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Another stupid story idea. ><Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 October 2008
11:24:32 PM (GMT)

	"Daddy, can I come? I wanna go! Please, please can you take me with you? Please?" My
five daughter begged, kicking her feet franticly.
	"Not this time, honey. You can't come with me yet. But don't worry, okay? I'll make
sure one of these days you can come with me." I assured her, rubbing her soft blonde
	"Why not?" She asked curiously. She was holding the doll I bought her over a year
ago in one hand, and using the other one to brush through its knotty hair with a
small, plastic pink brush.
	"Well, its kind of hard right now, honey. Grandma's moving, so I have to find a
place of my own. And until I do, I wont be able to see you as much," I told her.
	She got a little sadder. "You can move in with me and Mommy," She suggested, hummimg
and bobbing her head side to side.
	I laughed lightly. "Aw Meg, I wish I could, but I dont think that would be a good
thing." I said, letting my hand drop softly to grab hers. She squeazed it lightly.
"why don't you try and get some sleep? It'll be a little while until we get to
Mommy's." I told her.
	She yawned, setting the doll and brush down. "Okay," Then she tilted her head to the
side, shifted her body to get comfortable and yawned again. Then within ten minutes,
she was snoring softly.
	I popped in a CD I enjoyed to hum to. It was really calming music. No words, just
instrumental stuff. I moved my hand back to her head and rubbed her blonde curls
soflty. She'd grown so much in the past two months I'd seen her. I missed seeing her
	I had one hand on the steering wheel, my fingers drumming to the music, and the
other on my little Megan. I could tell she was going to be one of those girls that
all the boys looked at in the hall. Her bright blue eyes would take their breath
	She had thin lips, a small nose, and big eyes. Little ears, too. I smiled at the
thought; her coming home from school and telling me about all the hot gossip, and
about the boy she likes, and all the drama going on with her and her bestfriend.
	I couldn't wait for that. I couldn't wait for her to be old enough to go to dances,
and to bring her dates home so I could embarass her. 
	I chuckled lightly to myself at the thought, turning off of the highway to the small
series of streets. I weeved swiftly through the un-populated roads.
	We were just around the corner from Cynthia's - Megans mom, and my ex-girlfriend -
when some stupid kid with a bunch of friends sped down the road. I slammed on the
breaks, probably breaking one of my toes. 
	Megan flew forward then came to an abrut stop when the seat belt caught her and
jerked her backwards.
	Everything happened very slow after that. I saw the car, the look on all of their
faces. Megan was crying loudly, and I was trying to sooth her. The car came closer to
mine, which was turning frustratingly slow. And after I took one last glance at my
Megan who was screaming, still clutching the little doll in her hands, when the car
flew right into ours, on her side.
	We rolled twice, then landed on the grass in the field. I screamed in pain - a huge
piece of glass had shattered and sliced through my arm. But then I realized
something. I didn't hear Megan crying. I didn't hear her groaning because she'd been
hurt. I franticly looked to my right. 
	There she was, hanging her head like she was sleeping. But she wasn't. Nothing about
me mattered anymore. I choked out a sob, and climbed out of the car. "Megan!" I
yelled, running around the very badly damaged hood. "Megan!" I said, leaning in the
passenger window.
	I undid her seat belt and managed to lift her out of the car. She was limp in my
arms. I put her on the ground and shook her shoulders. "Megan! Megan, wake up! Come
on sweetheart, you have to wake up!" A tear rolled down my cheek and fell on her
pink, blood-stained t-shirt.
	"Please, Megan," I cried. "wake up, angel." I patted her cheek lightly, then shook
her shoulders more. 
	I put my two fingers together and pressed them to her neck. No pulse. I choked out
another sob. My little girl was gone. My Megan. My baby. I loved her more then
anything in the world. 
	"Zayne? Megan? Megan!" I heard Cynthia cry out from the road. Her feet made
splatting noise agaisnt the ground. "What the hell happened, Zayne?!" She screamed.
	"Those kids! They ran right into me! I tried to swirve, I tried, but they hit us.
They hit Megan....Her side of the car...I couldn't do anything." I said between sobs.
My body tremmored as I spoke, looking down at Megan.
	She pushed me out of the way and lifted Megans limp body into her arms. "Megan?" She
stiffled to stay. "Megan, baby. Come on. Mommy's here," she cooed, patting her
	Megan didn't move, didn't breathe, nothing. She just layed there, a crumpled mess,
covered in blood. "Put her down, Cynthia. There...there isnt anything we can do.." I
managed, my throat closing.
	She spun around and jammed a finger at me. "Don't you dare say there isn't anything
we can do to help her."
	"Well look at her, Cyn!" I pointed at her. 
	She pursed her lips, then started bawling. I wraped her into my arms. We were both
hysterical, gasping between cries. The thing I loved the most in the world was just
taken from me. My blonde, bobble headed little girl was dead. I would never see her
smiling again. I would never see her laugh, her curls bouncing as she ran down the
street with me. 
	And then I was numb. Every inch of me, numb. I couldn't feel any pain. It was
probably better that way, anyway. And then it all went black. I didn't have an
recolection of anything after that.

