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Friday, 2 January 2009
08:28:50 AM (GMT)
I don't know why everyone at my school hates me. Everyday for my sad life I'm constantly being called a Whore, Flat, Ugly, and a freak because I love anime, and I want to dye my hair purple (which I will one day) People are always bullying me because I'm someone that actually does her homework and gets passing grades, people talk about me because I'm always wishing I had different hair, and they keep calling me a flat chested whore because they all say I stuff my bra-which I don't!-!Please excuse my language, but I'm trying to keep it clean!!! I'm sick of people calling me a guy, because I like dressing like a tomboy! They all call me ugly girl even though my parents say I'm beautiful. I try to be as friendly as possible to the kids, but It's so hard!! I just wish that I could be accepted in SOME place! I dont care where, I just want to be accepted. I can't take it anymore, I just feel like crying. (I think I did that already) I was thinking of committing suicide to end it all, but I wont. The only thing I CAN do is just smile, and ignore it even though the words cut like knives. So heres a question for you who are reading this: What would you do If you were in my shoes

pipedream says:   2 January 2009   156567  
I'd tell all those stupid kids at your school to get bent.
It doesn't matter what other people think, really. You should just be
Hating your life and who you are won't make things any easier for you.

You should start by learning to love yourself for who you are! (And
being flatter is better for cosplaying and crossdressing anyway!)
All those idiots are probably just calling you ugly because they're
actually envious of how you look, otherwise they wouldn't put that
much time into noticing you at all. Kids are just mean like that; when
someone is better than them in some way, they can't be nice and smile
and pay compliments, they have to be nasty about it.
But don't pay it any mind. 
The first thing you need to do is just be self-confident.
Feel like dying your hair purple? Go ahead and do it! Manic Panic has
vibrant colours, but I like Special FX more!
It sounds like you're maybe in your first years of high school; don't
worry, it's a natural idiot mechanism for kids to act the way they do.
I'm sure you can find someone who shares the same interests as you!
And no, suicide is never the option!
Instead of getting so sad, I think what you need is a cynical streak.
Hey, it's not a good habit to be snarky, and it certainly won't help
you "make friends" with those kids that call you names, but you
wouldn't want to be friends with them anyway, and it'll be worth the
look on their faces when they can't keep up with your witty remarks
towards them.
Stand up for yourself, don't be afraid!
What's the worse that could happen? They'll spread rumours?
Your real friends won't care about their stupid rumours. They'll stick
by you because your a nice person--I don't know you, but I already
know you're a better person than those classmates of yours will ever
So, chin up! And if you ever want to talk to me about things, I'm
right here!
(And I love anime, and dying my hair crazy colours too!)
‹♥I Used To Be My Own Protection♥› says:   2 January 2009   382398  
I should go to your school and be your body-guard D:<!
No one does that to my little friend!
_Umeko_ says:   3 January 2009   435789  
pipedream:Thank you and I will!:D
Naruto:Really? Aww your so nice!!!
Yurichan123 says:   3 January 2009   432219  
Hey I'm a tomboy too and people call me names,but I know that I
always have friends to cheer me up.So just ignore those mean bullies
because they make fun of people because they have been made fun of
_Umeko_ says:   3 January 2009   763222  
thank you <3
kaiyoku_tasumi says:   10 January 2009   316859  
Forget those bastards there too mean-o
_Umeko_ says :   10 January 2009   634997  
thank you <3


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