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Unhappy Girl Faraway Part 2 Chapter 15Category: (general)
Sunday, 22 February 2009
04:16:25 PM (GMT)
Months went by and then the 9th month came. Courtney was in science class with cory
when her water broke and she got a sharp pain.  She screamed in pain. The teacher
sent the kids next door and one to the nurse. The teacher told her not to push just
breath and stay awake. The nurse came and she ran to the phone on the wall. She told
the office to call for a ambulance and to tell the kids to stay in class.

The principal did what they was told. Cory was freaking out and scared then he open
the door before he went out Courtney said

Courtney: Don’t leave me Cory!

Cory: I will see you later honey I just need air and a long walk.

Cory walk from the room and the medic guys came in and they lift up Courtney on the
bed and they rush her into the ambulance. They stroke her arm and told her to breath
in and out. They got to the hospital and  they rush her in.  The doctor came in
straight away. Cory didn’t show up. She went in labor and 2 hours later she gave
birth to two twins. She held them then the nurse put them in the hospital cribs and
Courtney went to sleep.  

When she woke up Cory’s parents was next to her holding her twins. She smile and
they hand her twins to her then Cory came in. Je brought flowers and a its two girls
balloon. They hug and then he sat down in the rocker. Courtney hand him the the

A week later Courtney and the twins went home. Cory’s mom stayed with the baby and
Courtney went back to school. When Cory drove her to the school he help her out and
they walked inside. Her group hugged them and they all walk to Cory and Courtney’s 
locker they put there stuff they need.  They all walk to home room and sat in a group
of desk in the back.

A new girl walked in. Every looked at her. Courtney looked at her and saw she looked
like her. She watch the girl come to the back and sit beside her. She looked at the
girl and the girl said to cory 

Girl: Hello your really hot my name is Katie.

Cory: Courtney lets go to the front. 

Courtney got up and walk near the girl. The girl smile at her. Cindy punch her and

Courtney: Leave my boyfriend alone!

The girl got up and punch her back. Courtney kicked her in her stomach and Katie fell
to the ground. She was going to hit her some more but Cory grabbed her. She fought to
be let go. Cory picked her up and follow the teacher to the office. Cory set her on a
chair inside the office. She tried to get up but Cory sat on her. 

The principal called her in and Cory picked her up and set her in the chair in the
office. Cory sat next to her. Courtney stared at the principal.  The principal said 

Principal: Courtney you punch and kicked a student. I don’t want to know why. You
are suspended for three days.  Cory is going to drive you home.

Cory help her up. She lean on him and they walked outside. Cory helped her in the car
and they drove home. When they got home Cory’s mother yelled at her. Courtney took
her coat and shoes off. She took her twins and walked to there room. She sat in the
rocking chair and rock and rock them and she hum them a song. 

She held the close and watch them fall asleep. She went to there cribs and put them
down. She put there mobiles on and she went back to the rocking chair. She fell
asleep. Cory came in crying he walked up to Courtney and shocked her gently. 
Courtney open her eyes and she notice Cory was crying. She stood up and hugged them
and she ask him

 Courtney: Baby what is wrong? 

Cory: She is dead.

Courtney: Who baby? Who is dead?

Cory: My mom. 

He fell to the ground from crying to hard and curled in a ball. Courtney help him to
there room. She went down stairs and saw the mothers body on the couch. Courtney
called 911 and she told them about her boyfriend’s Mother’s body is not moving or
she is not breathing.  

The Ambulence came and took the body away. Courtney and Cory started school online
and then a month later Courtney went to a music college and she went there for a
couple years then she graduate and she went back home and she rolled herself into a
singing job. Cory was happy that Courtney was doing good. He went to a doctors
college and stayed there for four years and he came home with a doctors diaploma and
the stared working at a children home.

They kept the house and the babies was four now. They soon got married. 

Next chapter will be about the wedding.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   22 February 2009   471254  
That is so freakin' awesome!
You are an awesome writer!
‹Emma Bear› says:   22 February 2009   871147  
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   25 February 2009   713412  
I'm so glad you've finally added more to your story!!
‹Emma Bear› says :   25 February 2009   936168  
I know I am happy to thanks for supporting me


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