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Monday, 17 November 2008
06:14:41 PM (GMT)
hey pretear is awesome. the guys r go,kei,hayate,sasame,mannen,hajime,shin
those r the 7 leafe knights
go is the knight of fire
kei is the knight of light
hayate is the knight of wind
sasame is the knight sound
mannen is the knight of ice
hajime is the knight of water
shin is the knight of plants 
mannen is the leader of the younger group of knights
the younger groups consist of 2 other members named shin and hajime
shin is the youngest of the leafe knights
the recent 16 year old pretear Himino Awayuki is in a battle w/ the leafe nights
against fenrir, the princess of disaster
Fenrir was the pretear 16 years ago,in the anime
Fenrir became strong fast and then confessed her feelings 2 hayate
he rejected her and she became the princess of disaster then 3 nights sealed her
Sasame then left the nights soon after fenrir was awakened 
he became Fenrir's night of disaster
himino lost her mother when she was young
then her father remarried a lady who's obssed w/ her father and the women was
himino had 2 step-sisters named mayune and mawata
mayune is 16 the same age as himino and mawata is 14
mayune has a pretentios attitude toward himeno for coming from a impoverished family
mawata on the other hand is the seemingly perfect child
her outwardly demeaner is 2 facade 2 hide her lonliness and mask her own sence of
loss after her parents divorce
There are other characters to
there not really major but ill talk about them any ways
Kaoru Awayuki is Himino's Father
he is a former author of romance novels before marrying Natsue he spent his day
drinking sake while himino balanced the budget and cooked the meals
Natsue is Himino's step-mother
she only exposed her soft-side to Kaoru while dealing w/ everyone else in strict
she is a wealthy and powerful executive who married her teenage crush Kaoru
She named her 2 daughters after two characters from her favorite book by Kaoru
Natsue is consumed by jealousy of her husband's ex wife and of Himeno, treating the
girl more harshly than her own daughters. Her hatred results in her being possessed
by the Princess of Disaster. In the anime, Natsue is never possessed by the Princess
of disaster, never shows any jealousy about Kaoru's late wife, and while strict with
Himeno, also cares about her wellbeing.
Mr. Tawaka is the Awayuki's butler
Mr. Tawaka went to school w/ Natsue and had a crush on her
Yayoi Takato is himino's friend from middle school and her school mate
in the anime adaption, their earlier friendship isnt mentioned. Its implied that they
became friends at school after Yayoi ignores bullied telling them to stay away from
she changes into a girl who's obssessed w/ romance and spins  outrageous scenerios
about the  pursuit of love
Fenrir is as i mentioned before the princess of disaster
her real name is Takako
she fell in love w/ hatake and confessed her feelings but he didnt reciprocate her
takako's ultimate goal is to destroy the world by taking away the leafe that
preserves all life
When Sasame confesses that he had loved her all along, she doesn't return his
feelings but has him become her Knight of Darkness and orders him to kill Hayate and
attack the other Leafe Knights. At the end of the series, Himeno's kindness and
Sasame's death out of love for her enables her to regain her humanity and return to
normal. She is last seen with the revived Sasame
Last edited: 17 November 2008

‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   18 November 2008   712689  
It's too long i only read the first line....   .O.
‹yoruxran246› says:   18 November 2008   959153  
shut up
it took me 20 minutes 2 do this
i worked so hard on it
wolfiewheeee says:   11 August 2009   539978  
Awesome! ^^ It's nice to see that more than 5 people in the world
have ever heard/liked Pretear XD Awesomeness! ^^
‹yoruxran246› says :   5 January 2010   364064  
^_^ yup i'm just that awsome


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