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Monday, 14 December 2009
10:02:36 PM (GMT)
-It is a fact that all in the modern world must come to terms with that direct
offers of help and encouragment are insults. For how can the assumption that they
require aid to be of the skill you can provide them come from a place of respect? If
they come to you thinking "They are having trouble and will surely fail without me, I
must help them," do not accept their assistence, for however kindly their intention
this is inherently condescending.

-All beings that live on the Earth are bound in place by what thoughts do not occur
to them. Once a concept comes into existance in your mind, you can choose what to do
or not do about it. Much harm can be done from an idea that no one had, for though
none are at fault for not hosting it, all suffer due to the resulting lack of a

-To suceed with dishonor brings no glory. Yet to fail honestly brings even less
glory. Therefore, one must think far ahead. If a victimless lie leads to the success
that allows you to create a great Wonder, then you know all will be forgiven.
However, if you lie for success only to feel that you are not a failure, and this is
not so, you have brought shame unto yourself, and the negatives energy born into
being by this shame will be most unforgivable indeed.

-If you do good deeds in the name of God, they are not good. If you do wicked deeds
in the name of God, they are worse. One must always make every action in order to
serve Good, and sacrifice no smaller good in pursuit of the greater good. To do
otherwise brings negativity into the world.

-If a man is caught staring down a womans shirt, but minutes later both people have
forgotten about it, he has done no wrong. For though it is out of their minds, both
people feel more positive. The woman is flattered, the man satisfide.

But if the man is caught and dwells on it, he has done much wrong. For though the
woman is flattered, the man is unhappy and spreads this to all around him.

-If you feel burdaned or constrained by your relationship, it is not love.
Love is not eternal, and to have has at one time does not guarentee for all time.

-All things die, and being that this is the case, there will come a time when we only
have two minutes left to life. Do not waste time, no matter how small it seems.

-All things die, and to regret not having appreciated during life is a great
injustice to the departed indeed. Be always thankful for the life those around you

-The meaning of Life is life itself. Life, the beautiful, wonderous coincidence that
it is, must always be valued above all else.

-Though your life is surely no more valuable then the life of a weed, never shall you
be meant to waste it. Use your precious life for the service of Life.

-Death too has a purpose, for without Death there would be no grounds for
conciousness, and nothing to distinguish Death from Life. Were there no conciousness,
there would be no good but the inherent Good that Life represents.

-Our conciousness is what we are, and is bound only by what thoughts occur to us.
This is the most important thing. All most devote their lives to making sure as much
occurs to them as possible, in whatever means they find helpful. None may judge the
thinking of another, unless judging is how they find it easiest to think.

-If you work to protect all life, not just the lives of humans, or those similar to
you, and you think widely, and achieve glory, then you have done well.

-Yet if you do these things in pursuit of reward, you have earned no Glory.

                                     Without Good there is no Glory.

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