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Saturday, 3 October 2009
04:55:18 AM (GMT)
yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy we made it to chapter 3!!!!!!!!!

I swore under my breath and started to run

I heard Jake laugh. "You can't run from us." He appeared right in front of me.

"How... how did you--" I started. I was surrounded. stupid Matt i thought. I
was done for. They were going to kill me...

"You should have listened to me when I told you to stay away from them." said
Jake. "Now we have to kill you. Shame, what a waste. You would have been
such a good--"


James jumped out from behind a tree, followed by Gabii, Justine, and Emmy. Then
Aaron, Zac, and Cam followed.

Gabii looked at Jake. "Hi..." she said shyly. 

"Now's not the time Gabii" I said. Matt grabbed my arm, and David grabbed my other
"Ow! Let go of mee!"

James narrowed his eyes. "If you hurt her..."

Jake pulled out a gun. 

"Hmm." he said, looking at he gun. "Like silver bullets much Cam? Aaron?" He turned
to me.
"How about you?--"

"Don't!" said Zac. 

Jake turned to Zac. "You like them to?" he pointed his gun at him.

Dante said, "I'll bring James and the three other girls home..." Then the five were

Jake turned to me. Matt and David were still holding my arms. 

"You know what we are don't you."

"I...--" I couldn't think of anything to say.

"You better thank me for it..." said Jake.

"I knew you had done something that night!" shouted Aaron. "You sent that dream!
That's why I couldn't get in!"

"I felt it..." said Cam quietly.

"Wait. What's going on?" I said. "Sent dream? Random wolf attacks? Silver--" I
dead in the line. I felt the blood drain from my face. "Did you say silver bullets?"

"Catching the hint are you? That dream wasn't something I just conjured up. It was
truth." said Jake.

"So you did tell her..." Cam murmured. "Why... After everything we had done to keep 
every one of us a secret..."

"Don't blame Jake. For some odd reason I feel something in her..." said Aaron.

"Guys... what exactly are you... I did see wolves in the dream but... Aaron..."

He kept his head down. "Elli..."

"I saw wings. Like wings of death but they were oddly beautiful..."

"Then you saw the angel." Aaron said without looking at me. 

Comprehension flooded through me. "The white wolf. Jake. He's the wolf. The
white one that James is afraid of."

"Good girl. You know how to gather clues." said Matt mockingly. 

Cam slapped him across the face. "Remember she's HUMAN? She's not as quick
as us with comprehension like this! Like situationslike this!

David finally spoke. "Tell her everything. I can feel something pulsing in her
It's nothing like ours. It's like what we found in London. Only his was stronger..."

"That's because he had already been changed." said Cam. "He was... ah, God what
was he..."

Aaron finally looked up.

"A shape-shifter." he said.
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