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Iv been kidnapped by a vampireCategory: stories and crap i come up with
Thursday, 12 February 2009
10:52:22 AM (GMT)
I layed in bed staring at the ceiling waiting my mothers yells to get up. Yet
another day at school, i glanced towards the window the sky otside was dark and grey.
Icy cold snow fell from the heavens. I had been snowing since i had woke up, I pulled
myself to my feet. I flinched at how cold the floor was "mother..." i muttered. ever
since this whole eco friendly thing had started she stopped putting the central
heating on. Pulling on my black skinny jeans and black skull shirt i slowly trudged
my way downstairs. The clock in the hall read 9 O'clock. Something wasn't right
mother always woke me befor this time. The house was deserted "where have they gone?"
I wondered leaving for school. The bitter cold scratched at my face i had to be quick
to get to school. I rushed though an ally, Out of breath i stopped to rest. I felt
like someone was watching me, I turned to face whatever it was but all i saw was a
black blur coming towards me i tried to step backwards but tripped falling onto the
hard concrete. A group of them appeared around me. But this time they were still.
Most of them were guys but there was a girl she was the one i had saw. The leader of
them smirked and knocked me out. From there i cant remember much but when i awoke i
was tied up in a room it was dark, wet and smelled like moss. I tried to speak my my
lips were ductaped shut. I tried to wriggle out of the ropes but that only tightened
them making them dig into my arms. "I wouldnt try that if i were you." I looked to
where the voice came from and there was a girl she had jet black hair and ruby red
eyes. I tried to speak but it came out as a muffeled yelp. She got up and walked over
ripping the tape from my lips, gasping for air i managed speak "w-what do you want
from me?" She grinned revealing fangs "patience. you might be lucky and be invited to
join us or you might not" I knew if i wasn't invited id be used for their wants
meaning blood and maybed more. i gulped and struggled making the ropes tighter
cutting into my arms and neck. Noticing my distress she cut through the rope around
my kneck since it was close to killing me. She growled "i think i liked you more when
you were knocked out" she kicked me in the stomach. Gasping for air i stared at her
not speaking.
Last edited: 12 February 2009

‹XxCasey_the_KittyxX› says:   12 February 2009   642726  
I like it. It's really good.
XxXemoTOYBOY says:   12 February 2009   998574  
thank you
‹xxIch bin totxx› says:   13 February 2009   536432  
Thats amazing!!!
XxXemoTOYBOY says:   16 February 2009   566173  
thank you its just something i came up with in 10 miniuts
‹[[♥Lucky Charms Martini♥]]› says:   12 May 2009   489172  
I like it!!!!!!  Very creative
XxXemoTOYBOY says :   16 May 2009   369293  
thanks :]


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