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With a stab in the heart (chapter 5)Category: my story :D
Wednesday, 22 April 2009
09:29:03 PM (GMT)
I usually get to marching band practice early, so at todays practice I was the first
one there, I sat of the steps outside until I saw Brandon's dad pull up and Brandon
get out of the car, he walked up to the band room once he spotted my eye it seemed
like he jogged torwards me.
"Hola mi amiga como estas?" he asked
"lovely and how are you senor spanish talking dude" I replied
"happy, and curious" he said sitting next to me "why aren't you miserable?. . . I
mean I perfer you this way but still. . .wh why, what happened?" he asked.
"me and Peter, Peter and I..."
"NOT UH!" he interuppted. "you guys are going out aren't you?" he asked grabbing me
and now shaking me.
"yes yes! ..now now let go!" I shouted.
"oh yea sorry" he said letting go of my arms. I looked at the red hand prints that
were now residing on my arm. "I'm so happy for you, this means no more miserable
heartbroken Charlotte!" he said 
"Yes, no more of that, well just until he dumps me" I laughed.
"Don't talk like that. . .hey hey hey" he said turning around
"hey hey what?" I said looking at the parking lot I saw Peter pulling in. "PETER!" I
shouted and ran over to hug him. 
"Hello girlie" he laughed hugging me back. Me and Peter hung out in the hallway while
we waited for band to start.
"I'm worried how Tom will take it." I said, I mean I knew Tom hated me and this could
ruin our relationship.
"Don't worry girlie, he won't I promise." he said and patted my back. "Lets walk back
to the band room, I'll tell him, you hang with your friends and it'll be fine" he
said standing up. We walked to the band room but before we got there he stopped me
and took my hands "Don't worry girlie" he kissed me and we continued walking. I
wasn't that worried but hey kisses are nice. I found Natalie and Savnnah and told
them.Alice already knew because she was there.

"ALICE!" Natalie turned and shouted. "How could you let them be together No! No!, hes
not good I feel really bad vibes, I think you'd be better off with Adam then Peter.
Charlotte Charlotte" she kept ranting. I knew she'd be mad, Natalies good with
telling if somethings wrong and will end badly, which made me worry a litte, but hey
I like Peter and what happens, you know. . happens!
After band practice Peter came up to me and hugged me. "Tom said he's disappointed in
my decision, but honestly I don't care." he said kissing my forehead.
"It's what Natalie said too, and I don't care ethier" I said. I hugged him and then
kissed his cheek. "My ride is here Pete I gotta go"
"Aw, bye bye girlie, and goodnight" he said brushing pushing a piece of my hair
behind my ear, he smiled and looked into my eyes. I smiled back, Peter kissed me. We
hugged and went to my ride and went home.
Last edited: 22 April 2009

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