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Monday, 14 September 2009
12:56:52 PM (GMT)
Leayla's Mini "Autobiography"
My name is Leayla, I was born on the 21st January '92, and last time I checked, I was female ^^; I enjoy reading and writing. I usually cannot place a book down after reading it. I love lots of books and read a lot. I don't have a favorite genre; I read lots of horror, romance, thriller, fantasy and so on. I love R.L. Stine's horror stories, and Stephen King is a great writer, I adore them. I also like (get ready for this -- don't laugh!) fairytale stories, such as Snow White and Cinderella. There are a lot of FanFics and longer versions of the stories that are absolutely brilliant! Get Google-ing! :D I try to write FanFics, but rarely have the time to complete one; my goal this year is to finish a FanFic that I am actually proud of and want to show off, because I hardly keep any of my work. Seeing as though I haven't wrote much since leaving my compulsory education, I am dwindling in my writing skills xP But I will try to write one, maybe about a princess and a prince who's turned evil by a witch? He tries to kill her and the princess battles to save him? Yeah, that's better than the man always doing the work. I mean, for once, why can't a woman save a man? Woman are as strong as men and should be able to kick backside with their high heels! Amirite? I live in USA, yes. Where we're all fat and cause war and riots n_n Stereotypes lol. That's like saying you Brits drink tea and play badminton all day.. you don't -- do you? ^^ Anyway, I like where I live, it's a small town, of which I am not going to reveal; I don't want any haters knocking at my door with pitchforks u_u But obviously I will be more lenient with friends, people who I trust. I love website design. Some websites I have helped produce in the past have been very fun and I love working hard to be proud of the finished project. Of course I've had help with them, but I can do a few things and love working on websites. Perhaps one day I will be a website designer? XD People I like are people who are sensitive. People who are happy and people who are up for a laugh, but serious when they need to be. I need someone to hold me in place, because I get pretty hyper sometimes, and sometimes get very angry with people who start arguments with me u.u But hopefully that won't happen on here! I want to make lots of friends and enjoy my time on here :] You probably have noticed that I am obsessed with the color pink. IT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR. I looooove it, so I will post it anywhere and everywhere I type and post, profile, comments, drawings etc. I shall pink-ify Kupika. Is there a club for the color pink? That would be fab :] Wow I seem to babble on a lot. I shall stop talking (typing?) now, for I have things to do :] Message me and talk to me, I don't bite much! :D Thank you~ Leayla

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