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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
11:33:58 PM (GMT)
yeah... i promised you a story... so here it is i suppose... if you're still around
that is >_>

the pod on display was a dull grey. on the inside, a few straps, handles and
storage holds were present. 
"I want everyone ready for harddrop in 15 minutes! Get to it!" the voice over the
intercom sounded. It was Malmcolm. Today was his last real battle. 
Saurfang brushed his hand over the pod's exterior. The metal felt cold to his skin.
"So very disposable..." he whispered. He turned and walked into the trading room. A
Mechanical and a small creature he didn't recognise sat at a table. As he walked
over, the Mech greeted him. 
"Hello, Greenskin." it said cheerfully. "Are you going to grace the battlefield with
your ominous presence today? I am TX-1742 and if you are, we have just what you
Saurfang Grunted and looked them both over. The mechanical was brown-red with orange
eyes. It seemed rusty and old but at least it had more personallity than most up in
the spectating ring. The other was small with a dull brown skintone. It had large
ears and bright green eyes. It wore a dark cloak that covered most of its body save
for hits paws. It quickly scratched its throat and looked around inconspicuously. Its
ears twitched and it refocussed on Saurfang.
"What kind of toys do you have?" Saurfang inquired.
"Shh." TX-1742 lowered his voice. "You didn't get this from me." He grabbed a package
from beneath the table and pushed it towards Saurfang. "I'm sure this is something
you'll like."
"Is it legal?" Saurfang asked warily.
"It's not outlawed." said the small creature as it looked around.
Saurfang slowly ran his hand over the brown package. He sank his nails into the
cardboard and ripped it open. He reached into the packaging materials and found
several metal objects. He pulled them out and placed them on the table. They
obviously formed a rifle. A green glowing energy core stood out the most. He quickly
put the parts together. They fit perfectly and sounded a perfect "Click". Within
moments he held in his hands a perfectly balanced rifle.
"A Banshee Phase Rifle..." he whispered as he realised what it was. "These are highly
classified... how did you get these?"
The small creature started laughing hysterically. Several rows of razor sharp teeth
showed in his mouth.
"What's so funny, Rat?" Saurfang growled.
It smirked and eyed Saurfang defiantly. "I can get my hands on anything you could
ever desire, Saurfang." it replied.
Saurfang's eyes widened. "How do you know my name?"
"Now, now, Saurfang." it said softly. "No need to be frightened. You have sprang to
my attention due to your recent victories in the Bloodsports. I'm only looking out
for your best interest."
Saurfang hesitated a moment. "Fine." he said. "How much for the weapon?"
"Consider it a token of... Good will." it said.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Saurfang demanded.
"Let's just say that you are important in more ways than you know, Saurfang. You
would do well to compete at your very best today. It may just be your way out of
this... substandart team."
Saurfang stared at the weapon in his hands for a while. It was more advanced than
anything his team, Thunderbolt, had ever been able to get. "What will you have me
do?" he asked hesitantly.
"Ah, excellent." the small creature replied with a broad smile. "All you need to do
today is win. Win brutally. The higher above your teammates you end, the better it
would be."
"That's it?" Saurfang asked. "Win?"
"After you win a "friend", if you can call him that, will be here waiting. You'll
recognise him by the way he is dressed. Talk to him and tell him Marcus sent you."
"Who's Marcus?" Saurfang asked.
"That would be me." the creature replied with a broad grin. "Now you better get to
your match."
Saurfang grinned as he swung his new rifle over his shoulder. "I'll do it." he

Tatsu_Uchiha says :   19 November 2009   517803  
cool =)


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