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Unhappy girl faraway part 2 chapter 14Category: (general)
Monday, 19 January 2009
07:57:45 PM (GMT)
Courtney woke up. She sat up. Cory woke up and he stared at her. He kiss her. She
kiss him back. The alarm clock went off. Cory turn it off. They got into the shower
together and got dress.  They went down stairs and they found a note saying 

Cory, and Courtney. 

Me and Tamika got a ride to school with are boyfriends see you around dinner time.

							 Mindy, Tamika

Cory hand the keys to Courtney and they went to the car and drove to school.  They
was late. Cory picked up Courtney. They ran to the school to get out off the rain. As
they walked by people they smiled at Cory and Courtney.  They said hi and Cory put
Courtney on his back and they walked to the office. Courtney slid off and they gave
them the reason why they are late. They got a late pass and they went to there locker
and got there stuff they need for the classes and went to there 1st period class. 

The time went by fast. It was lunch time. Cory said he will meet Courtney at there
table. Courtney got in line and got her lunch. After she got her lunch she was
walking to her table and the blonde girl trip her. Courtney fell to the floor and he
tray went flying.  She got to her feet and turn to the girl and punch her. The blonde
girl punch her and push her to the ground. She stared kicking at her. Courtney got up
and ran. The blonde girl ran after her. Courtney fell to the ground and started
puking. The crowd who follow them picked up the blonde girl and brought her to the
office, Courtney now was on her back holding her stomach in pain and she kept turning
to her side to  puke 

Cory went to her with Jimmy and Tyler.  They picked her up and rush her to the nurse.
The nurse called 911 and she put a bucket near her. Courtney was so much in pain.
Cory held her hand to comfort her. Courtney was holding her stomach and she was
crying. The medic came and they picked her up and rush her to the hospital. She pass

When she woke up she was told to drink the water. She drank the water and she ask 

Courtney: Is my babies ok? 

Doctor: Yes they ae if you didn’t get taken in right away you would of lost them. 

Courtney: When do I go home. 

Doctor: Right now. Your boyfriend is outside waiting for you. 

She got dress and she sat in the wheel chair and they wheeled her to her car. Cory
came out happily and he hugged her and help her in the  car. He thank the nurse and
they drove home.  He picked her up but put her down due how heavy she is now. He
smile and help her stand up. She walked slowly to house. They enter and half school
was there and they yelled happy birthday to her. She smiled as she enter the house
and sat down. People turn up the music and danced. They ate cake and ice cream. The
open gifts then they cleaned up Cory hand her a small box. She smiled and open it. It
was car keys. She got up and he blind fold her and people lead her outside. She was
stopped. She was un blindfold and instead of her white flower car there was purple
mini van. She got in and she smiled and kiss Cory. 

Everyone left and Courtney got out of the Car. Cory blindfold her again. He lead her
upstairs and Tyler, Jimmy, Mindy, and Tamika was behind her. They lead her inside a
room. She was un blindfolded and she saw a blue room with moons and star sticker on
the wall that glow in the dark and they had cribs with yellow blankets with a moon
mobile in it. Every thing was yellow and blue and the ceiling was black with glow in
the dark stars on it. 

She hugged Cory and Jump in his arms he grunted and he laugh.  He put Courtney down
and Courtney went to the rocking chair and sat in it. She smile.  (If you wonder how
many months she is she is about 4 months) Cory came over with the book of baby names
and his friends and him sat around Courtney and wrote names on a piece of scrap
paper. They put them in a hat and hold it in front of Courtney. She close her eyes
and pull one of the hat she open her eyes and read aloud the names Isabella & Sophia.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   19 January 2009   662257  
aww! those are pretty names!!
‹Emma Bear› says:   19 January 2009   669997  
I know I fell in love with them too
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   20 January 2009   558739  


I'm gonna be okay..
‹Jameson Tokes› cries:   4 February 2009   322258  


‹Emma Bear› says :   6 February 2009   231267  


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