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Wednesday, 18 February 2009
12:11:40 AM (GMT)
11:14 PM me: you have to see titanic!!!
and then you can call a random girl Rose and you can be Jack.......but then the boat
will sink and you will have to watch the movie before you go!!
11:15 PM Cameron: no. i dont think i will
 me: why not?!
 Cameron: because i dont have time
 me: when do you go?!?
 Cameron: 6 tomorrow morning
11:16 PM me: you can sleep in the car!!!
 Cameron: i dont have the money
 me: so go get it from someone
 Cameron: no
 me: fine miss out on all the fun then
11:18 PM Cameron: i shall
 me: FINE
be clueless then when some one calls you Jack and feel like an idiot!!
 Cameron: i will
 me: good
11:19 PM Cameron: i will be out of contact with the world from tomorrow till friday
11:20 PM me: where are you going??
 Cameron: bahamas
11:21 PM me: my friend is going to the caribean
 Cameron: cool
 me: yeah she goes every year
 Cameron: thats freakin insane
 me: yep she is lucky
 Cameron: she is
11:22 PM me: hope you have fun and ur boad wont hit an ice burg
 Cameron: we are in the carribean
11:23 PM me: i warming....duh!!
 Cameron: global warming is a lie
11:24 PM me: how can you say that?!?
 Cameron: because scientists have proven wrong almost every belief of global warming
  they are now predicting global cooling
11:25 PM me: global cooling?!?
well thats lame!!
 Cameron: another ice age
 me: oh year i heard bought that
  i hope the boat doesent hit a ice burg than
 Cameron: it willnt
 me: thats what you theink
11:26 PM Cameron: because im right
 me: shure, shure
11:28 PM you liar!!
 Cameron: ?
 me: Sarah: you jerk!
"she says that im gonna hit an iceberg and die
 Cameron: you did
 me: no!! i said i hope you DONT
11:29 PM Cameron: yeah w/e
 me: yeah u truth streacher!!
 Cameron: w/e
11:30 PM me: thats what ur new nick name is from now on
 Cameron: no
 me: yep!!
 Cameron: nope nope
11:31 PM its all your fault
 me: what is?!?
11:32 PM Cameron: everything
 me: well thats not true!!
 Cameron: of course it is
 me: na ah!!
 Cameron: uh huh
11:33 PM me: no ah!!
11:34 PM Cameron: im right you're wrong
 me: its the outher way around!!
 Cameron: no
11:35 PM me: yes
 Cameron: ur a bowtard
11:36 PM me: thats not a woard
 Cameron: is too. its colloquial
 me: its what?!?
 Cameron: a colloquial term
  look itup
11:37 PM me: what if i dont want to!!
 Cameron: then be ignorant forever
 me: tell me what it is!!
11:38 PM means!!
 Cameron: go to
 me: sarah said
  Sarah: tell him i said "LANGUAGE!!!"
 Cameron: wth
11:39 PM me: ah ha
11:40 PM Cameron: its not a bad word
 me: YES IT IS!!!
 Cameron: nuh uh
11:41 PM me: Sarah: it's his way of saying bodasiouly retarded
  thats not nice
 Cameron: ur a jerk
 me: im not the name calling truth streacher
11:42 PM Cameron: w/e
 me: i win!!
 Cameron: no
 me: yeah cause i said it first
11:43 PM Cameron: i always win
 me: thats what they all say
11:45 PM sarah doesent love us 
11:46 PM Cameron: why do you say that?
 me: me: anyways you know you love us weirdos!!

Sarah: nope
 Cameron: wow
11:47 PM she loves me but maybe not you
 me: no way
  i know her longer
  all my life!!
 Cameron: so?
 me: so i know her longer!!
 Cameron: and?
11:48 PM me: she loves me
11:50 PM Cameron: but im her favorite
 me: no way!! i am cause i look like her
11:51 PM Cameron: lol
  ha! she said im the best 
11:52 PM me: you truth streacher
 Cameron: no
  not at all
11:53 PM me: yes
 Cameron: she said so
11:54 PM me: she said carol
11:55 PM Cameron: no
 me: yes
  me: who is ur favorite?!?
Sarah: carol
11:56 PM Cameron: ha! she's not
11:57 PM me: yeah hu!!
 Cameron: i just asked sarah
 me: oh really??
 Cameron: yap
11:58 PM me: i knew you would say that
 Cameron: say what?
11:59 PM me: "yap"
 Cameron: lol
 me: you told sarah i told on her!!!!
12:00 AM Cameron: ?
 me: she said i rated her out!!
 Cameron: lol
  im just the best. no denying it
12:01 AM me: yeah........NO
 Cameron: yes
12:02 AM me: NO WAY
 Cameron: WRONG!
 me: RIGHT]
 Cameron: WRONG!
12:03 AM me: RIGHT
 Cameron: no
12:04 AM me: yes
 Cameron: WRONG
12:06 AM me: omg!! how many times will it take you to get it......
 Cameron: WRONG
12:07 AM me: RIGHT
 Cameron: nop
12:08 AM me: yep
12:12 AM nope i cahnged my are now kido skido...not truth streacher
12:13 AM Cameron: what?
 me: its ur nick name!!!
  like it?!
12:14 AM Cameron: no
  its retardeed
 me: well i dont care
12:15 AM Cameron: of course not
12:16 AM me: gool
ur learning
 Cameron: i am

yeah he is SOO nice.............NOT
he is a jerk face.....i hope the boat sinks.......but Sarah would kill me
Last edited: 18 February 2009

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