			*	*	*	*	*

	"I knew he'd come around," A male voice said. I didn't know where I was. All I knew
was I was very cold, and I was very thirsty. But not thirsty for any beverage. For
the sweet, sticky liquid that pumped through humans' veins. 
	"Oh, good!" A women cheered softly, clapping her hands together twice. I heard her
laugh. It sent shivers down my spine. 
	My eyes fluttered open, for what felt like the first time in my life. Once they were
opened, I looked around, exaimining my surroundings. I was in a room with pale green
walls that were lined with shining metal tabels with a bunch of stuff in sterile
	I look at the girl first. She looked young, probably in her early twenties. Her skin
was white as snow, and her face was flawless. Her eyebrows were perfectly arched, her
thin lips were up in a grin, and her small nose was crinkled in her face. And to top
all of that off, her eyes. They were the most amazing shade of blue I'd ever seen. I
think my jaw dropped a little.
	I looked away from her, shaking my head.
	I moved my attention to the man next to her.
	He was a big man, the buttons on his shirt looked as if they were about to bust. He
had little hair and it was brushed into a comb over. He wore thin rimmed glasses that
were falling down the bridge of his nose. He grimmaced, obviously trying to lift the
crooked frames.
	"Ah," I groaned. One of them had to be human. I could smell it. I could taste it. It
burned my throat. I yearned to attack it, but I had no energy. I couldn't move my
arms or legs.
	I soon realized it was brown leather straps, pressing me to the table with a white
sheet over it. I sighed. Millions of questions ran through my head. 	
	Who was I? What was my name? How old was I? Why did I want blood? Why was I even
here in the first place?
	The mans low cough cut off my brainstorming. "How are you feeling?" He asked
	"Hungry," I answered mechanically.
	He nodded. "No pain?"
	"None." I said. I wanted to leave this place. I wanted to get up and just run for
	The girl smiled. "Good."
	"Was there, uh, supposed to be?" I asked.
	"No. It is very unusual for our patients to feel any pain or discomfort." The man
smiled. "My name is Benjamin Stiles. This is my assistant, Sarah Benning's."
	Sarah grinned and waved at me like a two year old. "Why am I here?" I ignored her,
fixing my attention on the man.
	He arched an eyebrow. "Don't you remember?" 
	I grimmaced. "No. I actually.. Don't remember anything. What happened?"	
	They both pursed their lips. Sarah inched towards him. "He has a right to know,
	He nodded assuringly then coughed and turned to me. "Two months ago you got in a
terrible accident with your four year old daughter, Megan. Megan didn't make it. She
died of head trauma and loss of blood. You, too, lost of blood, but you wernt as
badly injured."	
	My brow furrowed. "I don't have a daughter."
	They looked at eachother again. Sarah sighed and dug in her coat pocket. She pulled
out a folded peice of paper, unfolded it, then handed to me face down.
	I took it hesitantly and turned over. There was a picture of me, holding a little
girl with blonde curls in a blue dress that frilled out at the bottom. She was
smiling so wide it looked like her face was going to rip in some places. I made a
face. Seeing me with this little girl made me feel empty. My chest ached.
	"I don't remember..." I told her, handing the picture back. I then realized I was
shaking quite a bit.
	The man, Ben, laughed a little. "Well son, I'm sure it'll come back to you. In a
little while.Dont you worry. Now, lets get you out of these straps."
	Sarah was at me before Ben could blink. She carefully picked at the leather straps
as they came loose, one by one. When the last one was off, I gasped and sat up
straight, rubbing each of my wrists slowly.
	"Why am I here?" I asked grumpily.
	Ben looked hesitant. He looked at Sarah, then flicked his eyes from me to her. "No.
I am not telling him." She said firmly, crossing her arms over her chest.
