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Wishes [Chapter 10]Category: Wishes
Sunday, 2 August 2009
09:06:15 PM (GMT)
Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of
exploring the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up
getting her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to
the vanquished golden city of Iona.


It had been a week since I last went outside the Academy. Today, we were to see
Princess Dianne, the heir to the throne of Teruma. Bloom didn't want to see some
princess and just wanted to finish her painting. I was trying to get ready for the
adventure ahead, and so I was irritated when our dorm leader knocked on the door,
shouting at us to get ready to see Princess Dianne. I didn't understand what the big
deal was all about, it's not like she was a princess like Faye who was trying to save

When I saw flower petals being tossed to her open carriage, I turned to Bloom who was
making a disgusted look. I nearly laughed when I noticed Raine amidst the loud crowd
with Tinky, the lamb. She noticed me and waved while running towards us.

"Hello." Raine greeted us, looking at Bloom who was refusing to throw petals.

I smiled at her and began the sharpening spell on the petals. Enchantis Sharpe. Raine
saw what I was doing and gave me The Look. I sighed and stopped and muttered to my
new-found friends, "What's so great about these princesses anyways? They don't have
enough guts to actually make peace with the other realms."

"So, you're comparing yourself with the princesses?" Raine asked me, with an amused
expression on her face. "They don't deserve to be compared to me." I pointed to
myself and laughed. Bloom nodded and I swore I could have heard, "Or to me."

When the pointless parade ended, Bloom and I threw a mini party inside our dorm
inviting only Destiny and Irene. We ate cupcakes that I managed to sneak out of the
kitchen though Destiny didn't touch hers until her stomach growled. I was officially
seventeen and my journey had started. As they were singing one last Happy Birthday
song to me, I clenched Raine's pendant and the D seemed to glow. I was not sure what
kind of a sign that projected, but I hoped it was a good one.

When I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that Bloom had packed herself some things
inside her colorful original artistic bag. I shove myself out of my crunched bed and
asked her curiously, "It's not the holidays yet. Why are you packing?"

She looked away from her pack and stopped organizing it. "Isn't it obvious? I'm going
to journey with you." Before I could say "but", she gave me a good enough reason.

"I'm older than you and know spells that you don't. I'll be your tutor along the
journey." Bloom smiled proudly and I shrugged, convinced. I snuggled my own pack
right next to me and breathed deeply. Faye's mirror was still dark, meaning that she
couldn't contact me yet. This was it. Before I could drift to sleep, Bloom questioned
me, "Where to first?"

I had this debate with Destiny and Faye before. We had agreed that we had to go to
Deria first. One reason is that it's the closest. Another is that we had to find the
enchanter before things become worse between Deria and Teruma.

"Deria." I told her. I saw from the corner of my eye that she nodded. I could only
hope for the best. But I wasn't fully worried. I had my level-headed sister, Destiny
with me along with my cheerful protector/tutor Bloom. I'll be fine. If this journey
goes accordingly, we would have five people by the end of the journey.

Destiny stated that we didn't need to journey to Winora because she was already a
Wind enchanter. Faye agreed but also said that we must try to go to each realm, to
try to make peace with them. I wondered if that was a good idea but I couldn't argue
because Faye's mirror became dark again.

The adventure ahead will be harsh and complicated. But I'll make it through. I hope.

When I woke up that morning, I nearly stepped on Bloom as I tried to open the window
curtains as fast as I could. She complained, "Ereya..What..do you want?" I muttered
an early sorry to her and sighed when I saw that it was warm outside.

Destiny and Irene also came in early, bringing a pack of food. Irene was carrying a
sheet-protected drawing. I looked at it more closely and saw that it was a drawing of
current Teruma.

"I already told Destiny this, but Ereya, you should listen also." She placed the
drawing in my arms, making sure it was secure. "There is a woman in Deria named
Sonia. She used to be a Derian immigrant who came to Teruma. She fell in love with it
instantly. She was an artist and was one of my idols. But when the rumors started,
all Derian immigrants was sent back and punished. Her family wrote me a letter than
her arms are paralyzed and she can't draw or move a finger anymore. She made me
promise to draw her a picture of Teruma every year, and I always sent it to her by
personal messengers. But, right now, she might be able to help you. So, I want you to
deliver this to her personally."

