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So prehaps it is good that is evil.Category: (general)
Thursday, 8 October 2009
09:59:12 PM (GMT)
Evil... Such a mysterious, undeniable thing. We all know what it is, somehow. I do
not know how. I do not want to.

Some people are evil, because they do evil things. This is the logic of those who
veiw evil. This is what makes sense.

No one seems to be entirely sure what the exact characteristics of evil are, because
to discover the motives of evil is to tread a path that offers only distress. Even
those who claim that they can describe exactly what evil is will find no one whose
view matches it exactly. And prehaps this is as it should be.

There are those who will read this and misunderstand. Some will think that I had some
intent, some message I meant to force upon them, and this may drive them to state
their opinions more harshly then can be counted as true. Some optimists will claim
that I am wrong, that there is no evil. Some pecimists may claim I'm wrong, that evil
is man. 

I do not know. I do not want to. I think on it often, and fear the day when I might
find answers.

Good is something described more easily, and not discounted as readily. Examples of
good people leap to mind, and can be defended, which is not always so with those
marked evil.

Good people can see the good in others. Good people help others. Good people do not
put themselves first, do not even put those close to them first. Good people put
everyone first, all at once. It is good people who must find a way to do that.

But all people are doing their best to be good, and do not like evil. For the most
part, if people sense evil in someone, they will turn away. What would our embodiment
of pure good see this as? Would they not try and find the good in this person, who
others have been cruel to, and turned from? If the mistreated person who holds evil
had ideas, would the good person not listen? If evil presented their ideas well
enough, prehaps good would want to help. And no one would sense the lurking presence
that must be turned away within this good person.

Prehaps the person within whom this evil thought first started is purified by the
good person. Does it end there? Or does the good person keep with those ideas, with
good intentions, slipping below raidar? How would we know?

Maybe this happens often. I do not know. I do not want to. If those who are most good
carry the most evil, I will remain ignorant.

If this happens, should it be stopped? Are we to stop cringing away from evil to
prevent ourselves from drawing the attention of the pure hearted? To reduce
ourselves, who strive to be in the moral white, to safe, yet tainted grey?

And what of the evil? They are people too. They do not mean to be evil. No one does,
I hope. What if the good are right? Shall we draw them in, and risk ourselves?

Whatever we do, what has prompted our action? Some holy text of another age? Our
upbringing? Influential books or articles we read, and scoff at thinking that it
would effect others strongly, but not I? Maybe we are even effected by this diary,
the ravings of a sleep deprievived teen girl. And what caused me to write this? Was
it out of good, or out of evil? Or out of some shade of grey, even more frightening
then evil influence and good intention?

I would really like some comments...

lunasan says:   8 October 2009   448181  
Ooh, grey colours!
Light and dark and shadow;
Because grey black and white all appear in the drawing of a meadow.
Find the balance; there is away.
Tomorow, today, and yesterday
What is it all but the main shades of gray?

for the use of poetry as a response.
Good people respond differently according to how much gray they have.
I have a lot of gray I believe. some pots of black.
But if I saw someone with that evil I'd try and convince their minds,
type o thing...
usually befriend them, actually.
tiggerlemon101 says:   9 October 2009   797551  
I think it's that evil does not exist without good and vice versa...
Just like yin and yang, neither can exist on its own - it needs the
other to survive... and if you blend the colours of a Yin-Yang
together, you get gray.

  I don't get it either.
Lyncheh says:   9 October 2009   642663  
I'm not convinced it exists.
‹goodfornothing› says:   9 October 2009   498252  
you make it out as though evil is the opposite of good. that's not
true though; bad is the opposite of good. 
even then, there are differences between bad people and people that
merely have bad qualities.
so someone might be bad or, more likely, have bad qualities without
making the decision to, but one who is evil is most likely aware of
that fact.
Kirti says:   9 October 2009   343933  
No, my point is that the two can be in the same person at once, and
that it scares me.

I apprieciate the comments.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   9 October 2009   953986  
Sorry for not commenting sooner. I think you made my mind explode for
a second.
Evil and good are hard to distinguish. Maybe they truly can't be told
apart. I think everyone has good and bad in them. It's scary, but even
some of those who say they'd do good like, say, give back a twenty
that a cashier gave for change by accident, would do the opposite.
Some would keep the money (it came from a study. 10 out of 100 people
gave the money back).
Kingroxas says:   9 October 2009   459427  
I never saw good and evil as a reality. I always thought it depends
on perspective.
Kirti says:   9 October 2009   419773  
But the reality is that everyone sees good and evil, no matter what
their perspective. Some say Sarah Pallin is evil, others say Obama is
evil, but bth groups see that evil exists.
tiggerlemon101 says:   11 October 2009   288661  
I think those people are delusional - Sarah Palin might be clinically
insane, and Obama isn't turning out to be all he was cracked up to be,
but come one!  Neither one of them is evil!

I believe that there are porportions of good and evil in everybody,
but until one reaches critical mass (50.1%) and is taken over by  one
side or the other, we will all do some good and some evil things.  I
know it's strange to combine science and the soul like that, but
that's just how I feel.
Kirti says :   12 October 2009   752468  
Tigger, I think my Deist ways have rubbed off on you 


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