That little red corvette END m/f ::WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT DO NOT READ
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That little red corvette END m/f ::WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT DO NOT READ
Category: sex story
Wednesday, 11 February 2009
07:50:18 PM (GMT)
Singing...and Sex?
All I need is Food and Sex, and I'll never leave the bed,
unless for some shower fun. - bff mikyela.

“ Baby you’re much to fast ,” he breathes, half sings into your ear as you roll
your window down, reaching with a trembling hand to punch in the access code, the
large wooden gate swinging open in front of you.

You pull the car up in front of his house, throwing it immediately into park, not
even bothering to kill the engine before you turn and grab a hold of his tie, tugging
him towards you. Your lips crash into his with so much force it almost hurts but god
you just want him.

He pulls back just slightly, nipping teasingly at your bottom lip and you whine as
his fingers leave you but it melts into a moan as he brings his hand to his lips and
sucks them clean before grabbing your face in both hands and kissing you hard. His
tongue slips past your lips, exploring your mouth thoroughly as his hands wander down
your body, playing over the silk of your dress, tweaking your nipples through the

You gasp as his lips drag down your chest and you’re so caught up in it that it
takes you a beat to realize that he’s singing breathily against your skin.

“ A body like yours oughta be in jail ,” he murmurs, his lips trailing down your
chest, the softness of his lips teasing the top of your breasts exposed by your
dress. “ Cause it’s on the verge of bein’ obscene… ”

His fingers have found the zipper at your back and are tugging down while his other
hand brushes the straps of your dress down, tugging on the front until your breasts
are exposed, his head dipping to flick at one of your nipples with his tongue and you
moan, your hand fisting in his curls, tugging wickedly.

“ Move over baby ,” he murmurs and you look at him perplexed before realizing
he’s still singing. He pulls back just slightly, smirking as he grabs your thigh.
“ Gimme the keys… ”

You gasp as he drags you over the console and into his lap, your knees sinking into
the leather on either side of his hips, moaning when you feel him hard and straining
at the fly of his trousers. He smirks up at you, his hands moving to brush your hair
back from your face and you’re ravenous for him, hands fumbling with his belt, your
pussy throbbing.

“ I’m gonna try to tame your little red love machine. ”

He gasps as your hand slips in the fly of his pants, reaching past his boxers to
touch him skin on skin and his head falls back against the headrest, his hips pushing
forward and you need him right now. And so does he, apparently, because his hands are
pushing up the hem of your dress, the song forgotten as he grunts, fingers hooking in
the waistband of your panties.

You shake your head, reaching down to just move them aside, your body on fire, not
wanting to wait and he growls in appreciation. He grips the base of his cock, guiding
it to your entrance and you shift forward slightly, feeling the silken head slide
against your folds. You gasp as he slips in slowly, crushing your chest to his, your
hands wrapping in his hair as his settle on your hips forcing you down, slowly,
torturously until your hips are flush against his.

He’s sucking on the crook of your neck, his hands sliding up your back, searching
for the skin exposed by the open v of your dress, panting in anticipation. You shift
slightly, settling more on your knees, both moaning at the unexpected friction and
you find you can’t stop, your hips twitching restlessly against his. He pants,
fingers digging into your hips and he flicks his wrists, a whimper tearing from your
throat as he lifts you nearly all the way off him but you moan when he allows you to
slide back down, burying himself in your folds again.

You pull back slightly to watch his face, his eyes dark, brows furrowed in pleasure.
His head tips back and his eyes close, a low groan pulling from his throat before he
brings his head up again, eyes locking on yours and smirking. His hands smooth down
your hips to grip your ass, squeezing hard and you moan at the unexpected pleasure.

“You like riding my cock?” he asks lowly and a flash of heat travels through you,
biting your lip and nodding. “Yeah ya do… fuck you’re so wet. You feel so
fucking good.”

He growls pulling you roughly down against him and you cry out, his dick hitting your
spot harshly and it almost hurts… almost . You shiver as he does it again, pushing
you back and the pulling you against him hard, causing your breathing to hitch with
every aching thrust, the pleasure so intense.

“This turns you on doesn’t it?” he asks lowly and you shiver at the gravelly
sound of his voice, breathless with lust and excitement. “Fucking me in my brand
new car, dripping on my seats, my fucking dick inside you…”

You tremble, your body sucking at him and you know you’re close and with the way
he’s smirking at you so does he. He dips his head, sucking at your neck, his teeth
dragging down to the hollow of your throat and you gasp when his hand comes down hard
on your ass.

“I asked if it turned you on,” he says, licking his lips and you tremble, your
legs shaking and you’re so close. His voice drops impossibly low, “I asked if you
liked my cock in your pussy.”

Your mouth falls open, your voice squeaking in the back of your throat and it’s the
only sound you can make. God you can’t even form thoughts right now. They way
he’s moving inside you. The way he’s speaking to you…

SMACK . “I asked you…” SMACK . “if it turned you on….:” he growls,
licking his lips slowly before smirking again. “Does it make you wet?” he
chuckles, “well I know it makes you wet.”

