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my loves, my best friends.Category: (general)
Thursday, 22 October 2009
01:34:36 AM (GMT)

z, you're my best friend. we go through some pretty lame patches, and they seem like
they are every day. they really do. but no matter what happens, through every silent
awkward walk to school, through every intense facebook chat fight, we still laugh at
you naked on my floor lint rolling your clown pants and biffing it on all my
furniture. you're the one who i play guitar hero and eat peanut butter with until i
pass out. everybody was freaking out about that thunderstorm, and you and i were just
like DEAD ASLEEP through the whole thing. haha. i love how that kid is walking in
front of us with his headphones and were just screaming shit at him, and he can't
GROSS. TAKE A SHOWER" and he's just strolling like he's so cool. lmfao. we laugh at
'those are the ghettoest' on boots, for hours. best thing, best night. we've been
together for 4 years, and even know i act sometimes like you're the biggest pain in
the ass, you'll always be my ultimate best friend. 
i fucking love you, kooper. ♥

ana, you're my best friend. i don't give a fuck if you don't live in utah. move to
virgina, it's okay. because being able to talk to you whenever the fuck i want if
fulfilling enough. you're the most gorgeous girl i've ever met, and even if our
relationship doesn't really revolve around laughing so much, that's okay. you're the
girl i want after i've had such a bad day i just want to bury myself alive. i can
tell you anything and not be judged. it's been like a year. and one of the best.
because you've been with me through it all. when my other friends judge me for
something i did, or a decision i made, you're the one telling me it's okay what i
did. because everybody isn't perfect. and you know that. you don't have expectations,
other than to be loved from people who say they love you. which isn't asking a lot, i
don't think. i want to help you through everything, tinkerbell. were fashion zombies.
see you this winter break, bestfriend. 
i love you too fucking much anni ♥

griffin, i only met you this year, but i already feel like i've known you since
birth. i can tell you anything, and trust you won't go and shit talk me on it, or
tell someone else. you don't judge me, even if you pretend you do. you have the most
unique personality, and the wittiest comments. you're unpredictable and everybody is
always waiting for your next word, because you're griffin. i love how every time i
see you, you say 'how does it feel, gabbo?' aha. oh griff. your taste in music is so
badass. i feel like such a pussy. i love how whenever someone asks you who your
girlfriend is you go 'GABBY. DUHHHHHHHHHHH.' and stroke my arm. haha. they all
believe it 100%. you really are one of my best friends, griffography. lmfao when you
put 'you know who i hate? lauren' on the presentation in music class and i READ IT
OUT LOUD. fuck i hate you <3. all our inside jokes. everything we do. i threw my
chapstick behind your tv, and flipped out. and you wouldn't get it. so i had to make
your dad make you get it. and then we jammed on your piano. and i've been playing
since i was eight and you're still better than me, because you're naturally the most
talented kid i've ever met. you're fucking dank, griffin. 
i love you kid. ♥

hallie, fuck yeah. man, we talk about EVERYTHING. and we stay up all night
sending each other 2 girls 1 cup and octopus girl. we're so messed up. we have a
billion gazillion inside jokes and nicknames. i'm bill (; we get the biggest kick out
of everything. and even though we're always laughing, you're still my best friend is
the way where you just rub my back and tell me everything will be okay. i can tell
you anything. even though you may joke and be like 'DUDE YOUR PROBLEM TOOK YOU A DAY
AND A HALF TO WRITE OUT MAN' i know you care. because laughter is really good
medicine. we're so mean to each other hen people are watching. i'll like flip you off
and people will be like 'be nice!' and then you'll be like 'FUCK YOU UGLY WHORE' and
everybody thinks were so serious. especially our scene queen nights. oh my god lmfao.
best night of my life. i miss the nights with you, me, steven, and sydni stripping on
my birthday at a hotel in the city. ah hell yeah man. and you actually care what
colour i paint my toenails and how long my showers take. i send you like 800 links a
day. aha, best friend. we need to make brownies, soon. 
i love you so much cosby. ♥

