I use his senses, and the way he views the world to make him seem insane, and I also
carefully avoided a plot in this, because even if he's not insane, he does have a
weird thought process in this. The at the end I showed off his higher reasoning.

I nearly just made up a plausible human (and original) character for this, but
thought it's be more interesting if I used a TLO character. So then I almost used
Tahieji, but decided writing out his name'd be too much trouble.
Last edited: 7 June 2010

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