College is the time to experiment END :: LESBIAN :: WARNING SEXUAL
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College is the time to experiment END :: LESBIAN :: WARNING SEXUAL
Category: sex story
Sunday, 8 February 2009
12:02:16 AM (GMT)
Fuckkkkk, haha so so so sorry about Kupika cutting my stories off, I usually preview my stories, but first fucking time I don't and they cut em haha. Thank you for telling me they cut off my stories, I would have never noticed -_-; anyways NOW Enjoy the full story, read all of them before this one..ah again, because you may be a bit confused. don't be a C.Cunt.
With another giggle, Abi lifted my legs into the air and pulled off my jeans and my panties entirely. We were now both entirely naked except for our shoes and Abi's bra. The library carpet was littered with our clothes, sweat, and girl cum, not to mention the books we had pushed off the shelves in our frenzied embrace. Abi pulled me close to her and positioned herself so that our legs locked together, and I felt her pussy press tightly against mine. She was still wet and throbbing from her climax, and the slippery sound of our bodies pressing together nearly floored me. I let my back rest on the ground as Abi sat up, looking down on me as we moved together in a light grinding motion with our cunts. I felt her heat, and her warmth, and it was the most incredible feeling in the world. My heart fluttered, and my hips rocked in a fast rhythm with Abi's as we both panted and moaned. It was as if Jordan and Abi had somehow opened my eyes to world of pleasure that I had never felt before. I lost myself in lust with Jordan, and now Abi was showing me a new bliss; different but just as exciting. I felt my climax approaching. Abi reached down and started caressing my breast with one hand, while she held the other at my thigh to help grind her cunt against mine harder. My breaths drew shorter, faster, until I lifted my head from the floor and looked down at my pussy as it exploded with a hot spurt of my girl cum. Abi giggled, not even slowing down a bit as I bucked my hips hard and grabbed at the carpet with both of my hands, overpowered by the intensity of my orgasm. She began to moan louder herself, until she arched backwards and gripped my thigh tightly. I felt her pussy pull away from mine as her own cum spilled onto the floor from her second orgasm. Abi pulled away and brought her fingers to her pulsing cunt, rubbing herself slowly as her hot nectar oozed between her fingers. She then collapsed onto the floor herself, out of breath and exhausted. We stared up at the ceiling with hazy eyes, listening to our panting, and the slippery sound of Abi's fingers against her pussy. My body ached with passion, and my pussy was still throbbing from its heavenly release. After about 30 seconds I managed to sit up, my elbows shaking as I held myself up. Abi sat up as well, and we looked at each other, our cheeks flushed and our bodies bathed in the afterglow of our incredible sex. "Fuck, you're incredible, Lexa," Abi said, "I don't think I've climaxed that hard in my life." "Me neither," I replied, with a weary grin. "Oh gosh, I forgot all about the librarian!" Abi whispered, looking around again. We both looked around, expecting to see her standing in one of the aisles with her jaw on the floor. Either that or with a security guard ready to throw us off campus. Surprisingly, the floor was still empty, and everything was quiet. Almost immediately we jumped up and started searching for our clothes. It was then that we heard a sound from downstairs that sounded like a door opening. "Oh shit!" I whispered, scrambling for my panties. "It's her," Abi said, frantically throwing her skirt and top back on. "Hide over there in the corner, Lexa, hurry." "What about you?" I asked. "Just go! I'll get rid of her." "But..." Rounding up all my clothes into a ball held against my chest, I dashed across the floor and out of sight from the staircase. I started to put my clothes back on as I watched Abi from an empty gap in-between the bookshelves. She finished throwing her clothes back on, trying her best not to look like she had just fucked her brains out on the library floor. I listened as the sound of footsteps started climbing the stairs. Abi dropped to the floor, as if picking up the books she had dropped. I listened as the footsteps finally closed in on her, and she looked up to see who it was. "Ohhh... it's you. What... what are you doing here?" "I could ask the same of you, squirt." The voice sent chills up my spine. It wasn't the librarian. "I