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Same old Kupika...Category: Anyone capable of growing up?
Monday, 15 December 2008
06:42:42 PM (GMT)
Ye gods, I've been back for a matter of what...30mins, and nothing has
changed here!

Okay okay, new stuff on the site which, admittedly, look groovycool, but in terms of
the stuff that goes on around here... Everyone is still trying to call out
'paedophiles'. Yup, there probably is some on here - calling people out on it
(elsewise known as LYNCHMOBBING) only drives them deeper into the woodwork, making it
harder to catch them. If any of you were really concerned that there was a paedo on
here, you'd go to the admins or someone else in charge of running the place and tell
them; they'd have to listen to you for making such a serious allegation.

Right! Next up - Oroborus21, as far as I can tell, is not a paedophile. I did
an extensive look into the previous case when he was accused, so if you want to take
a look back in my diary, you'll find the entry I'm going on about - give it a read

Still... I've been away from here for some time, leaving behind a friend or two.
Generally I've been honest when I've said that work and college have been the reason
why I pretty much abandoned Kupika, but another reason was that I was sick and tired
of the pathetic, infantile behaviour that occurs on this place.... Coming back, I'm
already getting that same low-level annoyance that I had when I left....

One of the sites I migrated to has a running joke regarding the tag-line that appears
on its' logo. People would occassionally make a comment like "xxxx: we're all
bean-platers here" (except wittier, obviously), and they were funny and somewhat
ridiculous, but often true. Here's a few for Kupika.

Kupika: Never ending playground of the damned.
Kupika: The milder, more artistic 4chan.
Kupika: Pass the sarcasm...please...


‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   15 December 2008   593554  
I'm guessing that the spam like the above made you leave?
LunaSakura says:   15 December 2008   913412  
Yeah, and I've made a point of asking her not to bother with such
pathetic behaviour again. Man, the level of unintelligence on this
place is astounding at times...
‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   16 December 2008   538446  
I know I'm incapable of growing up, like Peter Pan. (category)
LunaSakura says :   16 December 2008   336494  
It was never a reference to you! Trust me!


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