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Reyna Emerson Chapter Two--A New ProposalCategory: Random Side Story! :D
Thursday, 2 July 2009
10:48:41 PM (GMT)
The moment I got home that day, I ran straight up the stairs into my room without a
single word for my grandparents. The only thing on my mind was the lie I told to
Steven. Or, at least, it was only half a lie. I actually have never had any siblings,
but my parents are actually dead. I never liked thinking about it, but right now it
was the only think on my mind.

It happened twelve years ago. Before I’d started kindergarten, there was a
thunderous storm that seemed to last forever. After my mother finally got me to calm
down, she left to go to bed herself. Maybe… Maybe if I had just kept her busy for a
bit longer, nothing would’ve happened. But that night, somebody broke into our
house while my parents were still awake. They tired calling the police on him, but he
had a gun, and, well, it didn’t end well.

After they were killed, I was taken in by the only family around this part of the
country: my grandparents. They’ve enrolled me in some fancy school called Mill
Hill. There, they order you to wear uncomfortable uniforms, work twice as hard, and
deal with a bunch of rich snobs, ever since you were old enough to even go to

I hate it! My life could’ve been so much better if I was raised by a proper family.
And if my parents could’ve stayed around a little longer, then I might have even
gotten a brother or sister.

If only I could turn back time and stop that incident from happening.

Turn back time…

Then I remembered the science fair. Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone… Or
maybe just one violent person… and get a reward for it. Some planning had to be

I woke up by the rays of the sun, attempted to sleep in, and was knocked out of bed,
like any other typical morning. I went to school with an almost positive attitude,
and was expecting an annoying redhead to jump out of a bush and attack me with
stories. But Steven didn’t great me like he usually did. Strange.

At lunch, I sat alone in a corner and drew out plans for my project. I noticed Steven
sitting by a girl with tan skin and bleach blond hair. It was Ranny Bilsgotten, the
head of the cheerleading pack and the most popular girl in school. They seemed to be
getting along well. I rolled my eyes and got back to work. But they were talking loud
enough that I could just make out their words. I tried not to eavesdrop, until I
heard my name being mentioned. That got my heart bounding at an uneven rate.

I was lucky enough that that was the moment the bell rang for our next class. In our
later classes, after I finished my work early, instead of reading over the later
chapters of our textbooks, I worked over my project’s blueprint. It seemed to be
going well, until in our last period I noticed that a single calculation towards the
beginning of the work was invalid, and I had to start over again.

For the next few days, I continued planning in my free time at school, and every day
Steven would meet with Ranny, and the two began getting closer and closer. I assumed
that was what he was trying to do to me, but since I wasn’t buying it, he thought
that waiting for me after the schoolyard cleared would help spot a breakthrough. I
was revolted by how all the males at our school saw women simply as controllable
toys. And yet, I took time away from my work to watch Steven and Ranny.

But, eventually, I created the perfect blueprint, and was ready to start building!

After weeks of hard work and sweat, it finally came time for the invention
competition. I proudly pushed my cart across the school yard. Sitting upon the cart
was a large and heavy devise, covered by a sheet. Many people bothered me, asking
what it was and trying to tug off the sheet. Once I finally broke free of the early
morning traffic, I found myself in our occasions room, where students were setting up
their devises and banners hung from wall to wall. I came to a nice table that would
support my invention's weight and settled into a nice chair until the judges came my

There were four judges. Ms. Collins was a tall, thin woman with a curly, orange head
who went easy on everyone. I could've brought a rusty fork as my invention and she
would've approved of it. (She was also my English teacher)  Mr. Roahn was an
middle-aged algebra teacher, who loved nothing more than driving yougsters mad. He
was probably the strictest teacher in the whole school. Mrs. Knapp was our vice
principal, and a large woman (in the way you'd expect) with thick lips and a foul
stench. And of course, Mr. Rey was our head master, or principal. He Always wore
fancy ties.

"Alright, Emerson," Mr. Roahn grunted. "Show us what you've got."

I grasped the corner of my sheet. "Prepare to be amazed!" I said, and
melodramatically ripped to sheet off to reveal my wonderous invention. A photographer
came by and took a quick shot for the newspaper, which aggrivated me a bit. "It's an
invention that has been attempted by many scientists, but failed. But today I
guarantee success."

"What is it?" Mrs. Knapp asked, after scanning the devise.

"I never really came up with a name, but many people through time would just call it
a 'time machine.'" I cleared my throat at how cliche that remark sounded.

Ms. Collins immeadiatly began clapping. "Bravo, Reyna! You've really outdone yourself
this time!"

I striffled. "But I... haven't even showed you--"

"Get on with it, Ms. Emerson," Mr. Rey interupted.

I knodded impassively and flipped on the machine. It barely made a hum, but I don't
think the judges kept that in mind. "You see," I said, clipping a metal bracelet over
my wrist. From the bracelet hung a thin wire that connected to the machine. "I will
use my machine to teleport me to a certain place at a certain time in the past." I
entered numbers into the devise's memory. "I will then pick a souvenir, such as an
old book, to bring back to prove that I was actually there, and then use the
bracelet's controls to contact my invention through time and bring me back here.
Sounds simple enough?"

The judges nodded.

"Then perhaps you'd like to know how the teleportation works, eh?"

Two other students stood at their tables, waiting on the judges to come by them.
"This sucks, doesn't it?" said one. "There's no way that Reyna Emerson is going to

"I know," sighed the other. "Her invention looks so perfect. If I ever managed to
build something that perfect, it would break the moment I touched it."

The other grinned. "Then why don't we go touch it ourselves?"

So the two sneaked over to my stand. Of course, I, or the judges, didn't notice, for
I was too busy blabbering on about the of transporting a live object without it
becoming deformed in its new destination. So the two ruined-away. They hit a button
or two, let loose a wire, and even screwed up my date and time. Once they were
pleased with themselves, they scurried on back to their stands and continued
blabbering on to themselves.

Just as I was about to start, my devise made an abnormal noise. I spun the table
around to take a look. "Ah, what's this? It seems a wire's come loose." After
fastening it safely, I said, "It's a good thing I noticed that, otherwise I could've
killed myself."

The judges looked at eachother uneasily. I thought I'd better start now before they
had my machine confiscated. I spun a nob, pushed a few buttons, and without a second
though, found myself falling though the floor, and time and space.
Last edited: 6 July 2009

‹emo-queen› says:   6 July 2009   845245  

I finally got her out of that horrid demention!! 8DDD She makes many
friends in the next world.

Now you guys get to meet Adden. <3333
loVetHepOweRofPie says:   7 July 2009   935867  
Mrs. Knapp?? Foul stench??

I remember that. It was so funny!
‹emo-queen› says :   7 July 2009   517289  
*cough* I guess it's obvious now, then. >o<


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