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Chapter 1~ SunriseCategory: (general)
Thursday, 11 June 2009
10:12:20 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1~ Sunrise

                  Sometimes, eternal youth sounds pretty awesome. Never ending flow
of boyfriends, lots of friends. 
But then you’re almost 130 years old- but you look about 17, and you’re repeating
high school, eternal youth sounds like you just got boned if you ask me.
               I was personally sick of high school over and over again. First day
after first day, drama after drama, BS after BS, Spring Fling after Spring Fling,
break-up after break-up- you get my drift. I was tired of it all. I was just
returning from my 3 year high-school hiatus, and I was already regretting coming onto
the good side of my instincts. If it wasn’t with all the bribes the Turner family
dished out on me, I would be knawin’ on one of these humans.

               Hey sis, what’s he thinking?’  Damien, one of the new
unwanted additions to my life-also, known as my brother in kinder terms, thought as
he stared at a defenseless blonde boy who was taking me in. He looked pretty easy to
	My other unwanted brother, Romeo cleared his throat as I tensed into hunting mode. I
sighed and stretched my mind out towards the boy. He was easy to grasp.
               His thoughts were practically screaming at me.

                 Holey cow-she’s hot! I wonder if that buff dude is her

I didn’t want anymore of it so I pushed that information through my hand into
Damien’s palm which was firmly pressed against mine with his fingers also
intertwined with my own. His quiet chuckle showed me he got the message. He tilted
his huge head closer to mine and lightly kissed the left side of my forehead. 
I fought of the urge to elbow him in the gut.
                                   “Cut it out, Damien.” I hissed as the yummy
blonde boy’s brown eyes widened at the little kiss that happened to be slobbered on
my head. 
                                 “Have you succeeded in using the elements as an
anchor to read thoughts from a distance?” Romeo said in his English accent,
probably confused by the little happening between Damien just now. 
                                ‘Duh!’ I wanted to tell him. While he was off in
freakin’ London with his soul mate and drank tea and ate disgusting crumpets, I was
stuck in Vegetarian boot camp with All-bronze-and-no-brains and his bud,
I’m-so-happy-I-could-shit-rainbows, they had me eating animal blood against my
will. Then they hired a guy who had abilities kinda like me, and he almost killed me
with his training. But I forced a smile on my face and answered him as kind as I
could manage.
                        “Yea.” I said dryly. He nodded his thin head slowly.
The way his aged violet eyes bore into me was scary. How did his mate, Nova, like
him? He was undoubtedly creepy. 
I rolled my newly, violet eyes.
                    Nova was beautiful. She had short layered black hair that reached
her shoulders and very dark violet eyes to show that she had been an animal-blood
drinker for a couple decades. She had a very slender face, along with a very slender
figure. She didn’t have very many curves- just about normal I guess. She had the
longest legs, and really bony arms. She suited herself in the latest fashion, since
that’s the only thing-other then Romeo- that she enjoyed. She was the one who chose
our outfits and all that crap. She was pretty quiet for the most part; very pure
thoughts were in her mind when I got the chance to pry her away from Romeo. She was
very good with advice too. She was one of the only good things I have gained in this
                        Romeo had the darkest violet eyes, and even with a fashion
queen like Nova as a mate, he was simple. He got away with wearing just jeans,
sneakers and a polo. Sometimes he would change it up with kaki slacks or a jacket. He
had semi-long chocolate brown hair that he usually gelled up in a bump of spikes atop
his head. His face was always so focused- his jaw locked, his entire body unmoving.
His ability was to test every emotion in the area, based on thoughts. He used that to
see if we could control ourselves. He really didn’t have to worry about the others,
just the newbie, me.
                       Damien, who obviously took interest in me, was much more
complex despite his lack of brains and unnatural muscles. His wardrobe consisted in
oldies band sort of retro type shirts. He wore cut-off jeans a lot also. But when he
was going for more simple attire, he wore basket ball shorts and tank tops. He
absolutely killed the self esteem of every male in the vicinity when he wore that. He
wasn’t so big on sneakers, he wore flip flops a lot. His eyes, like Nova and Romeo,
were dark violet. And to cover up his dark eyes, was the shaggy blonde hair that
shaped a rugged bowl on his head. Truthfully, the only thing that could relate to him
was a rock. A very big, masculine, good looking rock with hair. 
                    And then there was me. Light violet eyes, long, flowing black
spiked blonde hair, bangs that swept across my forehead that hid my right eye, and
curves. That was me. Nova’s chosen outfits for me were mainly tight-fitting jeans,
low-cut shirts and a large variety of heels. My hair fell to about my butt and the
underside was dyed a dark black along with the tips of my bangs and bottoms of my
All of us had chalky skin.

