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Update on my life!!Category: (general)
Monday, 29 December 2008
04:57:47 PM (GMT)
Hello all you peoples out there who decided to read this dairy! This is written
mostly to my friends but I have decided to leave it public for the entertainment of
all who have the free time to read about a complete stranger!

-I'm about to re-dye my hair, in fact I'm only on right not to pass the time before
it drys. But because I have so many half filled bottles lying around my hair will now
be "blood Red" "Purple Thunder" "Spaztic Pink" "Hot Pink" and "Bitchin' Blue". Remind
me to get more hair.

-My mom is out of work because of back promblems. More specificly whip-lash. Dang
rear-ending person...

- My family is going on a random trip to Boston for the next three days to go to
varius Science museums and stuff. Weird. But fun!

- We just got a wii, but I keep losing to my sister at virtual tennis. Siiigh...

- My step-dad has been really mean lately. He's always critisizing my wii playing.
"Hold it like you'd hold a real racket!! No wonder you never win!" I say "It's just a
game, treating it like a real racket doesn't work." "Stop being so condescending! God
you're so f***ing condescending!" so I keep playing... And miss the ball. "You see!
Turn the wiimote!" I just ignore him. If you turn the wiimote then the racket moves
down, so that it's impossible to hit. "That's your problem! You never take advice!
I'm just trying to help you!___________ *insert useless rant here*" So I'm getting
really annoyed so I just turn off the game and walk out of the room before I start
yelling at him. (because for some reason a kid yellign at an adult is rude, but the
other way around it's good parenting.) So I'm headed to the computer when my mom
starts going on and on about how "this has always been a problem of yours! Your
teachers have said the same thing that you don't like it when adults give you advice!
Don't walk away from this! He's right! You're in the wrong!"

soooo annoying... It's not just the wii either. He has this attitude that I'm
automaticly completly naive about everything unless he enlightens me. he doesn't get
that I've devoted the last nine years of my life to learning about science. (that's
most of my life! He should have noticed it by now!) So when he starts trying to
explain what absolute zero is of course I'm going to say. "yes. uh-huh. Yes I already
know what absolute zero is. really." but he just keeps lecturing! errrk... and I
can't say a thing about it without getting yelled at. He already yells at me for
saying that I know about things sometimes anyway. rawr....!

-I've given up writting my stories. Not that anyone noticed.

-My mom keeps requesting I make brownies. Oh well, baking is fun.

-I came up with an idea that my well help me make my mark on the science community.
Updates on that later! (maybe.)

'kay that's it. Thanks to those who bothered reading! byy-yye!

tiggerlemon101 says:   29 December 2008   495511  
Grr, my dad does that do.  Maybe it's just a guy thing?  But it's SO
aggravating and they don't even realize that they're doing it!!!

And woah, that's alotta hair dye!

And we got a Wii, also, isn't fun?  I'm crap at baseball but I rock at
‹ruthie .› says:   30 December 2008   119811  
Whats your idea? Or is it secret? 

Me and my sister tried Wii at the babysitter's. I'm good and tennis
but suck at bowling. And baseball. But thats pretty expected as we
don't play it in the UK.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   30 December 2008   334251  
Whoa, what's with your dad?? O_o
Poor you. I'm not going to question your playing, but it is
harder to play it like a real racket or bat or whatever then if you
just swing your wrist. :I
Kirti says :   30 December 2008   612949  
Role: I'm not that bad, really! Earlier when my step-dad walked in
the room I tried using it like a real bat to aviod him yelling at me
and promtly knocked his empty coke can off the table. So he went of
about how he warned me about my wild hitting, I never listen, blah
blah... (I really don't think he said anyhing about that. although my
sister did once.)

Lemon: Yeah, I somehow never finish a bottle. It looked nice but the
hotel in Boston has a pool so it's faded down now. sigh. still I got
pictures, and maybe I can convince my mom to let me put one on pic

Ruthie: well I've never played base ball either, although I tried
wiffle ball a few times at summer camp... Not secret really butI want
to see if I can do something about it first, before I mention it. I
Emailed the plans to my seventh grade science teacher because she's A)
into conservation, B) nice and C)certifibly not some stupid kid. So
let's soo what she thinks!


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