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Field Day &&& Softball!Category: School
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
03:40:44 PM (GMT)
Field. Day. Was. Frikin'. Amazing. I don't think I've said anything about our T-shirts. Each grade has a color and designs theirs. Ours were purple (really a lavender kind of color) and the guys all hated it. It's got a pawprint on the front and our graduation year on the back (2014!!!) and a little something else on the bottom. People say that it was either that (lavender) or neon yellow, so I'm glad we ended up with the purple. Anyways, first we had this little opening ceremony thing in the gym, and it was sorta like a pep rally. They called up all the sports people, then yearbook, who announced we got out yearbooks! More 'blah blah blah' stuff from the principal and coaches then we got to go get our yearbooks. They. Are. Beautiful. The covers are great, the pictures and layouts are amazing, and it might very well have convinced me to be on yearbook when I'm in High School. The senior ads were absolutely gorgeous, as was the rest of the book. We had like, three or four pages for autographs. Brilliant. Lots. Of. Fun. Was. Had. Me being stupid only signed up for one thing (softball) and it was one of the first events. The eighth graders creamed us seventh graders, but only because they had Isabel and Tara, two of the best softball players in the middle school part. I ended up playing with the freshman, as only one showed up to start with, and another showed up about half way through. After that I (briefly) helped out with the human pyramids, and I'm pretty sure that that was the only event the 7th graders beat the 8th graders in. Then there were epic water fights, with both balloons and water bottles (the teachers got mad when the bottles were all over the ground), and a water balloon toss. We did good, but ours broke while there were still a lot of people in. Lunch was good. Student coucil bought hotdogs and hamburgers and the teachers grilled out, and somehow I managed to be near the front of the mass of people that were supposed to be a line. At lunch I sat with Madeline, Reagan, Kat, and Kim on the top rows of the cement bleachers on the football field, and by some miracle Jake came and sat with us. Now Jake is this boy that moved in right after Christmas. I think every girl in the grade has a crush on him, except me. I don't crush on guys: I befriend them. So anyways, Jake tried to hit some girls nearby with his hat, but kept missing, among other things. I think one of them still had his hat at the end of the day. After lunch there was the tug-of-war, which was yet another epic fail on the part of the 7th graders. There were a million other events, but I sure can't remember any of them. After all the laziness was over, they coralled us back in the gym for the awards. Third. Is. Fine. Out of all the grades (7th - 12th) the 7th graders got 3rd, which is fine by me. I think the Sophmores got 2nd, and *sigh* the 8th graders got first. Apparently there's some sort of tradition that the 8th graders always win, and I have no intentions of breaking that next year. Softball. FTW. I had a softball game afterschool, and it was yet another win. My team has only lost one game the entire season, the least of any of the three teams in the league. Thank goodness Tara and Isabel are on my team (our wonderful pitcher / catcher duo)! It was my first game back after my ankle, and it was GREAT! I still can't figure out if I got sunburned at Field Day or at Softball, or some weird combo of the two. *shrugs* oh well. Oh. Shi-. EXAMS TOMORROW. *runs off to study*

Link_13 says:   3 June 2009   983135  
Sounds like you had a long day! Hope you had fun!
callie11 says :   4 June 2009   992696  
Yeah, I did! Lots!~


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