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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter eleven.Category: (general)
Friday, 29 May 2009
09:12:41 PM (GMT)
Xavier and Roman met up with us while we were walking to our classes."What do you
have now,Avery?" Xavier asked me.
     "Math..." I told him.
     "Me too!" Roman exclaimed.
     "Well,I guess you have someone to walk to class with now.'Cause if I'm late for
Social once more..." Skye waved before hurrying off to Social.
     "I have English now." Xavier smiled."See you guys later."
     It was just me and Roman,walking to Math class."Our math teacher is not that
good.Math is a slack class for most," he explained.
     "Great," I laughed."I love slacking off."
     "I do as well.So,how's your first day so far?"
     "Better than I had expected,actually.People here are a lot nicer than back where
I used to live," I explained.
     "Where did you live before?" Roman asked.
     "A little neighbourhood in Boston," I replied with a shrug.
     "Isn't that in New York?"
     "Wow.Cool.Is it nice there?"
     "Meh.Nothing special," I rolled my eyes."I like it here better."
     We talked for a few more seconds before arriving to Math class.The Math teacher
looked at me."New student?"
     "Yes,sir.I'm Avery," I told him as I sat in one of the free seats."How are
     "Manners,I see.Great.And I'm great,thanks for asking.How are you?How's your
first day?" he asked,nicely.
     "It's pretty good,thanks,sir.So,what's your name?"
     "I'm Mr.Smart.But I assure you,I'm not smart at all," he laughed a little.
     Some redhead kid in the back blurted out "Well,why are you teaching,then?"
     "I like to inform kids what Math is all about.Which is what I'm about to do
now,so take out your book,Sick," Mr.Smart told "Sick".I wondered if he had actually
called the kid "Sick".I found out later that that was actually the guy's name,and it
was spelled Siqq.I was extremely jealous.That was the coolest name ever.
     Anyway,I moved my chair over by Roman's desk and he shared his book with
me,because the school was short of grade nine textbooks.After giving us two pages of
Math notes,Mr.Smart assigned some questions.Assuming that Roman wasn't exactly Math
material,I decided to help him with his questions,and he understood them better
     We went through a full hour of doing that,and then the bell rang.Recess
time.Yeaaaah.I followed Roman out to the cafeteria,where we met up once again with
Skye and Xavier.We all sat down at an empty cafeteria table and chatted.
     "Have fun in Math?" Skye smiled."Mr.Smart is the bomb,eh?"
     "Oh yes," I agreed."He's just an excellent teacher."
     "He's pretty much just...there.He doesn't really explain anything.He just gives
notes and questions." Xavier laughed.
     "Did anyone know that Avery's like...super good at Math?He knows what he's
doing," Roman told them.
     "Really?" Skye looked at me as she got up out of the cafeteria seat."You should
tutor me."
     "No problem.I'll tutor any of you if you need it," I nodded.I would."For free,"
I added.
     "Sa-weet.Well,be right back.I gotta get some food," Skye ran over to the
canteen,where at least 40 other kids were lined up,wanting food.
     "Lies.She won't be right back," Xavier shook his head.
     "What do you guys have next?" I asked Xavier and Roman.
     "I've got Health.Sex ed!Yeah!" Roman pumped his fist in the air.
     "I've got Religion," Xavier said,blankly."And I think Skye has Math."
     "Nice.I've got Religion,too," I told him.
     Skye didn't come back until about twenty seconds before the bell.She didn't have
time to eat the bag of chips she had bought,so she said she would sneak it to Math
class.Mr.Smart wouldn't notice,of course,because he wasn't that smart.
     Xavier and I walked to Religion together."You're gonna love Religion,the teacher
is HOT," he persuaded me that she was,until we got to class,where Mr.Tibbs greeted
us.If I was a girl,he'd definitely be hot.He had light blonde hair,sort of
side-swept,and dark brown eyes.He had some serious guns goin' on in the arms,and
yeah.If I was a girl,I probably would have agreed.But I wasn't a girl.And what was
Xavier talking about?
     "Damn.I would tap that TWICE," Xavier snapped his finger.
     "'re gay?" I asked.
     He stared at me for a few seconds."Uh,didn't Skye tell you?"
     "No,she didn't.You're gay?"
     "Yup.Straight as a circle," he shrugged."You're not one of those mean
homophobics,are you?"
     Of course I wasn't.I was just surprised.I didn't know he was gay.Nobody had told
me."Nah.I'm cool with it.As long as you don't hit on me," I grinned.
     "It's okay,Avery.I'm already attracted to somebody else."
     "Who?" I asked.I was curious to know.
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‹Kyliebear has quit› says:   29 May 2009   691494  
oh god,
I like it 

SexFlavouredPancakes says:   29 May 2009   959921  
‹karissaatethem› says:   30 May 2009   935644  
"A little town in Boston," I replied with a shrug.

Isn't boston a city anyways? well thats what the burnt surviver guy
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   30 May 2009   169654  
By town.I mean like...neighbourhood.
I should probably change that.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   31 May 2009   783128  
This is gr8 with a capital EIGHT!!
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   1 June 2009   189482  
LOL Thanks!


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