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Whoa, he confessed.. To me?!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 28 October 2008
06:17:10 PM (GMT)
I'm so happy lately! I'm full of energy and over-hyperness xD. 
Maybe that's because I'm in love.. o.o  It's freaky, I'd rather have boys as friends
than as actual 'boyfriends'. But he's so cute and fun and nice and funny and lol. And
so it seems he likes me too :D
I met this guy on a convention. I had planned to meet his friend, which I met on the
internet, but I fell for him.. And it seems that the one I was planning to meet
has/had a crush on me. I didn't know I was attractive?! I'm ugly 

That guy is from Poland, and he has this real cool last name: Wroblewski. And as soon
as he told me, I started writing it over all my stuff. He asked me why I was
practicing his name and came up with a superawesome theory: "Ah, you're just
practicing your last name when you're married with me. " A few days long he has
begged me to tell him why I practiced his name, and he guessed right: "You like me?
o.o" "Yesh." "I KNEW IT! I guessed right! Now where's my prize?" "You can choose -.-"
"I want a kiss." 
Muhahah, I liked that conversation :P  And last week at 11:45 p.m., right before he
went to bed he told me: "I don't know why but..[pause] I'm starting to like you.."
The moment I read that, I literally fell from my chair and blushed like mad and
started shaking (I don't know why..). 

But! There's one thing I don't get: We're not boyfriend-girlfriend XD I mean, we've
both confessed, we like each other a whole lot and that's all? Well, I'm planning to
meet him at the beach sometime when we go to our grandma in Scheveningen (I live in
Holland ^^). Since he lives nearby, I bet he could make that short drive with his
bike for me :P I bet something would happen when we're there..? Or am I imagining
things T_T  Gah! I'm so stupid! When he's offline or something, I immediately start
thinking that he doesn't like me anymore or that he thinks I'm annoying (well, he
actually thinks that, but he's too) or that I'm not worth it. Maybe I'm just being
over-obsessed  xD

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