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#1 friend XD! xCategory: (general)
Sunday, 23 November 2008
02:41:13 PM (GMT)
Okay here's a challenge... Can YOU answer 30 questions about YOUR #1? DON'T
your top friends, and answer 30 questions about the 1st person in your top friends

1) What's their name?
Meg! x
2) Have you ever kissed this person?
neva on da lis but on da cheek! x

3)How old is this person?

5) How long have you known him/her?
i've known her since  started skl, shes been my #1 friend 4 almost 2 yrs! x

6) Is this person older than you?
yup! but only by a few months! x

7) When is the last time you saw this person?
umm...Friday! x

 Do you miss this person?

9) Are you related to this person?
well we act like sisters but were not actually blood related,
although her dad did said tht im his adopted daughter cuz im always round at theirs,

10) Do you have a nickname for this person?
MiMi! herrealnameisasecretthtswhyitsaysMiMiatthetop4hername! XD

11) Is this person bringing sexy back ?
OH YEA!!!!! XD! JKIN! XD! x

12) Do you think this person will repost this?
Yes! XD! x

13) Why is this person on your top friends?
cuz i love her&she my BBBFL!!!! (best bitchy bud 4 life) XD! ily XD! x

14) Have you ever seen this person cry?
Yes Shes my BBBFL im there 4 her thro evrytin

15) Do they know everything about your life?
umm...pretty much! i think theres like 1 thting she dsnt no about my life! XD

16) Doing anything with them tonight?
Talkin 2 her on MSN! oh & btw they why thts wrded is rlyyy badd! XD! x

17)Do you wish you were with them right now?
YUPYUP! i hvnt seen her in ages! lol! (2 days)

18 Would u do anythin for him her?
Yup! XD

19) Would him/her date you?
NOOO! SHES A GIRL! XD! we love each ova but not like dat! XD! ily x!

20) Does this person make you laugh?
All the time! x

21) Have you ever bailed this person out of jail?
nop! & i'd beta not eva hv 2! U HEAR ME MIMI!!! XD! ily x!

23) If this person needed a kidney transplant and you were a match would u?
course i would!! & shed bta do da sme 4 me! XD ily x!

24)where does this person live?
Rite round da corner from me! XD ily x!

25) Do you think you'll still know this person in 20 years?
Yea! were goin 2 b bezzies till we die! XD ily x

26) Do they have any siblings?
yea! 1 wee anoyyin brova! i hate him, so dose she he annoys the heel outa usss! XD
ily x!

27) Does this person have a b/f or g/f?
YES!! hes stunnin! XD! ily x!

2 Do they have any pets?
3 cats & 2 bunneys! R.I.P! Velvet! ily x!

29) Have they seen you cry?
YEA!! i cry on her shoulder!lol XD!
no im been serious! i do actual do dat XD! ily x!

30) Is this person a true friend?
Always & froeva babeeeee! XD ily x!

Last edited: 23 November 2008

‹EvenTheStarsRefuseToShine♥› says:   23 November 2008   724735  
Bahha VERY acurate you do kno me well!
But i dont actually mind about the name thing so if u like u can
change it 2 Meg
‹♥ ≈ ●ςдї†ұ● ≈ ♥› says :   23 November 2008   615111  
♥ ily


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