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MY LIFE!Category: (general)
Thursday, 26 March 2009
05:06:44 AM (GMT)
Have you ever felt like your life was going sooo perfect and then just one blink of
an eye and its all falling apart again? Why does it always happen to me,it seems like
its happening alot more then it use to. Everyone thinks im always happy,and they
always think im not going thru anything in my life but there all wrong.I'm going thru
a bad part of my life.I just know how to keep it all in me and act like nothing is
worng cause i hate when people ask are you ok? or like whats wrong? it just gets
annoyin soo i am good at hiding it with a big smile and acting like my life is the
best it ever has been!!But this month is horrible.My uncle just passed away in the
1st of the month and it turns out he had a heartattack and then they rushed him to
the hospital and he suddenly went into a coma and he was in a coma for like 5 days
and then they took him of the the machine that kept him alive cause they new he was
already dead and my parents didnt tell me all they said is forget about the plans we
have this weekend we have to go to a funerl and thats when they told me and i was
like all mad cause they didnt even tell me he was in the hospital on his death bed
and there respone was "i was waiting for a good time to tell you" grrrr parents
sometimes i dont get what goes thru there minds!! then like next week my cousin went
susidal.I was a a family get together thing and her family and her decide they
couldnt go cause they had work and school.So when i get home i find this note in my
mailbox saying she was sorry she left me and she just wasnt happy here anymore and
she couldnt take all the stress anymore and she gave up on life.So she passed away
to.I already stopped her twice for her susidal thoughts and attempts but i couldnt
this time or i would and me and her would probaly be texting each other right at this
exact moment if i was here to talk her thru it and help her get away.But i wasnt and
i blame myself for that i noe it might sound stupid but i do,and i have no clue why i
do ethier.So i break down crying alot now cause its just like all there and it all
happend soo quickly and all at once.So i not writing this for everyone to feel bad
for me cause i dont care if you do or not im just writing this just to write cause i
just have to get it all out of my head before i doing something i would regret doing!

-Amber <3

i noe this song is from miley cyrus and i dont really like her but this goes out to
my uncle!!!
Last edited: 26 March 2009

badboy22 says:   26 March 2009   552465  
That's touching.
IGotchaWeirdos says:   26 March 2009   662949  
Omg in so sorry!
‹Alyssa: Ice skating is life (:› says:   13 April 2009   664259  
that made me cry
beautiful_babie_girl_2 says :   24 June 2009   515518  
That was very beautiful!


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