	"Sarah! You're the one who found him. You made him Change. You're responsibility
now." Ben said to her.
	"Wha- do I have to watch him, too? I really have to watch him, don't I?" Sarah
groaned loudly and slammed her clenched fist into a medal table. It bent and morphed
to fit the shape of her hand, which was almost perfectly imprinted. 
	"You're responsibility," Ben reminded her again, huffing and coming towards me
slowly. "Fine I'll tell him," He said. "do you remember you're name? Age? Birthday?"
	I thought carefully. The only memories I could pick out was when I just woke up
here. "No." 
	Ben nodded and sighed. "Can I see his chart?"
	Sarah obiedently spun and walked a few steps to grab a clipboard that was lying on
the marble counter. She then flung it unnessacarily hard at him, which he quickly
gasped and hoped backwards from, even though it landed perfectly on the table.
	He glowered at her for a moment before coughing again and walking towards it,
lifting his glasses and sniffling. "Ah," He said, holding it a bit too close to his
face. I'm guessing that the print was small. "You're name is Zayne, correct?"
	"I-I guess. . ." I replied.
	"Do you remember any of you're past? Anything at all?" He pressed.
	"Nothing," I confirmed. I crossed my legs and hunched my back, feeling rather tired.
My eyes drooped open and shut.
	"Are you tired?" He said, pulling out a slim, silver looking object from his breast
pocket, and pushed something on the back which made a loud clicking noise. The bright
white light reminded me it was a flashlight. 
	He grabbed my head and put it back, lifting my eyelids and instructed me to look
directly at him. He exaimened each eye carefully with the light, moving it back and
forth and in random patterns. "Well that's strange."
	"What?" I asked.	
	Sarah laughed. "You mean to tell me he is a mut?" She laughed once more, with no
humor. "Incredible." She muttered.
	"What do you mean I'm a mut?" I snapped, my hands closed shut into a tight ball at
my sides. 		
	"Slow down there cowboy. I just mean..well...shit Ben, you tell him!" Sarah
	Ben pursed his lips into a thin white line. "Alright, Zayne. I'm going to tell you
exactly what's going on. Save your questions until after, agreed?" He said. I nodded
once. "Two months ago today, you were driving with your daughter Megan. And as you
know, unfortunatly she didn't make it. But you did. You made it. So they thought that
putting you into.. well therapy would help you, but it only made things worse.
	"You tried to hang yourself. In the mental phasility you were in. You always used to
say that Megan was the only thing that kept you going, but when she died, you
absolutly lost it. Thats where I found you; on a chair with a rope around your neck
in a single sell.
	"Now this may sound strange, but Sarah here, if you'd notice, well she's a vampire.
No questions, remember? Anyway, I called to Sarah and she made you Change. So now we
convinced the hospital you're dead and technicly you are, but now we think your a mix
because you're actually tired and do not carry traits of normal vampires. But we dont
know yet, the Change has only just started." 
	I blinked. "I'm going to sleep.." I murmered and turned around, falling onto my side
and curling into a ball, falling to sleep. A very peacful sleep. It almost felt like
I was dead.
	Well that would be better then the position you're in now, 'Zayne', I thought
to myself. 
Last edited: 3 December 2008

Zovesta says:   29 October 2008   921196  
You're a good writer, but is he a vampire now? I'm not so fond of
vampires, or most real-life stories. Also, this made me terribly sad.

Keep up the good work.
‹emilyFTW› says:   29 October 2008   481823  
Yeah; he's a vampire.
And the whole story is him trying to figure out how he got turned into
a vampire.
ChloeLeeFoo_ says :   30 October 2008   315384  
Ahh, I swear if you change the story one more time!
But this is good to,
I still like the vampire werewolf baby thing.
Grr I want to eat you
-flants fangs-


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