His chuckle melts into a moan when you grip onto his shoulders, using him for
leverage as you slam your body down onto his, stealing his breath and his hands fly
to your hips, nails digging in. You’re moaning softly now, chasing the coil in your
stomach and his hips are lifting restlessly up into yours.

“Come on baby,” he grunts, pressing back into the seat, his hips pushing up
against yours as you ride him frantically, your pussy on fire. “Fuck me!”

His hand comes down hard on your ass again and you cry out, your back arching and you
feel him slide deeper into you, if that’s even possible, and your breathing hitches
hard, your body sucking at his. He gasps, fingers gripping your hips hard, tugging
you against him recklessly and you can feel yourself begin to tremble. So close…so

“God,” he chokes, swallowing hard and his eyes meet yours, black with lust as he
grounds out. “Come for me baby. Squeeze my fucking dick.”

Your orgasm slams into you full force, your voice echoing harshly inside the small
car as you cry out his name, your fingers gripping his shoulders tightly. His head
falls back, choking on his own breath as he pulls you roughly against him, crushing
your body to his as he presses up hard into you and you feel him spill warmly down
your thighs, your body still twitching over his.

You pull back from him slightly breathless and the goofy satisfied grin on his face
makes you laugh, his eyes hazy and he’s still drunk and you should probably be very
mad at him. You should probably be mad that he embarrassed you in front of the driver
and in front of the guy at the dealership and that he spent a ridiculous amount of
money on a whim but you can’t seem to bring yourself to feel anything but giddy
right now.

“Well, that was amazing,” he grins, bringing his arms up to stretch and he smacks
his hand into the window.

He frowns, looking at it offended and he shifts under you causing you to gasp, his
body still inside yours, still hard. He smirks up at you, watching the way your
eyelids fluttered and he licks his lips.

“Come on baby,” he slurs, reaching over to turn off the car while his other hand
pushes his door open. “Let’s get inside so I can fuck you all proper like.”

You giggle as he shifts you from his lap, your heels hitting the pavement and you
have to grip onto the Corvette to keep from wobbling, your legs still weak from
orgasm. You look around, pulling your dress back over your chest, wondering who may
be around. At Justin’s place it’s always a crap shoot. He steps out as well,
buttoning his pants but the bulge is still prominent against his fly and you bite
your lip, your knees trembling this time for an entirely different reason. He smirks
at you, throwing an arm around your shoulders, pressing his mouth to your ear,
breathing against it hotly. You gasp as his tongue traces the shell, a flash of heat
traveling down your spine and settling between your legs. God the things this man
does to you.

“You know I’m gonna fuck you good don’t you baby?” he breathes and it takes
all of your willpower not to throw him down in the drive way. “Every position, on
every surface, All…” he kisses your earlobe, “day…” he turns your face to
his, “long…”

His mouth presses to yours and you moan, his tongue sliding hotly against yours and
you clutch onto his vest, fingers fisting the soft fabric, your pussy throbbing. You
pull back breathless and he grins at you hazily, opening the door for you and you
step inside, turning when he doesn’t follow. He’s standing in the doorway, biting
his lip, his eyes roving over you, a slow drunken grin pulling at his lips. You
smirk, grabbing him by his tie and tugging.

“Come on big boy,” you tease lightly and he growls. “You’ve got some promises
to keep.”

It’s evening before you resurface to consciousness, stumbling down the stairs for
some coffee or some sort of caffeine, your legs sore and weak from being bent into
positions even gymnasts would call uncomfortable. Not that you’re complaining. The
man fucked you so good you were almost comatose from it. You smirk, sitting at the
kitchen island and watching the sun set over the driveway, the dying light causing
the Corvette to glimmer like a ruby in the sun.

You hear a loud groan echo down the stairs, the sound almost like that of a wounded
animal and the hard thump of feet on wood. Your eyes widen as Justin appears, looking
like death warmed over, his hair sticking out wildly in all directions, his face
obscured by a day and a half’s growth of beard. His eyes are barely open, his
forehead wrinkled in pain and he runs into the small table by the foot of the stairs,
cursing vehemently than clutching his head in agony.

“Hey babe,” you say softly and he winces.

“Don’t…don’t yell,” he says, his voice barely audible and you have to fight
the giggle in your throat as he claws at the air, reaching for the refrigerator

“You feelin’ okay?” you ask, your voice barely above a whisper and he groans.

“My whole body fucking hurts,” he whines and you smirk behind your coffee mug.
“and I’ve got a bump on the back of my head the size of a walnut and a big red
bump on my forehead.”

He rubs his head sighing as he grabs the carton of orange juice from the fridge and
doesn’t even bother with a glass, just twists off the top and drinks out of it,
something you know will disgust him later when he thinks back on it. He meanders
towards the window, squinting out into the driveway.

“Hey babe,” he calls, bringing the carton to his lips. “Whose car is that in
the driveway?”
Last edited: 11 February 2009

‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   12 February 2009   892176  
Lol, nice end to it :P
Ah, that corvette is going back to the shop!
kattany3 says:   12 February 2009   531329  
HA!! =P to funny.
BrunetteBarbiie says:   29 October 2009   540246  
Nice  I now hav a thing for JT :P
timewillchangelove shouts :   10 June 2010   194870  
I loved his character in this! So cheeky, and... Just loved it  You

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