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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 16 (lol it may be long sorry)Category: sad
Saturday, 3 January 2009
02:52:37 PM (GMT)
After breakfast Cindy said 

Cindy: I will meet you guys in home room I’m going to the bathroom.

Jacob: No your not your staying with us. I don’t trust you being in the bathroom

Cindy: Fine I will ask the teacher. 

The all walked to homeroom. Cindy ask if she can go to the bathroom. The teacher said
yes and Cindy took her stuff and head to the bathroom. She went into the stall and
sat on the floor. She took out her razor. She cut her arm really deep this time. She
notice there was a lot of blood coming out. She cried. She got dizzy and lays on the
ground with a tissue cover her arm trying to stop the bleeding. She hears a popular
girls voice. She tries to cry out for help but her throat is dry. She sits up and
leans against the door. She hears the girl laugh  and then the door opens.

She forgot to lock it and she hits her head hard. A girl screams as she close her
eyes. She hears strange voices. She tries to move and sit up. But strong arms hold
her down. She opens her eyes and see the nurse and a medic worker. She hears him say
to keep her eyes open but she close then and let the dark take over.

She only saw the darkness. Weeks went by. She felt she will never wake up again. The
doctors told Jacob, his parents, and there friend that she was breathing ok and she
will be ok she just in a coma. Cindy fell sad as day went by in the dark place. She
some days cried, Jacob notice the tears. Cindy was one day laying so still hoping she
will just die but then she started hearing voices. She got up walked to the sound.
She saw lights. She then saw a white room come in view. She then saw Jacob, Mindy,
and Tamika. Jacob was holding her hand as he read. She tried to move but she was
still a little dizzy. She tried talking but her mouth was dried. She moved her hand
from Jacobs and rub his hand. Jacob looked up from her book.

He saw that Cindy was awake. He told the others and the surrounded her. Mindy went to
get a nurse. Jacob kiss her and Tamika cried and hugged her. Jacob look so mad and
confuse. She heard the nurse come in. The nurse help her sit up and drink some water.
When she was done she notice Jacob was crying. She  saw her arm was wrap up. Jacob
saw her look at it and said 

Jacob: Why did you do that Love muffin? 

Cindy: I want my blade.

Jacob: No, no more cutting

Cindy: I need to cut. 

Cindy swung her legs over the bed and grabbed her purse. She tried standing up but
she couldn’t. She stood up again and she saw Jacob walk over to her. She walked to
the bathroom. Jacob wrap his arms around her belly. She tried to pull away. He
carried her back to the bed. She tried up again but Jacob held her down with
Mindy’s and Tamikas help. Cindy screamed and kicked but they held her done more
tighter. The nurse came in when she heard the heart monitor and her screaming. The
nurse strap her down, Cindy kept screaming and trying to get free. Jacob took her
purse from her and he tried to calm her done. The nurse notice she was in pain. She
unstrap her sore arm. Cindy was crying now. The nurse put a needle in her to calm her

Jacob empty her purse on the bed. She had eye liner, a pocket knife, a blade, eye
shadow, and a piece of glass that was sharp. He put them back in the bag and put her
bag back in her backpack. Mindy rubbed her hand. Tamika walked in the room with
coffee for Jacob and Mindy.  Cindy watch them sit on the couch together. They started
to play a game together. Cindy wiggle to get free. She took her free arm and unlock
her arm and legs. She sat up and they where all into the game. She went to her purse
and took out the glass. She sat on the bed and was about to cut her arm when Jacob
saw what she doing he got up quick. Cindy got up walked in the bathroom quickly.

Jacob grab her arm. She tried to pull away. Mindy came over and took the glass from
her. Cindy pulled her arm free and went into the bathroom. She lock the door. She
pulled her knife out. She cut her self on her arm. She cut her self on her leg to.
She fell asleep leaning against the wall. She felt someone picked her up. She felt a
sting. She open her eyes. A nurse was cleaning her cuts. Jacob look mad and scared.
She saw the nurse take the knife from her. She took her purse and took out her sharp
things. The nurse put band aids over her cuts. After the nurse left Mindy laid  in
the bed next to her. Cindy hugged her best friend and cried. She kept saying over and
over against she will stop and she was sorry. Mindy rubbed her back and told her its
ok. Mindy got up and sat in a chair and fell asleep. Jacob laid next to Cindy and
hugged her close. 

