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Forbidden- Part 1/3 of Chapter 4Category: (general)
Thursday, 15 October 2009
05:38:53 PM (GMT)
Chapter 4? How exciting! Note: This chapter contains sexual harrassment- not recommended for children under 12. the last part ended with: "No" I said. Then I completely blacked out. I woke up to find myself in my room. My door was closed and my window was locked. I looked around and noticed me light was on. And the smell. It smelled like blood. Like the dry, crusted kind. Quickly I took my shirt off and saw a scar running down my stomach. Then I heard a tap on the window. I walked over to the window, thinking it was just the wind blowing the branches into the glass. I opened the window and looked out, careful not to lean to far so I could put my shirt back on. Something pulled my hands back. I turned around to see Jake. "Jake!" I growled. "Let go of me" He just smiled. "Elena," he said. "What ever do you think I would do to you?" He pulled me closer to him. I glanced at my black shirt, which was in my hand. Jake spun me around and pinned me to my wall, making me drop the piece of clothing. Jake glanced at it then stared at me again. He grabbed my wrist and threw me toward my bed. He pinned me down to the soft mattress and got on me. "Jake stop!" I screamed. I pushed him off and grabbed my shirt off the ground. Jake looked at me and smiled and guestured toward my arm, which was bleeding slightly. "No..." I said quietly. I covered the cut with the hand. "Jake don't even think about it..." "Elena..." said Jake. Then he smiled. "Your blood... It smells so... sweet." He took a step toward me. I quickly slipped my shirt on to cover the blood. Jake laughed. "That won't disguise the smell of blood, human." he said. He took a step toward me. "Seems like whatever we do-," "Won't get you to stop-" "Attacking Elena, Jake." Zac, Cam, and Aaron stepped into the room. Aaron looked at Jake with bloodlust in his eyes. Cam stared at Jake as though he had just killed someone of importance. Zac growled. Aaron stepped over to me and wrapped his arms around me. He almost as quickly stepped back a bit. "Elena" he said. "Why are you bleeding?" I stared. "Jake... attacked... me..." was all I could manage. Cam's head snapped up; his eyes filled with hatred. He threw himself at Jake and pinned him to the ground. "Let me tell you this once!" he yelled. "Touch her again and you will wish you were never born! Got it?" He threw Jake away from him and left the room with his head down. Zac stared after him then quickly followed. I looked at Aaron, who was having a stare down with Jake. I followed Zac down to Cam. "Cam, are you ok?" I said as I walked up behind him. I turned and I saw his eyes had gone completely black. I took a step back. Cam looked away. "Elena..." he said quietly. "I..."he caught himself. "I don't want you to get hurt, alright?..." Aaron came downstairs. "Jake left." he said. "C'mon. Let's get her out of here. Elena, get your belongings. We're getting you to somewhere safer." I looked at him. "Why? I don't need to-- This probably won't happen again, Aaron.--" "But Elena, what if it does? I would never be able to forgive myself if Jake killed you. I... need to keep you safe. Please. Just get your things and lets get going." "Aaron I don't want to. I'm fine here. And what about Angel, Demon, and Jason? What would Jason think? Would I just leave a note? 'Hey, Jason, I'm not safe here because a vampire-werewolf is trying to kill me, so I have to move out and risk leaving you and Mittens to die'? And about Angel and Demon, how would we bring them? C"mon Aaron. Be serious." "Just let her stay..." said Cam. "She wouldn't come even if we had a gun to her head. Stubborn girl, Elena." I smiled intimidatingly. Zac laughed. "Well," he said. "About those two gerbils... Angel and Demon are quite oddly chosen names for someone who gets themself caught up in all this shit!" Aaron and Cam elbowed him in stereo. I smiled. Aaron hugged me. "I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I love you, too." I whispered back, closing my eyes. ~~~`~~~ aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd theres the end of part 1/3 of Chapter 4! Hang in there until i can write up the next part! Hope your enjoying it ;D
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