lars, you're my brother by choice. remember in 3rd grade, when we told emma she was
going to be an old hag with 56 cats? haha. we were such little bitches. and then we
were like her best friend the next day. oh god. i've kissed you, i've cried over you,
i've laughed with you, i've watched you cry, you've watched me cry, the list is
endless. you really are one of the most special, and original kids. you're really my
best friend, lawsss. i'm little denmark and you're little norway, and i hope we stay
that way forever. you're so protective over me, and you always tell me when a shirt
is too revealing or shorts are too short, because we're siblings for life, best
friends for life. no matter how badass you seem to think you are, i still know the
sweet soft lars that i've grown up with and seen through a lot of different
i love you, norway. ♥

emily, you're so scene! haha. dude, we talk about everything and anything. and we get
sexual in my den. and lars freaks out. me: dude, let's get a movie. you: dude, your
on demand is too GHETTO and won't order anything. me: HAHA FML. emily, you really
complete me. you understand what it's like to be in pain, and you know what to say.
you always tell me to clean out our portfolio in art 5th hour. even though i do it
every time, you're always like I FUCKING DID IT LAST TIME BITCH NOW DO IT. haha. we
always liked the same guys. we're so cool (; i love how i make out with carson and
you WHOOP his ass and call him a man whore and throw him down my stairs. i love all
your bedazzled clothes. and whenever i see you i go IS THAT BEDAZZLED and you run and
hide and cry. mom can you come and get me? NO I HAVE BREAST CANCER EMILY. lmfao
lmfao. you're squish me and we play facebook games all night. and sorority life. we
have NOOOOOOO life. you're my best friend. 
i love you, embear ♥

kayden, i love you kid. i've known you since like 5th grade. oh god. you know, mr.
hermensen's class? ah fuck yeah. we've been through hell and back, but i love you so
so much. you're truly one of the most understanding people in my life. and you really
make me feel loved. and i eat all your pretzels and dip them in tomato sauce every
lunch. and you think i'm SO weird until you try it and we eat that for the rest of
our lives. and kenzie is like WTF GUYS. remember when we were going out, and we were
at gateway, and everybody was STARING us down? we were like EXCUSE ME. haha. all the
mexican chicks love your ghetto ass. idk why. and aranza and you had the ghettoest
relationship <3 haha but i was happy for you. you're always there for me and you're
really an amazing person, inside and out. 
i love you kaydoo ♥

maxwell, you're my brother by blood. yeah, people. we have the same mother. we have
the same father. we have the same chin, the same eyes. the same lips, and the same
style. fuck yeeeah. my brother is really my true best friend. he may be older than be
a little, but our maturity levels meet and we could talk for hours. we just go to
subway and i watch him stuff his face with meatballs while i eat my pathetic little
vegan shit. and he just says 'MAX LOVE MEAT' and he has two black eyes for being a
dumbass in las vegas. that's why i love him. i love him because i ask him about his
break up with the only girl he's ever been in love with and he's like 'eh she's a
fucking slut. fuck that. wanna go get me a job?' haha. good times, getting him
applications in my pj's. he's too lazy to get out of his prissy little lexus and do
it himself. he's not cheesy, and he never bull shits anybody. he'll always be by my
side, even when i'm 28 and we all know he's going to live in my basement. but that's
okay, because he deserves it. he'll always be allowed in my basement. he's never
judged me, and we've definitely hit some easily judgmental situations. but he's
always stood up for me and wanted the best. 
i love you, potaxi ♥

catmagic101a says:   22 October 2009   689439  
‹fadedconstellations› says:   22 October 2009   962173  
i love you with all my heart bill.
FEARLESSS says :   22 October 2009   933811  
Anni and zie look like models.
Tell kens to haul that pic over to her profile. Shes fucking
I love that picture

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