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Rest In Peace GrandadCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 30 December 2008
10:33:26 AM (GMT)
I honestly don't know what to say here. Rest in peace Grandad. I love you so much! Thankyou for being such an inspiration to me through my life. Thankyou for holding on just a little bit longer after Christmas, thankyou for letting me see you for one last time. The past two years have been one hell of a rollercoaster, when I first found out that you had a stroke in October 2006 I was devistated. I remember asking my dad how you where every time he had been to see you, because I couldn't go and see you because you didn't remember who I was, until a few weeks later. You lost the ability to talk properly, and you couldn't move your left side either. I hated seeing you the way you where but I'm thankful that I did. You where in and out of hospital quite a lot too. And then October 2007 you had another stroke, 3 days after the exact date of your last one. I remember going to see you, you where so thin, and weak. You could talk, but you could only said yes and no but that was enough. And then this year you got better and better, only a little better though. You where shuffling around the home you where in, smiling, you'd come and answer your bedroom door when me and my sisters came to visit, you'd always signal to us to sit on the chair or the bed. But we'd sit on the floor for you. You made us laugh so much, even though you weren't the same, the way my dad would say 'your team was rubbish yesterday, did you watch the match?' and you'd always shake your head in disgust. You loved Liverpool football club, you loved your football, I remember in Nanna Eileen's house when you where well you'd always come back at my dad with little jokes about Everton, I'd laugh so much. And sometimes you'd be sat there eating your Rice Krispies first thing in the morning. And then other days you where eating your Sunday roast in the backroom. I'm gonna miss it, I honestly am. I'm so proud of you for everything, for pulling through so many times, for being such an insperation and being one of the best Grandad's and people I could ever have known in my life. I saw you on Christmas Eve in the home, you where sat there with a blanket on your knee, smiling at us. Then the day after Christmas Day Uncle Terry called the house twice, and when Dad answered the phone he spoke with words that shot right through me. After he put the phone down, he was crying. He said you where sick again, but worse than last time. I thought that it was the end then, but it wasn't. My dad went to see you the day after, he told me you where okay, you where stable. And then on the 28th you where okay again, you'd stop being ill, you where resting. And then yesterday when they went to see you, same again, you where okay. I was shocked though, when my mum told me that you where unconcious, I didn't understand so she explained to me. That on the 26th you had trouble breathing and had a machine to help you breathe, and that you where on a constant drip, and you where being ill, even whilst you where unconcious. All last night I was telling myself you'd be better anytime soon, or better enough so see the beginning of 2009. Then this morning, around 6am, I woke up and heard my dad crying, I wondered what had happened, whether he had hurt himself. I got up out of bed and shouted 'dad' from the top of the stairs, and then my mum came upstairs to see me, she had tears down her face. I knew what had happened, and it felt like a bullet, it was so sudden even though we had waited for 2 years for it to happen. Uncle Jimmy died 6 days before Christmas, and I was upset about it, but this morning my tears wouldn't stop. My mind constantly focuses on memories with you, or how Nanna Eileen is feeling, and Aunty Suzie for loosing Uncle Jimmy, and what's going to happen, how is Nanna going to cope? You've impressed me tbh, you honestly have. And again, I am so proud of you. Atleast you'll get to watch all the football you want up there lol, i'll tease my dad about the scores for you lol, you never used to be able to watch it in the home, you could sometimes, but not always. I remember when you used to take me and David to the park to feed the ducks, and you used to take us for walks. I'll always remember how you and my dad argued about football lol, me and you know Liverpool are the better team lol. I dont know Grandad, you where such a lovely person, hilarious too. I remember you and David playing snooker or pool in the club, and if I ever tried to play I'd loose lmao. And when you'd look after me and my sisters, take us for little walks, and you used to be speedy for your age, I've never seen someone walk so fast for your age. Thankyou for everything Grandad, I know youre watching over us all right now, and i'll miss you so so much! I'll see you in a good few years, i love you so damn much. sleep tight xxx

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