That story just showed how much life has changed for many people in Lire. The more
the reason that I should be proud to do this quest. I nodded, confirming to her that
I will do as she says. Irene smiled and nodded back as I placed the drawing carefully
inside my bag.

"So, you know the plan, right?" Destiny asked me. I nodded. We had the plan figured
out three days ago. We were to act like pheasants looking for a new life in the other
realms. Irene had a cart with a mule ready for us. How she had it ready, I had no
idea but I was amazed when she stated so.

Bloom knew of the plan too, but neither my sister nor her fellow artist thought that
she was going. So when Bloom announced to the both of them that she was coming along,
they were shocked and I saw some usual twinkle in Irene's eyes melt away. But it came
back when Bloom gave her the finished painting of the rainbow, originally by Irene.

That mid-day afternoon, we set out, me, Destiny, Bloom, and Irene. Irene led us
through the maze we call, the Academy's front gates and we soon found the cart,
hidden behind some bushes someone sprouted for no apparent reason. The cart was
packed with fake hay, and a mule was in the front, yawning.

"So, who has the best balance?" Irene questioned the three of us.

Bloom raised her hand and Irene pointed to the hay. There were only two seats to the
front so one had to go to the hay. Bloom's eyes went wide as saucers and Irene pushed
her to the hay.

"Hey, this is actually comfortable." Bloom's voice commented. I laughed and put on my
pheasant clothes; pieces of old and outdated clothing. I put Raine's pendant under my
shirt (of course, I have an undershirt on), so that it would not be seen. Destiny
took the seat next to mine and took on the reins.

I closed my eyes as she slapped the mule's back and soon we moved. I looked back and
saw Irene waving at us. Bloom's hands was moving through the hay, like a severed arm
and I chuckled while I watched Irene trying to control her laughter. I saw her wipe
her hands on her cheeks, and I knew that she was crying.

I waved once more, and used a spell. A transportation spell. I began to write on a
huge green leaf, "Thank you for everything. Love, Ereya, Bloom and Destiny."

I saw a root come out of the ground and she jumped back, but she took the leaf with
her. And waved back. This time, I knew she was smiling. No matter how much of a
genius you are, I suppose, your emotions and feelings still overtake you.

We set off, passing Raine's shop. She was outside giving a cute kitten to a family. I
raised my hand in greeting. She nodded and smiled. We were nearing the inner gates
now. I saw that the people that were surrounding us were moving away, disgusted. I
rolled my eyes and looked at Destiny. Her eyes were set to the goal, and I heard
Bloom's muffled voice through the hay, "Where are we?"

"Almost passed thhe inner gates." I answered her. She didn't say anything back and I
knew why. The gate soldiers were looking at us cautiously but they moved away as if
we had a decease that might infect them. Again, I looked at Destiny but she kept her
strong dignity until we passed the huge iron outer gates. We were nearing the desert
and soon, no more flowers or anything green can be seen. Only the bright and
unyeilding sun and the brown-yellow sand. The cart wouldn't be able to handle this
kind of terrain. If we went north to Winora, the road would be straighter, with

But the desert was like brown hills merged on top of each other. I sighed and poked
at Bloom.

"Hey! Ouch! You poked my eye!" She jumped up and out of the wagon. I covered my mouth
and muttered a muffled, "Sorry.."

Destiny though, was speechless. I guess she didn't thought about the desert when we
left. But she looking at a compass, pointing south, and Bloom and I looked at the
bronze rusted compass also. We looked south, ready to enter the goal.

We didn't know where to put the cart so we just pushed it harmlessly back towards the
gates, and the mule reluctantly walked towards it. I wiped off some sweat and took
off my cloak.

"Remember, put your hoods on." Destiny told us and we soundlessly did as she said and
began walking through the warm sand. "How many days does it take to get there?" I
asked her, after walking some fifty meters.

"In the pace we're going, we might be there before midnight. Let's keep walking."