                       So, why were my eyes lighter then the others? Well I just
recently became more human compared to the old me. We, meaning my new family and I,
are a thing called a diclonion. A diclonion is an artificial human created using a
taboo magic called Diclonemy, hence giving us the name diclinous. An easier way to
make one of is kind of like how vampires do their thing- bite, suck the blood and
spray the venom into their veins. 
                     During the changing process, our eyes transfer colors. They
change from our original color to a bright red, then pink, light violet, and finally
dark violet; the entire ordeal taking a gruesome, painful decade or two and to get to
the violet, we have to refrain from drinking human blood. Most normal diclinous
choose not to give up their crimson red eye color but they just have to be
So my anti-human blood feat was smiled upon by my new family. 
                       But being around all these weak humans made it hard to control
my bloodlust. 
                       It was harder than I thought. I hadn’t hunt in a week. I
could almost feel my eyes fading but according to my atmospheric emotions, courtesy
of Romeo, were in control and for once, I was appreciative Romeo was being nosey. 
I needed a distraction. I let my invisible mind hands pry their way into Damien’s
mind. He was checking out a girl –nothing new. She had long, straight, silk-like
bleach blonde hair that fell about mid back and dark blue eyes. Her skin was fairly
tan, about normal for a human, and she was almost as lean as Nova. Then I quickly
noticed her dark blue eyes were staring both enviously and deviously at me. She
didn’t like the fact that I was possibly now the prettiest girl in the school and
that I was the girl whose fingers were being squeezed my Damien. He laughed when I
took in a surprised gasp.
                    “Looks like your killer girlfriend doesn’t like me.” I
whispered sarcastically; my whisper to quiet for human ears. Damien let his husky
laugh shake his frame this time. 
                      “Already Damien?” Nova accused in her bell tone, following
his stare towards the blonde, who was now giggling over a magazine with her flying
Damien chuckled when he heard me think of her friends that way.
	Nova hated how he went through girls so easily. I just thought she was jealous.
Romeo let his creepy killer chuckle escape his throat and he slipped his long lanky
arm around Nova’s size 4 waist and pulled her closer to his side.
	I hated when they acted all lovey-dovey around me. So, I haven’t found my true
love, my perfect man- which there is none since men aren’t perfect, but that
didn’t give them permission to flaunt their love all the time. 
	Thankfully, Damien noticed my discomfort and began his routine gagging session. As
usual, Romeo lifted his face from Nova’s short hair and glowered at Damien, who was
smiling with triumph. Nova touched his cheek and whispered into his ear; I didn’t
want to even know. I shot Damien a thank you through my palm and he accepted it with
a smile that took up his whole face. 
	 No prob Tay, I got your back.   
I smiled then, hoping the sun would stay behind the grey clouds, so I wouldn’t have
to explain my unnaturally sharp and shiny incisors. And during that brief
breathtaking smile, Damien’s heartbeat quickened swiftly- no one in my new family
had seen me smile. And when my luminescent smile faded, Damien granted another kiss
to my forehead. He held his soft lips there a few moments longer then the last kiss
and this one held devotion and want to it. I shot my invisible hands into his mind,
where he was replaying my smile, and apparently, I had let a laugh escape my glossed
lips. The deep wind-chime laugh sent poor Damien into rapid flashbacks of his dim
human life. The flashbacks were starred by a woman who took on many characteristics
of mine. This was his fiancée. I felt a twinge of guilt as the happy dream-like
memories took on pain-drenched nightmares. I shook his shoulder slightly. 
He looked down at me, tears threatening his dark eyes.
                “I’m sorry.” I whispered, slipping my fingers out of his and
hugging my one arm around his huge waist. 
I felt like a child hugging an adult.
But he wrapped his tree trunk of an arm around my shoulders with a smile on his face.
It scared me because the smile wasn’t his. I hated myself for looking like her.
                   That was my only regret- being like Damien’s fiancée. I hated
watching the pain lapping at his feet- I could feel them now as if they were my very
own. One of these days he was going to get drowned by the waves he tiredly tread.

 Don’t worry. I’m alright. I’m a good swimmer.  

Anger hit me like a bullet train. 

            No you’re not! Why do you do that? How am I ever going to figure you
out? I’ve been here eighty freakin’ years and you still won’t give me a chance!

His thoughts were somehow confused by what I was saying.
	So you don’t want to pretend we’re together like Cameo wants? Do you want me
to love you for real? 
	I took in a deep breath, taking in along with the air, a most appealing scent. The
scent stuck a hot branding iron down my throat. It triggered the craving for human
blood I decided to put behind me eighty years ago. 
                           As soon as I grasped my humanity, I sent a distress signal
to Damien’s hand, and then stretched my mind hands towards Romeo and as soon as I
touched him, his dark violet eyes bulged as if he had seen a ghost. Nova followed her
mate’s frightened gaze and just barely held a shriek in her throat. 
Damien gripped my shoulders and my vision blurred into ultra fine crimson shades as
the burn in my throat got worse- like I was on fire inside. My nostrils flared and my
throats burning accelerated as the scent stuck another layer on my throat.
                          This was insane!
                      Where was the worthless, delectable human whose scent could
break down my walls? I couldn’t quite concentrate on anything but quenching the
thirst that enraged me. 
                      All I could hear was Damien’s ruff voice trying to distract
me, Nova’s chime voice speaking much to fast to be legible into a cell phone and
Romeo was just staring at me like I was a difficult math problem he had to solve. The
crimson faded momentarily and then finally blurred my sight all together.
                          The last thing I was the black and white striped leather
interior of Damien’s Ferrari.

‹~Sheri'sBeautifulDisaster~› says:   13 June 2009   929238  
Wow, TayTay this is really good. I couldnt stop reading it. It's way
better than my stuff. Go TayTay.
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   13 June 2009   548712  
Aww thanks =]
YESH GO ME!!! lol
‹ßrïåññå[þåïgê'§ Ðï¢k§†ï¢k] ♥› says:   13 June 2009   538453  
i like this
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   13 June 2009   127336  
thanks i rote it in algebra class xD
‹ßrïåññå[þåïgê'§ Ðï¢k§†ï¢k] ♥› says:   13 June 2009   324316  
no problem.
i always talk in class.
(and write notes)
but thats about it
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   13 June 2009   762878  
same here
when im not writing im getting caught for riting notes x3
‹lawnamay;love_me_until_death› says:   14 June 2009   696223  
i write books. maybe i could put a chapter on. probably the most
interesting so far.

great chapter!
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says :   14 June 2009   782454  
well thank you!
I should be putting up chapter 2 later today =]


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