was just looking up some stuff for my classes is all, Jordan, it's nothing, what brings you here this morning, I mean you could have called me if you wanted to get together, like you always do." I peered between the bookshelves, eyeing Jordan's back as she faced a flushed, and confused Abi who was sprawled out on the floor. I heard Jordan take a deep breath, and step closer to Abi. "You wouldn't happen to know where Lexa might have gone today, would you?" "Of course not, why would I know that, I don't know where she is, why?" Abi was even worse at lying with the hyper way she talked. "Just asking," Jordan said, calmly. "Looking up some stuff, huh?" "Yep, just looking up some stuff, but I dropped these books by accident a minute ago." "Is that why you look and smell like you've just had sex, and the carpet all around you is covered in your juices?" Abi tensed up, frightened. "Jordan, I..." Not able to watch anymore, I walked out from my hiding place. "It's not her fault," I said loudly, coming to Abi's aid. Jordan turned around to see me half dressed and still a bit disheveled from sex as well. Her eyes narrowed. "It's not?" she said. "No, it's not," I replied, looking into Abi's eyes for a moment. She was beginning to tear up. "I asked to meet with Abi, and she suggested that we meet here." "Why?" "Because, I was... curious. After having that amazing sex with you, Jordan, I wanted to learn more, and experience more." Abi looked over at Jordan, a bit surprised when I revealed that we had made love earlier. "Lexa? You and Jordan?" "Abi didn't know about us, Jordan, and we made sure to keep it that way so you can't blame her for what she did." Jordan placed her hand on her hip, looking back and forth between the two of us. The angry look on her face slowly began to fade, and was replaced by a smile. Abi and I were both caught off guard. "So you two actually fucked right here on the floor in the library?" she asked, with her special grin. Abi and I both nodded at first without saying anything. "We kind of lost track of where we were," I said, blushing. "And what was it like going down on Abi, Lexa?" I looked over at Abi, who was still on the floor, peering at me with a frightened look. "It was... different," I began, with a smile, "but definitely incredible." Abi's scared look turned into a smile as she looked up at Jordan and back at me. "Of course it was," Jordan grinned, reaching out a hand to help Abi up. "She learned from the best after all." Abi stood up with Jordan's help, brushing herself off and holding her skirt down. "So you're not mad, Jordan, because I didn't mean to do anything wrong I just haven't had anyone since I was with you and I was really horny and stuff and Lexa complimented me, and..." "It's fine, squirt," Jordan said. "Actually, I noticed you two ogling each other yesterday. And, I was the one who encouraged Lexa to experiment." "I guess you're right," I smiled. "What about the librarian though?" Jordan looked over at Abi. "She knows the answer." I looked over at Abi with a confused expression. Abi smiled softly. "The librarian always takes a 20 minute coffee break just after 10." Abi and Jordan both smiled. "So... you knew she was going to be gone?" I asked. Abi nodded. "Yep." "And you just assumed you'd be able to get into my pants so easily?" "Yep," she grinned. Abi and Jordan both began to giggle as I sneered at them both. "You two are terrible," I said, smiling, "taking advantage of me like that." "Hey, all we did was give you a little push in the right direction, Lexa. You just took the next logical step each time." I placed my hand on my hip, unable to keep myself from blushing in front of the two girls who had made love to me. "So where do we go from here?" I asked, playfully. "Well," Jordan began, looking over at Abi and then back at me, "have you ever wondered what it's like to have sex with two girls instead of one?" Jordan winked at me, as Abi smiled and gave Jordan a hug from behind, keeping her eyes on me the whole time. The two had already shown me what it was like to fall into a pool of endless bliss.

‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   8 February 2009   719449  
Okay, now that it's fixed it makes it much more better :D
can't wait for the next story 
kattany3 says:   8 February 2009   874697  
rockstarpixie96 says:   22 April 2009   776996  
i like your stories they are great
miss_glamorous shouts :   26 June 2009   435844  
that was a fuckin ah-mazing shitt great job wish i could fuck u like
that lol

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