I sighed and walked next to Bloom who was drinking out of her water bottle. She saw
me and shrugged. I shrugged back until we had a shrugging contest. Destiny stopped
and looked at us before laughing loudly, "What in the world?"

We continued walking, humming some songs until I felt as if hours had passed.

"May I see your tiny clock?" I asked Destiny and she willingly tossed it to me. I
caught it and saw that it was almost night. I watched as the sun set and I began to
feel a bit drowsy also. But, before I could even close my eyes, Destiny tapped me and
I continued walking next to the both of my seniors.

My feet began to tire and I felt as if the sand was making it worse. It was getting
colder and the wind was rushing at us, like birds swooping down. I had my cloak back
on, and I was holding on to it tightly. It was completely dark and Destiny had lit a
lantern, trying to control the natural wind around her.

I began to imagine the warm cocoa on the table at the Academy and the comfortable bed
waiting for me there. I sighed but I didn't make any wishes of returning. We were so
close to Deria now and I could see a tiny stream of a river. I turned east and saw
some far-away walls and some light behind them. If I was correct, we were near the
north of Galia. Soon, we came to a rushing river and I breathed deeply while Bloom
gave a woo-hoo!

Finally some water. We filled up our almost-empty water bottles and rested for a
little while, wading in the water. I sighed in contentment and stole Destiny's clock
for a moment. It was almost midnight. They say that the winds howl the loudest during
midnight and dawn. We had to get to Deria soon.

I figured that if we were near Galia, Deria would be just an hour away. Destiny stood
up and began walking again, now in a quicker pace. It was probably will power and
hope that we might not get eaten by wolves or be lost by the winds that Bloom and I
could keep up with my sister. Bloom and I took turns stealing hasty glances at the
watch. Each minute was like a second and each hour was like a minute to us.

My leg muscles began to hurt but I continued on, dragging my feet as quickly as I
could. "Come on, come on.." I murmured to myself, trying to be determined.

"See those lights? Those are Deria's watch-towers and gates. Only a mile left. Let's
go." Destiny pointed, urging us to go move faster. I remembered that the gates will
be locked by midnight, and I had the sudden thought of running when I remembered that
I was walking on sand.

We moved faster and faster until our feet was on cemented ground. That was when we
broke into a run. I felt as if I was racing for my life, because of course, I
actually was. I grabbed my hood from the winds that was trying to let it go until we
were in front of the gates. The guards, dark-haired with blue eyes, looked at us

I fumbled for the pendant and they nodded when they saw it.

The minute we were inside Deria, I was amazed. The architecture and designs were so
different. The stone walls looked forbidding but I held on to it for balance. I
breathed and turned to Destiny and Bloom.

I could tell we were all wearing proud faces. And I knew then that such a feat was to
be proud of. Because we were one step towards the enchanter. We were a step towards
our main goal.

And nothing could make me feel prouder than doing the impossible and taking a step
towards peace. 


I thought that Zoe's and Reya's character's debut would come later but it would come
out sooner. It will probably be either the next chapter or chapter 12.

I have also made changes. Zoe's character will be named Stella while Reya's character
will be Pira. Also, chapter 11 will be the appearance of Ereya's most hated enemy.
Or, to be simple, chapter 11 will be when you actually see guy characters. x]

So. Yeah. Thanks for everybody who helped me make this story a reality. [Hint. All of
my friends. <3]

‹Puppeh.› says:   2 August 2009   334349  
Wooo! They made it! (:
I was about to say noooooo they didn't make it!
I can't wait to read about whats happening next.
‹VanillaTwilight› says:   3 August 2009   935917  
It's so exciting. (:
Bootheghost says:   3 August 2009   226439  

Lol. :D
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   4 August 2009   517488  
o 3o
The only thing I find wrong with Ereya is that she pretty much agrees
to do things pretty willingly.
Like this whole 'Save Teruma' thing. She never feels like it's a
‹Miharu-chan› says :   4 August 2009   384288  
That's exactly how Ereya is. She likes to takes risks without
thinking about the dangers. That's always something that has been my
bad habits. So, I'm putting some of my negative stuff on Ereya.  I
guess it's because her boredom with Galia was so overwhelming that
she'd do the craziest stuff to get out of it. xD


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