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MY Remebrance Day Essay (Pardon My spelling:P)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 5 November 2008
09:13:32 PM (GMT)
 Here is my essay for remembrance day, (plzplzplz no plagurism *pardon my
spelling and yes even though I can't spell it I do know what it means) I need
opinions  please! Thanks ♥ smartblonde        

 I Didn’t Understand

		I didn’t understand why he had to go away. He told me he’d be back soon; he
promised he’d be ok. Mommy was always crying, holding his picture in her hand.
“But why?” I would say, “He said he’d come back.” She’d just shake her
head and walk away. He sent letters telling us how he missed his favourite girls. He
said he wished he was back with us. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t come
home. Nobody liked to talk about him anymore, but I began to figure out on my own
that he wasn’t coming back. The letters stopped coming, Mommy was more upset and
people dressed like him kept coming to our door saying sorry. When I was in bed I
heard Mommy wailing across the hall. I crept into her room and climbed onto the bed
beside her. She wrapped me in her arms and held me close. Kleenexes were strewn
across the bed and floor and that picture was lying right beside her. That face
we’d never see again. All I could say was “It’s ok Mommy.” Even though I knew
it was not.

		I didn’t understand why there even had to be a war. Didn’t their mother’s
teach them to share and play nice? Instead they took the lives of many innocent
people without a thought just to get what they wanted. Whenever I was at school or
walking down my street, everyone would stare with sad eyes. “The poor Dear.” They
would whisper. I didn’t understand why they were feeling sorry for me instead of

		Besides weeping, my house was quiet and lonely. Mommy was never happy, it was like
a dark cloud blocked out the sunshine in her life. I wished I could just wake up,
that it would all turn out to be a horrible dream. He would burst through the door
and Mommy would smile again, but that was too good to be true. He broke his promise,
I knew it wasn’t his fault but I couldn’t erase his words from my mind I’ll be
fine! I’ll be home before you know it! I love you sweet pea! Everything was going
so wrong and I just didn’t understand.

		The years have gone by and I still miss him immensely. Things started to get better
but the sun is never quite as bright, the grass is never quite as green and the sky
is never quite as blue. I can gaze up into the night and see him watching over me. I
know he’ll always be there. I miss his smile. I miss his Laugh. I miss him. I miss
you Daddy and you’ll always be in my heart.

smartblonde sings :   5 November 2008   466188  
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