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omg i really haven't done muchCategory: (general)
Monday, 7 December 2009
07:19:27 PM (GMT)
wow see if you can spot the x's cause there aren't meany
 Bucket List

place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not

This is for your Entire Life! 

( ) Shot a gun

(  ) Gone on a blind date

( x  ) Skipped school (cant count how meany times)

(X ) Watched something die  (it was really sad)

(  ) Been to Canada

(  ) Been to Alaska

(  ) Been to Cuba

( ) Been to Europe(hopefully will go soonish)


( ) Been to Las Vegas


(   ) Been to Mexico


( ) Been to Florida


( X ) Been on a plane(it gets boring after the 5th time)


( ) Been on a Cruise Ship


( ) Served on a Jury


( X ) Been lost (so many times its not funny)


(   ) Been on the opposite side of the country (i wish)


(   ) Gone to Washington, DC


( x ) Swam in the Ocean ( with jelly fishs, kill !the dam jelly fishs)


( X ) Cried yourself to sleep (sadly theres an x next to this one)


( x  ) Played Cops and Robbers ( it wasn't that much fun and i think i was 5)


(  ) Played Cowboys and Indians


( X) Recently colored with crayons (its so fun you should try it, it makes you feel
like a little kid :D )


(  ) Sang Karaoke


( X )Paid for a meal with coins only (yep and payed for a dress that $28 with only
10cent peaces it was funny)


( X  ) Made prank phone calls ( it didn't go to plan....... they new it was me the
meanys and didn't tell)


( x ) Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose( yep it was coffee never do
that its really bad and makes you look so silly)


(  )Caught a snowflake on your tongue( that would be so fun i will have to do that)


(  X )Danced in the rain (omg you have to do that its the best way to dance)


( x ) Written a letter to Santa Claus( the meany didn't reply)


(   ) Been kissed under the mistletoe( whats so good about being kiss under a
mistletoe it sounds like your being kissed under Mistle's toe that wouldn't  smell to


(x ) Watched the sunrise with someone ( it was to dam early)


( X ) Blown bubbles( and my dog went nuts and started try to eat them while they
where still in the air)


(  ) Gone ice skating (i wish)


(  ) Gone skiing


( x ) Camped out under the stars ( it was fun untill the owl started to hoot)


( X ) Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away (and then i
remembered how to breath agian thank god for that)


(  ) Are or have been married


(  ) Have children


(   x) Have a pet (a cat who die it was so sad but i do have a cat who still lives
and a dog :D)


(   ) Been skinny dipping outdoors ( i don't think i'll ever do that)


( x ) Been fishing ( ever got a cat fish they do mewo)


(  x ) Been boating ( the best thing ever)


(  ) Been water skiing


( x ) Been hiking( it was to dam hot to go hiking and like silly bum we still went)


(  ) Been camping in a trailer/Rv


(  ) Flown in a small 4-seater airplane


(    ) Flown in a glider


( ) Been flying in a helicoptor


(   ) Been flying in a hot air balloon(soooooooo want to do that)


(   ) Been bunge-jumping (scary 0.0)


( ) Gone to a drive-in movie


(  ) Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life (hopefully i wont
do any thing like that, hopefully)


(  ) Been to Africa (i want to, i want to see an lion)


(   ) Ever ride an elephant


(  X )Ever eaten just cookies for dinner (Just ice cream, too!, its was great)


(  ) Ever been on T.V.


(   ) Ever steal any traffic signs(that would be so great)


(  )   Ever been in a car accident( yes it was f-ing scary thank god for that tree or
we would off gone over a really big trop off)

thank you for trying to spot the x's with me :D
hope to see you next time *waves good bye*

‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   8 December 2009   182204  
( X  ) Made prank phone calls ( it didn't go to plan....... they new
it was me the
meanys and didn't tell)

was that my sister that you managed to try to prank...because it
sisn't really work.
hannahboo says:   8 December 2009   848484  
lolz no you guys know my number to well 
hannahboo says :   8 December 2009   723860  
@‹sketch~♥a colourful catastrophe♥›
read the thing aboth 


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