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My rambling view on the story of Lucifer.Category: Thoughts to Write Down
Thursday, 5 February 2009
07:18:15 PM (GMT)
Prehaps I'm wrong but judging by the story of the Lucifer (otherwise known as Satan
or simply The Devil) he doesn't seem evil. That's not to say that he's not evil of
course, but based purely on his story... Additionaly, due to the fact that this story
does not appear in the bible, they're are several versions of the tale and that can
only serve to confuse things. For example, at this point no one seems quite sure
about the order of events; Did he turn against God before or after God made Adam? But
that's not what this diary is about (just the introduction). No it's about my views
on the story, written on Kupika for myself and anyone who cares enough to read it.

** Means that this is my own opinion, and such notes will be after each half of a
version of the story. 

The first version I think I'll mention is the one in which Lucifer was the most
beautiful and powerful of all the angels. He was made of fire and Gods own Spirit,
and was Gods favorite and finest creation. He wished to improve his status, and
become Gods equal. Upon hearing this God told him to serve his new creation- Adam.
Enraged by the fact that he was being asked to serve another, and one so dirty that
he was made of dirt Lucifer led war against God, in an attempt to take Gods
place. Lucifer lost and was banished with the angels who helped him, to burn in Hell
forever. ~~ To be Continued~~ 

** Is it just me or does God seem a bit communist there? Now this was typed so you
don't know how I heard that read, and really the person was speaking in a tone that
suggests that Lucifer was vain and evil, but I think he really was above being
treated that way. If he was that powerful he should have a job thats fitting to it
(although trying to take Gods place was stupid.) But honestly, an eternity of pain
for anyone who dares challenge you or try for a promotion?

~~ Continuing~~ Lucifer, or now Satan I guess, escape from Hell somehow or another,
and entered Eden in the form of a snake. Then he tricked Eve into eating apple, and
like a faithful husband Adam trusted her enough to have some too. Becuase she
commited such a horrible sin they were banished from Eden forever, their children
could never come to Eden, Eve would have to go through painful childbirth, and God
infliced disease, stravation, and eath upon them.

**  That really seems harsh. And for reasons unknown to me the fact that one
indivigual womans took the first bite made all of woman kind inferior to men. I don't
get it...

In a differnt version, while God still told them not to eat the apple Or Else, the
devil doesn't become involved and the snake is... Well you'll see. So Adam and Eve
went about they're lives until Eve wondered to the center of the garden where the
apple tree was. Realizing she must be lost she turned to go only to find the Wise Old
Serpent. (Although at this time the snake had legs.) So the Serpent inqiured as to
why she hadn't had some apple before leaving. So Eve explained how they'd been
forbidden by God to eat the apples. Wise Old Serpent cocked his head and said that
was odd, because he ate them all the time. And then he said that it was eating his
first apple that made so wise, that the apples contained the knowledge of the
universe. ~~ Now when I was being told this version, there were two people. The one
mainly telling it said God wanted the knowledge all to himself, and the other one cut
in saying that no, God was just testing them. He planned to let them have the
knowledge within the apples once they felt they were independent enough to eat them.
I'm inclined to belive the second reason, but felt I should include both.
Continuing.~~ Eve was convinced and ate the apple under the watchful eye of the
kindly old serpent. After she ate from the apple tree she was wise enough to convince
her love Adam that eating from the Tree of Knowledge was best. Adam agreed. God found
out and as punishment Adam and Even were banished and the serpent was made to crawl
on his stomach for all eternity.

~~alternent ending~~ The other person telling this story said that she heard that God
was happy, but that with they're independence and knowledge they were ready to face
the challenges of Earth.

**I kinda like this story, especially if Harriet is right, and it really was just a
test that they passed with the aid of the Wise Old Serpent. If Tim is right and she
was punished for trying to achieve self actualization, and Adam for being loyal, I've
gotta say that's kinda harsh and communist too...


If you go with the more traditional version, the first one, then it seems to me
like... Well like when parents have a new baby and the older sibling wants daddy to
play with them but daddy is busy and says if your bored then play with the baby. And
if big brother didn't want to and threw a tantrum (thinking he would be a much nicer
daddy and he would let himself do whatever he wanted like eat junkfood for breakfast)
then daddy would ground him. That is an enterly plausable situation and it sounds
just like the story. And it's not the big brothers fault really, but it's not the
dads either, and it's certainly not the baby's. The little boy wasn't evil, just
immature. So I have to wonder why people think the Devil is so evil based just off
the story. hmmm...

Well thanks for reading my Rambling View on The Story of Lucifer! byyyeee!

tiggerlemon101 says:   10 February 2009   879585  
What I never understood is this:  He was banisehd from Heaven, right?
 But Adam and Eve were the first people ever, so who'd he get dead? 
Oh, and Heaven wasn't opened until jesus died (allegedly).  Some
people say the Grden of Eden is Heaven, so maybe he was there before
God closed it off because of Eve's sin...  But still, how'd this guy
get dead?  That's my question.
Kirti says :   10 February 2009   633831  
I don't know...


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