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Saturday, 3 October 2009
05:16:33 AM (GMT)
mmmmmmmmm i know i haven't come out with a part for a while.

last ended with:

"A shape-shifter" said Aaron.

"A what?" I asked.

"Shape-shifter... One of the most powerful beings in the supernatural world..." 
said Matt.

"More powerful than werewolves..." said Zac.

"More powerful than demons..." said Cam.

"More powerful than vampires..." said Jake.

"More powerful than angels..." said David.

"More powerful than sirens..." said Matt.

"More powerful than the ancient gods of Egypt, Greece, and Rome" said Aaron.

I looked at them all in confusion. I had no idea what the hell was going on. A 
shape-shifter? Me?

"But... I'm only a human," I said. "How would you know? What if you're wrong?"

Aaron looked at me, along with Zac, Cam, Jake, Matt, and David.

The gaze was piercing. I had experienced none like this before. All of their eyes
seemed to burn through me. 

"Only one way to find out..." said Jake.

"NO!" hissed Aaron and Cam. Cam jumped in front of me and Aaron crouched
in front of me, snarling at Jake, but still in human form.

I still could not comprehend it.

What if he means to bite me? To hurt me in some way? I thought. How could I be
shape-shifter? I barely knew anything about the other races, not to mention I didn't
even know they existed!

I stared at Zac, Jake, Matt, and David. Zac stepped over to join Aaron and Cam in
front of me. Jake stared at us.

"She smells good" he said softly. 

What happened next was to fast for me.

Aaron threw himself at Jake, both of them falling. Cam pinned Jake down while Aaron
started to turn into the Angel. Where Zac had been was the sandy wolf. 

I just realized I was on the ground, staring. Matt and David had wide eyes, but they
slowly narrowed. Then I saw Matts eyes go completely black.

He threw himself at Aaron, now in the Angel form. I watched, in horror, as they
Matt's eyes were still black. 

What is he? I thought.

I felt myself getting picked up. Then I couldn't see.

"Elena" said Cam softly. "You don't need to see this..."

"What is he Cam?" I asked, hysterical.

"A demon." said Cam. "Like me."

I heard someone cry in pain and i felt Cam flinch. Then he whispered,"Don't
worry. It wasn't Aaron who got hurt. C'mon. Let's take you home..."


Gabii and I were walking down the street talking.

Gabii all of a sudden says, "Hey, does Jake have a girlfriend?"

I stopped and looked at her. "Why the hell would you want him? Gabii, he's--"

"I know but hes so hot!"

I shook my head and we continued. 

"No. He's single." I told her. "He seems so..."

"Mysterious? Dark? Dangerous?" said Gabii rapidly. "Ohhhh but that's what makes
him so compelling! He's charming..."

"Gabii you have no idea what you would get yourself into!" I protested quickly. "It's

just that... well..."

"Elli please." said Gabii. "Just because you're with Aaron..."

"Don't pull him into this!" I hissed. "He has nothing to do with it!"

"Be that way" said Gabii. She turned and started to walk down the side street toward
Jake's house.


aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd the 3/3 part of chapter 3 will be out sooner
than this one was (timewise lol!)
Last edited: 11 January 2010

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