Cindy fell asleep. Jacob move to go get something  but Cindy hold him tighter. He
kiss her and moved her arms from around him. He walked out of the room. Cindy sat up.
Mindy pulled the tray of food near her. Cindy looked it and shock her head no. Jacob
came back and he sat down next to her. Jacob looked at the food and picked up the
fork. He cut her pork chop up and put a piece to her mouth. She turn her head away. 

He slam the fork down and turn her head to him and said 

Jacob: I’m fed up with your shit! First you start cutting behind my back and now
you don’t eat! What the hell happen to my old Cindy?

Cindy: I’m sorry.

Cindy starts to cry. Jacob lets go of her and pulled the tray away. He pulled the IV
out of her arm and said 

Jacob: Why do you need this when you just want to starve your self!

Jacob sat back in the chair. Cindy was now breathing heavily and she was crying hard
and tears where streaming down her face. Her heart monitor started to go crazy. She
put her hand on her chest and Jacob got up and he was scared he kept saying he was
sorry. Cindy then said 

Cindy: Jacob I can’t breath. 

Jacob told Mindy to get a doctor. Jacob was crying now and rubbing her arm. The nurse
came in and she put a needle in her arm to calm her down and to sleep. Cindy went to
sleep. The nurse put her IV back in her arm and left. Jacob then got up and said 
Jacob: I’m going to go home to sleep.

Mindy: OK I will tell her if she wakes up and your not here. Remember she goes home

Jacob kiss Cindy goodbye. He left and Mindy walked to Cindy and sat down. Cindy slept
for the rest of the day and woke up around dinner time.  There was another tray of
food near her. Jacob was back dress in different clothes. Cindy picked up the
hamburger and bit into it. She chew slowly and swallow it.  She picked up the cup of
juice. She drank slowly. Jacob looked at her happily. When Cindy finishes the dinner
Jacob puts the tray on the nurses cart. Cindy had her IV taken out. 

Jacob help her up and took her to the bathroom. He help her take a bath and he help
her get dress. He help her to the bed and combed her hair. He put it up in a pony
tail. He put her flip-flops on. The nurse and Jacobs parents sign the papers. Jacobs
parents left to got get the car. The nurse got a wheel chair and Jacob said he will
carry her.

Jacob carried Cindy to the car and he put her in the backseat. Jacob said he will see
them at home. Jacob walked to his car. Cindy parents got home before Jacob. Cindy got
up and walked slowly to the steps. She walked to her room and laid on the bed. Jacob
came in with a trash bag. He took her blades and broken razors. He took all the
broken glass and he went down stairs to throw it away. He then sat on the couch to
watch TV. Cindy laid on the bed. 

Time went by fast. It was 6:30pm. She smelled dinner down stairs and laughter.  She
got up and walked to her window. She sat on the window seat and look out to the world
go into there house for the night. She lean her head on the window. Cindy got off the
window seat and laid back on her bed. She put her alarm to 5am. She laid in the bed
on her side listen to Jacob and his parents have fun and laugh,

She was once again forgotten and unloved. She turn her head to see it was now 8pm.
She heard Jacob go into his room. She sigh and got up and got her small suit case for
over nights. She packed some clothes and she wrote a note saying she is going to stay
with Mindy for a month and she will be back soon. She waited to it was 12 and every
one was sleeping. She got her bag and a picture of Jacob. She grabbed her cell phone.
She went out side to the car and put her stuff in the back seat. She went back into
the house and took her note and went into Jacobs room. She put the note on his mirror
and she put her picture next to it. She went to Jacob and kiss him goodbye. 

She went to her car and started it. She drove to Mindy’s house. She parked in the
driveway and she grab her stuff and she went up the stair and knock on the door.
Mindy and he parents answer the door. When they saw her they was shocked. Mindy said

Mindy: What are you doing here? 
Cindy: Can I stay with you guys for a while I just need to go somewhere so I can

They brought her to a guest room. Cindy fell asleep.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   3 January 2009   719434  
that was sad. and thankyou for the long chapter. keep writing! and
I'm so glad u're so happy now
‹Emma Bear› says:   3 January 2009   195916  
I now and it made me cry too. You welcome I wanted it long because I
made people wait so long and I will keep writieng. I am glade that
your happy I am happy I love being happy
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   3 January 2009   761291  
l0lz. I sent u a hug
‹Emma Bear› says:   3 January 2009   641127  
thank you I got it
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 January 2009   615591  
omg, I luvvv it!!!
‹Emma Bear› says :   3 January 2009   735575  


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