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The Black Rose In The Moonlight: HimCategory: Story
Saturday, 31 January 2009
04:42:09 AM (GMT)
In the dim lighted room, I sat on top of my bed.  Morning would soon be here. 
Calling me to wake for school.  First day of school was always the worst day of
school.  Besides, this was a new school.  I never did well on first days.  As the
light slowly can through the window, I realized that maybe I should get dressed.  But
I did not feel like it.
	Sleep was always hard for me, I always dreamed of someone’s death.  That I was
someone else, that I could feel their pain, their death.  Dreams were never an
escape.  Really life was always better than a dream, at least, in my position.  
	I sighed as I got out of bed.  I stripped off my pajamas, and put on something more
suitable for the day.  A plain black t-shirt, pencil-cut, black jeans, and a black
and white striped jacket, with black, UGG boots.  I walked out to great my parents. 
They never really noticed I existed until I did something bad.  I tried to be the
good girl, so I could be left alone.  I picked up my colorful backpack and threw it
over my shoulder.  Of course my parents would not drive me to school, they were to
busy with their own lives.  I walked completely out of the house without their
knowledge.  Now school, this, I would have to take to people.  In a town of not that
many, they probably would know that I came from the rivalry school.  But I was never
into all that football stuff; the cheerleader life-style would have killed me.  My
ebony hair danced in the morning breeze, brushing against my face as I walked.  The
paleness of my skin contrasted greatly with my dark colored clothing.  I did not
complain about the little walk to school.  The house was not that far away from the
school.  As I stepped onto the campus, I could feel eyes following as I briskly
walked to class.
	Math was never my thing, and this classroom I stepped into looked very mathematic. 
Yeah for me.  I looked at the tables, looking for my name in a little nametag.   I
was content to find my name in the back room.  I noticed that the one, and the only
one sitting, or would be sitting at my table, was a boy named Kyle Elang.
	As the minutes ticked by one by one, students file into the room and make their way
to their seat.  A boy walked threw the door, he was different from the rest, I could
not understand way, but something was not the same.  His hair was longer than sort,
straight, and dark-brown.  His skin color was a very light, brown-tan color that
complimented his gorgeous eyes.  Mostly a golden brown, but on the outskirts of the
iris a dark blue that crept into a bright, light blue.   His body was lean, and he as
extremely handsome.  The other students treated him differently, mostly with
admiration or adoring looks of wish thinking.  He started to look for his name at
each table, coming to the back table last, the back table that I was forced to sit
at.  I knew his name.  It had to be him! Kyle Elang.
	Kyle looked at me for a moment; almost staring threw me, before he sat down next to
me.  A sort, stubby teacher started to talk about how his class runs, the stuff that
ever student knows, but some choose to ignore.  I looked at the boy sitting next to
me.  It seemed that he was tense, and uneasy.  It was a bit awkward, but I ignored
it.  He was just a normal boy.
	“What are you?” the boy mumbled under his breath, only allowing me to hear the
words that uttered from his mouth.  As he spoke, I looked at him.  His beautiful eyes
looking at my lavender colored eyes, and uncomfortable tension between us.  What was
I?  What kind of question as that?  Strange how he phrased his words in such a manor,
almost if to degrade me, as if I was not human.  But what silly non-sense I could
speak, it was probably a mistake in his choice of words.
	But before I could reply, my name was called from beyond the table I sat at.
“Rouge,” the stubble, old man yelled out in a screechy, deep voice. “Is there
some interesting mathematic equation you would love to tell the class, or do you just
want to tell it to Mr. Elang?”
	My confused eyes looked forward at the teacher.  “No, sir. I’m sorry sir.”  My
eyes fell to my hands that were folded on the table.  It as not my fault, I had not
spoken a word.  I looked at my name card that read ‘Rouge Czestasia.’  But of
course, as I had suspected earlier, he was different, very different.
	The class was over as soon as it began, at least that is the way it felt.  But I was
glad, I would get away from this Kyle Elang.  Though, the day was quickly over as
there was only three classes today, each lasting one hour and thirty minutes.  The
next three would be tomorrow.  Though, I did not really want to go home so soon, a
park near the school looked more pleasant to be then at home. The autumn leaves
brought reds, oranges, pinks, and purples to the park, making it have almost a
magical feel to it.  As I walked along the path, I heard a crunch behind me.  My
reaction was too quick to notice as I flew, turning to face whom it was.  But the
eyes were recognizable, the golden-brown, out lined with shades of blue.  It was that
boy.  It was him. It was Kyle.
	“May I help you?” I managed to say before he could explain himself.
	“Please excuse my manors in that class, I guess you might have took in a way that
I did not mean,” Kyle spoke, with a smooth voice.  He was much taller than I
thought he was.  Even from a distance I could see that he towered over me.
	“I forgive you.” I had nothing better to say to him.  His eyes were almost
drawing me into a spell, controlling me, reading me.
	“What I meant was . . .” but he stopped talking, something in the distance took
over his words.
	“What is it?”  But I could see in his eyes he did not want to explain.  Instead
of saying something, he ran off into the direction he as looking at.  And then out of
my sight he went, gone until tomorrow.  And then I would ask him.

♥Alice Panik
Last edited: 31 January 2009

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