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My ramble on Music Videos.Category: Rants. Click with caution.
Saturday, 11 April 2009
09:57:16 PM (GMT)
This isn't nearly as strong as my Christianity rant, but I still want to get it out
of my system, even though I'm still sick and drinking TEA.

I was watching the music video for Jai Ho (From Slumdog Millionaire) with Nicole
Scherzinger and A.R Rahman, and I realized there were a lot of negative comments.
For one, there was a comment that simply said "I bet she's lip syncing." Anyone who
does their research knows that ALL ARTISTS LIP SYNC IN THEIR MUSIC VIDEOS. Jeez, it's
not hard to research that.

There were also other comments saying that the song sucks because of the outfits they
wore. I want to comment and say that the music vids are just to advertise their
songs, and you can like the song without liking the music video.

There were also people saying things like "Is that suppose to be dancing? Indian
dancing is WAY better then this."
Well, I thought the dancing was cool. It was an american music video, as far as I can
tell, so they were just adapting to make it more normal to us. (I said something
similar to that when I saw in an 80's movie "Greek Goddesses" coming to life in
clothing of the time. Now, I just KNOW that greek woman wore things like Chiton and
such, and I commented, and my mom said pretty much the same thing I said now, they
were trying to adapt it to fit the time.)

One person stated "I am amazed at how horrible this song is WOW! lol"
For one, use proper grammer... *forehead vein*
and two, he doesn't even say why the song is horrible. (His name was
TheGodfatherofRap, so I can sort of get an idea...)
I was checking the tags for the song too, that other people added, and some of them
sounded like "ewwwwwwwww" or "gay" or "sort of disturbing dance moves and clothes".

But there were nice ones too, like "This song should be #1" or "supersweetsong!!" or
my personal favorite, "Not gay".

Also, it comes up repeatedly that the version in the movie was better. 
Now, I never heard the original version, so I can't judge which one is better, but I
wish all these negetive people would keep their mouths (Or, their keys, if your picky
about it.) shut.

Of course, there are some things I agree with them too, like that the dancers need to
gain a bit of weight. :P

Now, my eyes hurt again, but that's probably because I'm staring at a bright computer
screen in a dark room. :[

EDIT: I got curious, and searched up the original song of Jai Ho, and I still think
that the Pussycat Dolls version is a bit more catchy, but that's just because of my
taste in music. Nothing wrong with the original version though. :]
Last edited: 12 April 2009

Kirti says :   12 April 2009   317348  
Tea?! I'm very sorry to hear that. (I've never liked tea. My mom
loves it, but it's just kinda... blech...)

Pfft, American can't dance well! Not the stereotyped caucasian
Americans anyway. I've heard that gay guys are good coreographers, but
our so-called "professional dancers" suck compared to the dancing in
places have a culture. (This isn't meant to be a slant against Canada,
but how can anyone think that the dancing from a country only a couple
of centuries old could stand up to a coutry that's been around for
thousands of years?! Of course American dancing is stupid!)

Why is there so much homophobia in the world?! As I said before, gays
are stereotyped for good dancing. Who ever posted that was an
idiot... (I bet they were American.) The person who said the song
wasn't gay is just as bad. both commentors should be ashamed of
themselves. WHerever they are, let them skwirm in discomfort at a
momentary feeling of scorn that seems to come from the world in

the PussyCat Dolls? ... There are few Americxans I've met who like
them. I've heard lots of people say things about the PussyCat Dolls
like "They're great- muted." (thios is undoubtly a comment refering to
their provacative dancing as much as or more then a critiscism of
their singing- the people saying it are usually male.)

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