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Sunday, 14 June 2009
09:29:22 AM (GMT)
I was so exited, it was going to be my birthday in three days time.
And I was going to be sixteen!
I was just talking to mi group, the Pinkies.
Were called that because were sexy, boys like us and were total girly girls.
"Hey Pix, so who are you, like, guna invite to your sleepover?" asked Jess.
"Only the bestest bezzies in the world" I replyed.
"Any boys?" questioned boy-lover Aimee.
"Nah, boys are stupid and are only interested in our tits" I said.
"So what are you gettin for your birthday than?" asked Sam.
Sam was my bestest friend out of the Pinkies.
She was the prettyest aswell.
And I sort of got butterflys in my stomach evrytimes she spoke.
I fancied her like mad.
Only in the past year.
"Umm...I duno actually" I replyed.

Three days later.

Its my bithday today!!
Yeah boy.

Got to school and all the Pinkies rushed down the drive to give me a massive birthday
They next gave me my birthday prezzies.
Jess got me a new makeup bag full of goodies.
Aimz got me a iTunes gift card.
But surprisingly Sam didnt have anything for me.

"Im guna give you yours later Pixie, so you can stop gawing at me like a fish" she

Later on, getting ready for my sleepover.
I heard the doorbell ring.
I thought to myself "Thats weird, its only 5:30 and it starts at 7"
But I went down anyway, because my parents were out and I was home alone.
It was Sam!

"Heya Pixie Louise Andrews"
"hiya Samantha Julia Brown"
We hugged.
This time I noticed she did have a gift bag.

"Ah, I see you've noticed your present allready...c'mon, up to your room and you can
open it"
So we went up to my room.

"Here you go birthday girl" Sam said, as she sat on mi computer chair.

I took the purple bag and found a black and red lace thong and bra, a dildo in my
favorite colour, light blue and some lube saying "especially for lesbian fun" on it.

I looked her her confusingly, how did she know I was a lesbian? And why had she
bought these?

"Pix, Ive know you to be a lesbian for ages and I think I am too. And I...I fancy alot" she said, unusally shyly.

"And I fancy you and I think you've got great tits" I said before I could stop

She looked at me.

She started to unbutton my dressing gown, I felt a rush through my bodie.

I was shaking.

"Dont you want to..." She said, but i kissed her to shut her up.

"Yes" I replyed.

Soon I had mi shirt off and I was undoing my bra.

"Wow Pixie, You have gorgeus boobs, what size are you?"


Next thing she started licking my nipples gently, and I started getting really wet
and felt the urge to finger myself.
So i started rubbing my clit.

"Dont worry Pix, Il get to that" chuckled Sam.

Soon Sam was on her knees, lifting up my mini skirt, she could see I was extremely
She pushed me gently to lay down and I could feel her take my knickers off, I was
getting so exited.
She was stroaking my clit for a bit than she put one finger inside me, as she did, I
tensed up inside.

"Pix, relax babe" Sam calmed.

She started pushing up and down my pussy and started to get faster and faster than
she entered two fingers and was rubbing mi g-spot.

It felt so nice, I'd masterbated before but this was nothing compared to that.

Suddenly Sam took her fingers out mid-in and started licking my clit.
Fireworks of pleasure streamed down my body and I was shaking all over.
She was shoving her tongue in and out of my pussy hole very fast and It was so nice.

Suddenly a weird force came over me and I didnt kno what I was doing anymore, but I
found myself shoving my tongue in Sams pussy next.

It tasted so good, I could of gone on for ever.

Sam brung my head up after she had comed and kissed me passionatly, It wasnt at all
like a normal boy snog it felt magical and soft.

We snogged for ages, Sam fingering me softly and me feeling her boobs.

Soon, I relised the time.
It was five minnits until Jess and Aimee came.
So me and Sam quickly put on our clothes, hid the dildo and stuff and had one last

Than the door bell rung and Sam took my hand and I thought to myself

"This is the beggining of a beautiful relationship"
Last edited: 14 June 2009

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