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~Forbidden Love;Chapter 3~Category: Stories
Tuesday, 30 December 2008
08:33:44 AM (GMT)
Wait! Have you read my previous entries such as, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and the Character Introduction yet? If you haven't, please do! Oh great, today was Monday. Yay! I have school! NOT. Anyways, I wanted to spend more time "spying" on Tusji-san. Sigh...... I went to school. As I walked into class, my best friend, Kahoki, ran up to me. "Good morning Chiaki!" she said to me. "Good morning Kahoki" I replied before taking my seat. "I heard a rumor that a new student was going to transfer to our class!" she said to me. I don't really have an interest in this kind of news. "Oh, really? How nice" I said before looking out the window. "Chiaki, what's wrong?" she asked me. "Nothing" I replied. I heard the teacher coming. "Quick Kahoki, senpai is coming!" I said. Kahoki rushed to her seat. "Good morning Asawa-senpai" the class said while standing up. "Good morning students. You may sit" he said to us. We sat down. "First of all, I would like to say congratulations to Watanabe Chiaki for winning the national speech competition" he said. Everybody clapped whiles I smiled. "Second, I would like to introduce a new students to our class. Everyone, please welcome....."he said. I couldn't be bothered. I looked out the window. "Tsuji Ren" the teacher finished. Tsuji Ren? As in Tsuji Ren from my house. No way. "Good morning. My name is Tsuji Ren. Please take care of me" I heard a voice said. That voice.......was so familiar. The same voice as the man whom saved me. The same name as the man whom saved me. I turned my head. I saw the earring. "Tsuji-san?" I asked. "You know him??!!??" the guys said. "Chiaki-san. Pleasure to meet you again" he said whiles smiling at me. His smile was like a gift from heaven I blushed. "Chiaki! How do you know this handsome dude?" some of the girls said. "Funny story" I said. "Asawa-senpai, since there is an empty seat next to Chiaki, could I please sit there?" he asked the teacher. "Well, since you know her. It's fine" the teacher said. "Thank you" he said. He smiled again. All the girls when "gaga" I looked at him. "Sit next to me?" I thought. Oh shit When school was over, he followed me back home. When I reached home, I barged into my father's study room. "Father, why is Tsuji-san in my school?" I asked sternly. At that time my father was doing sudoku. He looked up. "Well, you need a bodyguard and Tsuji here is perfect!" he said. "What?!?! I don't need a bodyguard!" I said. "You do know. Get used to it" he said. "Chiaki-san, do you not like me?" Tsuji asked me. "No. I don't. It's just that.......I don't really feel comfortable" I said to him. "I swear, I will make you as comfortable as possible" he said. I stifled a laugh. "See, you're getting used to it!" my father said. "Yeah. Thanks dad" I said before leaving the room with Tsuji. "Chiaki-san......Would you like to do homework with me?" he asked. "Sure but first, Don't call me Chiaki-san. Call me Chiaki. Okay?" I said while smiling. He blushed. "Okay" he said. We walked up to my room together. Then, I heard a voice. "Chiaki, who is that man with you?" heard a voice said. William............It was William-san's voice. "William! You're back!" I said before running to him to hug him. He hugged me back. "I just came back" he said. "Ren, this is William Kentaou. William, this is Tsuji Ren" I said. "Nice to meet you" Ren said before bowing down. "Please, don't bow" he replied. Tsuji stood up. "William, why don't we meet up later. I need to help Ren with his homework" I said to him. "Sure. I'll see you later" he said before walking away. "Since when did you start calling me Ren?" Tsuji asked me. "Since now" I said. We did our homework together. This is the first time, I've been so open with a guy before who I've only knew for 3 days. Could it be? Could I be falling in love again? Well, Tsuji-san is handsome. PLus, he's a big hit with the ladies in school. Maybe....... .:END;CHAPTER 3: FORBIDDEN LOVE; Shirley Hong
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