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Saturday, 25 October 2008
11:02:05 AM (GMT)
She didnt look back once. Wind pushed against he face and the bitter cold stung her
nose, but she kept running. 

          The buildings that lined the street rushed by her in blurs. The street
seamed to be moving under her feet. No matter how fast she ran, it felt like the
street was moving her while she stood stiff. 

          Running felt like flying to her at this point. It felt effortless and
magical. It lifted the weight off of her shoulders, and left her in a world of her
own. A world far from the one she was really in. 

          Then, it was as if time had stopped. Everything stopped, even Tess. The
people on the street stopped walking, the birds stopped singing, and the clouds
stopped moving across the sky. Tess looked around. Everything was still. 

          She started to take a step forward, but the world started again. People
kept on walking, birds kept on singing, and the clouds moved through the sky. Tess
shook her head. 

          She was obviously halucinating. She had just gotten lost in the rythm of
her feet as they hit the pavement. Tess shook her head once more then began walking
down the street. 

          The only people walking the streets where old men and drug dealers. (It
really wasnt the best part of town.) Tess stayed as far away from the drug dealers as
possible. One, she noticed, was missing a few teeth and was missing a finger. The old
men on the other hand were not that bad. They sat on orange crates and played
checkers, minding their own buisiness. 

         A few of the old men where just as creepy as the drug dealers, but most
seamed decent. Some smiled at her others didnt even seam to notice her. The ones that
didnt look up at Tess where generally the ones smoking and drinking, the ones that
did where generally nice looking and had most of their teeth. 

          Tess smiled at one of the old men. He smiled back before turning back to
his game. Tess walked further and further down the street, into the worst part of the
whole street. You had to pass through the bad part to get to the library, the bank,
the post office, anywhere worth going on this street. (The good, ish, part of town) 
          The buildings linning the streets began to show graffiti. The further Tess
walked the more graffiti she saw. It also got darker as she walked. It got so dark
she could barely see. 

          Fingers suddenly wrapped around Tess wrist. She tried to scream, but a hand
covered her mouth. For the second time today, panic flooded over her.
Last edited: 14 November 2008

‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   25 October 2008   291666  
Ooh! Me likey!
Wishar says:   25 October 2008   284732  
sorry i had to make some major changes. I just didnt really like
where i was going with the story. But dont worry, i know the main
storyline, and you havent seen anthing yet. I hope you like it.

‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   25 October 2008   511956  
Holy Shit Dude! That Was Scary!
Wishar says:   25 October 2008   447348  
haha, thanks
holyangel says :   11 December 2008   169159  
I wonder whats gonna happen next !


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