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Friday, 15 May 2009
06:33:42 PM (GMT)
~On Friendship~
Sometimes I say you're my friend, but other times I can't stand you. I want to be
myself, but I can't without hurting someone. I've become meaner, okay so what? It's
called standing up for yourself. Sue me. I'm mad a whole bunch of people, but they
don't know. And, it's not until I snap they ever will know. I have my select few
close friends, but only two real best friends. One I met nine years ago on August
12th, 2000. The other I just met recently, about three years ago. I couldn't live
without those two. They never do me wrong.

~On Confidence~
Although I appear sure of myself, sometimes I'm not. When you challenge me, my
instinct is to retaliate in anger and confidence. See, I sometimes feel too fat and
other times too ugly. On nights like these I either pray or write. Or do both. I
write my feelings in my diary or book. Other times I pray to God, who helps me a

~On Religion~
See, I'm a devoted Christian. I try my best to be one. It's a long journey, but a
helpful one. I can talk forever on this subject, but most people don't care.

~On Boys~
Avid boy lover. Although I've given up my gay boy obessession (don't ask), I still
have a thing for  Mexicans. It might (or might not) be due to the Mexican-looking boy
in my class who I have a crush on. Not only him, but two others. I can't help

~On Thoughts~
One person, although she might not know it, is hovering on my friend list. I'm tired
of her jokes, her behavior, and her overeactions. There is only so much I can take.
She's been acting this way since Obama was elected. So, now I'm a supporter and I
have to be dissed? Too bad. He's president now, so get over it, girl! I don't really
care anymore!
There is also this kissing thing at school. So what if I'm a virgin and haven't had
my first kiss yet? Does it matter if I stay pure?

~On Personality~
I'm fun-loving, super-crazy, random, and all together loving person. I let you know
when I'm tired of you, though and the way you've been acting. 
I don't like braggers, racist, or fake-idiots. Meaning, people shouldn't fake being
an idiot. I don't care much for anorexics. I may feel bad about my weight, but I'm
not going starve myself. I don't like beggers and dealers. Don't beg me, and if you
make a deal come through on it.
Also, preverted people suck, too. Seriously. Everything that we say can come out
wrong. Get a life. 

~On Racism~
As a black person, I have room to say I know about racism. How you act means nothing
about what makes you black or white. Only ignorant people think all black people act
ghetto and stupid. I'm smart and I read, so I'm white? I listen to rock music, so I'm
white? Excuse me, want me to be messy, stupid, ignorant, and get in trouble? Fail, so
I can be black.
No, it ain't about that. It's about your culture. Where you come from. Your skin
color makes you equal to everyone, but it also defines you sort of. You are black, no
doubt. You are beautiful, too. Your personality means nothing in determining your
ethinicity. It means you come from Africa and your ancestors worked hard for you be
where you are. Black people, don't shame them. White people, if you don't have a
clue, get one.
And, if my friends don't get a clue, maybe if I left them alone they'd get one.

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