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Thursday, 1 January 2009
02:11:22 AM (GMT)
Do you love you ex?:  mhm

What did you last cry over?: ...hmmm...probably being blown off for 4 weeks in a row
by my "best" friends =/

What's the last mistake you made?:  Took a Drive with Luke, almost got killed because
of the damned icy roads.

Who was the last person you said I love you to?: might have even been
corey =P

Who last slept in your bed?:

Were you with them?:  umm..yes?

Where do you want to be?:  Theres a few places i'd like to be

Who do you want to be with?:  Theres alot of People i'd like to be with

Do you honestly love your friends?:  yes..

Who can always make you happy?:  Corey..Luke..and Jayson

Who do you love to talk to the most?:  Luke..we have the most random coversations ^^

Who hates you?:  =/ i dunno..i bet alot of people hate me.

Who do you hate?: 'Parents'..=/

What are you doing right now?:  Takeing this survey

What are you talents?:  I dunno

How often do you cry?:  I try not to..but probably alot =/

What did you do last night?:  Try and Help out Ash

Would you ever go back out with an ex?:  Mhm, i dout he'd take me back thou =/

Have you ever used a condom?:  xD no

Are you a virgin?:  mhm

Is your boyfriend/Girlfriend a virgin?:  im single

What's the last movie you watched?:  The house bunny x3 Awesome movie

Ever been in true love?: not sure..maybe =/

Ever smoked?:  mhm...wouldn't do it agine

Done drugs?:  Weed

Gotten high?:  mhm

Ever gone running?:  Mhm

How much do you weigh?:  not sure =/

How tall are you?:  5'6

Gone skinny dipping?:  mhm

Gone streaking?:  xD no

Played strip poker?:  mhm

Given a lap dance?:  xD yes

Made-out?:  Mhm

Rolled on the ground w/ the opposite sex?:  xD yes

Bungie Jumped?:  no but i bet it'd be fun ^^

Sang Kareokee?:  bwhaha yesh

Been wet with your clothes on?:  mhm..

Seen the opposite sex naked?:  xD uh huh

Made fun of a fat person?:  xD yes

Laughed at somone?:  mhm

Looked at someone funny?: not sure =/

have you had "the talk" with our parents?:  =/ no..

Been touched by the same sex?:  o-o..umm..yes

Ever been Horney?:  o-O

Looked at porn?:  No

Own any thongs?:  xD mhm

Touched a genital of the other sex?: dunno x-x

Thought about sex?:  hmmm....i dont think so =o

Had a "dirty" dream?:  o-O no my dreams are always fucking random

Favorite animal?:  Penguins Fox's And Monkeys x3

Least favorite animal?:  =/ i dont think i have one

Most missed Memory?: ....Theres alot..

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