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The Tales of the Muted. (Chapter 1 part 1/5)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 23 December 2008
10:14:49 PM (GMT)
I'm sorry to tell you that, if you're looking for a fairytale with a perfect ending,
you've come to the wrong place. I'm sorry that one in ten people are going to put
this book back on the shelf and never touch it again.
     But if this is everything you're looking for, keep reading. And if it's not,
then you can put the bok down, close it, and leave it somewhere you'll never look,
because I'm not going to stop out of nowhere and say 'Just kidding! This is what
really happened..'; I will never tell you something and then say that I didn't
   Things happen. They aren't just old shoes stored into your closet that you hope
will be gone tomorrow. It's not that you can't wish it didn't happen (don't think
that I'm stopping you from that; I'm going to make many mistakes throughout this
book), but I do want you to know that if the shed burns, it burns. If people were in
the shed, they die.
     There's no magically coming back to life.
      My name is Adrienne, and I have something that not many people have. Actually,
I'm one of the five who do have this thing. What it is you'll find out soon. I'm an
orphan. My parents died in a car crash. It's not that hard living by myself.
     So I've told you about myself. Good. Maybe it'll explain why my parents don't
worry about me getting home, or why they never send police to look for me, like you
might think.
     And so it begins.

     I don't know why that, on Janurary first, I decided to look around the most
deserted place of Manly, Iowa. Maybe it was just my luck that I found an old,
abandoned, burned shed that evening. I trailed through the snow, my feet dragging,
toes frozen, and my body trying to warm itself up. I was looking for a place to stay,
a place to get warm.
     And that's when I spotted the burnt shed, sitting there, it's roof covered in
the same whipped cream that surrounded me, it's paint chipping off ever so slightly,
and the door opening and closing with the wind. I ran through the snow, and, I don't
know why, but I went straight inside, not even thinking if someone was living there.
     I didn't close the shed's door as I got in, but I marveled at the kitchen as
soon as I got in. The pans were hanging neatly on the wall, the cabnits a light shade
of oak. The stove was rusted, and the floor was missing a few floorboards. 
     I took a small step, and with that step, cam the squeking of the floorboards. I
braced myself by holding on to two walls, and then slammed my foot into the wood as
hard as I could. It broke off, easily and effortlessly. I looked down below.
      Below me was a quick movement, that I first thought was rats. Then I heard
footsteps. They, whoever they were, were coming up the stairs. I turned to the door,
pulling on the doorknob and trying to locate the locks, if there were any, to try and
open the door and maybe get out.
      Then the coldest thing I've felt (colder than snow) touched the back of my
neck, below my hairline, and gently moved my hair to the side of my head. I covered
my mouth so I wouldn't scream, then realised my knees were trembling and I was
freezing cold all over. I tried to steady myself, but I let go a loud shriek as I
turned around.
     There before me was a blue figure, kind of transparent, that sent shivers up my
spine.  stared at it, wating for it to give me some kind of notice that I was in it's
house. I looked at her face, and I knew it was a her, for I had looked at her body's
curves before I'd seen her face, and I got a sudden flash of excitement.
      I don't know what it was, adrenalline or something, but it pulsed through my
body and stayed there. And then, in my mind, I saw bloody flashbacks that I knew
weren't mine. An older lady, lying on the floor, bleeding, a young boy cowering in a
corner. A mirror with a bloody face in it.
      And then everything fell ead silent. The blueish mist disapeared, and I started
crying out of fear. Then I heard more footsteps, dainty ones and a pair that was
hard. The blue mist girl had brought up a boy, my age, and he stared at me, and I
stared at him, and I noticed he was fully real. He looked down at me (he was about a
foot taller) and then I bursted out, "I'm sorry! Oh my--" He caught my wrists as I
forced them towards my eyes.
     "Who are you?" He asked, looking into my eyes.
     I think for a moment, I felt good. Really good. Like, I really liked him, and I
din't know exactly why. "Adrienne. My name is Adrienne." I muttered, and he let go of
my wrists. "Shush." He said, but not to me. He was talking to the blue mist. "I'm
terribly sorry; Emma has no manners."
     "So, Emma's your name.." I said, looking at the mist. She nodded solemnly, then
hovered around me in a circle. "Emma! Come now, please be nice to our guest." She
returned to the boy's side. Then he brushed hair off of my eye with his hand. "You're
one of them, alright." He confirmed. "I'm one of who?" I asked, and I forgot that the
door was behind me and I could easily run away now.

remix says :   10 January 2009   824154  
you are a bitch and I dont want to see you again


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