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Friday, 3 April 2009
07:55:04 AM (GMT)
WARNING: Hetalia. Um - moodswing-ish fangirl ahead? All the characters here - e.g. Canada, France etc - are characters of Hetalia Axis Power; that I do not own. I also do not own any countries. And I am also not insulting them here. I will NEVER insult a country D8<
Okay. Major moodwings. Like, one minute I'll be like - searching for Canada's picture/s and I'll be all happy and positively giddy with fangirliness. Stifling my squealing - that has increased like, tenfold its volume since last year - with a pillow or something. Or anything nearby. That is soft. Like a few of my teddy bears or whatever xD Then I'd be back reading the sad story and the happiness that was present earlier quickly died away. Like it wasn't even there. Then I become all serious and stuff and people around me become serious and gloomy, too D: Especially my mom. My mom's happy when I'm happy D8< I - I want to write a young!Canada/parental!France fanfic noooooow~<3 I'm giddy again. GOD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! And I think Russia is invading my dreams D8< It's like he's stalking me when he should be stalking some other Nation and invading their vital regions! Like Canada's Don't get me wrong, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE NATION 8D HETALIA-FORM OR NOT. Oh and I heard that there's gonna be a hetalia-form of Philippines 8DD YES. But I think it would cool if it would be a girl ;____; The Hetalia world needs more GIRL POWER. And Spain/Philippines, Philippines as a girl would be so awesome 8D I dunno why though. I think it has to do with my sick mind. Very sick mind. Or maybe because Philippines is too stubborn to be a girl boy. But maybe because I want to see a little girl Philippines with her almost-big-brother-who-is-obsessed-with-tomatoes Spain... I can see it forming in my head~<3 Especially when Philippines-tan has that Vietnamese-hat-farmer-thing. OGOD SO CUTE~<333 --stab'd-- I already drew that in my sketchpad D8 Even the Japanese invasion. So.CUTE. ARGH, I getting more and more like Antonio-orwhateverhisnameis/Spain. But still, Spain/Philippines - with Philippines as an adolescent boy - is so - shounen-ai... AND - AND. ILOVEIT. And the funny thing is; I actually searched for my old history books and started studying about the History of the Philippines again 8DD; Which I did not pay attention when I was in grade school...U_____U Now here I AM c: There was also this dream that I had, it was all about cutting my hair D8< First it was shoulder-length, then, the next dream, I cut my hair and then I had lopsided BANGS. WTF is with all of these dreams? D8< Next, I'm probably gonna dream of a clown or something killing me with a pink balloon >8C Thanks for taking your precious time to read this useless entry 8D I give you half my soul :] Since my other half, I gave it to someone else~<3 _______ THE END :C

‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   3 April 2009   617147  

xD Random, no? :3
Lumenol says:   3 April 2009   896971  
i read it...but i didnt get half of what it said....
‹actual-mermaid› says :   4 April 2009   954679  

Iliekrandom 8DD


It's okay ^-^


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