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I Got Called Gay!!!Category: (general)
Friday, 26 September 2008
02:37:49 PM (GMT)
Btw I Have Nothing Against Gay People Just To Start Off With

Today At School Our Home Teacher Mrs.Brammer Was Rambling On About How Bad EveryOnes
Behavior Was When We Went On That School Trip To Belgium, Anyway While She Was
Talking My BestFriend Harry Came Up With An Idear To Sneak Out While She Went On
About All That Shizz.
So We Did But We Had To Make It Out The DoorWay Wich Was Nearly Right In Front Of
So We Got Up To The DoorWay When Harry Tripped Over The Wire To The Projector And
Then I Fell Straight On Top Of Him.
Their Was Like A Huge Silence In The Class And Then Mrs.Brammer Says "Oh Looks Like
You Two Have Been Busy While I Was Talking" She Giggled In Her Weird Voice And From
Then On Pretty Much Everyone In Class Started Laughing, I Mean Come On It Was'nt Even
That Funny And Yet Everyone Seemed To Be Going Into A Laughing Fit Including
And That Was Only The Morning, So Know When People See Us Together They Allways Shout
"OMG Theirs The Two Gay Guys"
Or Come Up To Us And Say Something Stupid Like "Wheres Your BoyFriend" 

Bye xxx

‹KATIEParade› says:   26 September 2008   781871  
 What's wrong with your teacher?
 I think the funiiest thing is that your friend tripped.
RoxRox says:   26 September 2008   999717  
Aww, you should just go along with it.
Think of it as ... funny.

"Yes.. Yes I am.."

But on the inside you know you're not gay. 8D
xD;.. Nevermind ignore me I fail.
Mikerysaurus says:   26 September 2008   591551  
QueerFayceKatiee~ Lolz Idk (I'd Like To See Her Trip, Down A Nice
Long Flight Of Stairs)
RoxRox~ Lolz Im Soo Not Gonna Say That, Ill Just Stick To Saying
Nothing :D
xXsora_the_box_manXx says:   26 September 2008   921176  
Wow. Your teacher has serious issues man XD. I get called Gay all the
time you get used to it.
‹KATIEParade› says:   26 September 2008   963622  
Amg, that's be awesome. 
That's what we say about our overweight gym teacher.
 "I'd like to see her run the mile." 
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   26 September 2008   181818  
wow what weird, mean teacher!
‹poppin_bottles› says:   26 September 2008   568111  
thats funny
Mikerysaurus says:   26 September 2008   248696  
Sora~ Yeah Tell Me Bout It, kk.
Queer~ Yeah Lolz :D
Sky~ Yah
FootBall~ It Soo Is'nt :P
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   26 September 2008   119742  
How about "Yes, I'm gay. I know very damn well that I'm happy"
I think maybe just the situation was funny, but the teacher had no
right to say that D<
It was mean.
Mikerysaurus says:   26 September 2008   316147  
Amy~ kk lol, Yeah i Know She's An Evil Teacha :[
The_Fluffy_One says:   26 September 2008   614881  
Oh my.
I can just image that...
‹ECSTATIC.♥› says:   26 September 2008   526362  
that is a mean teacher!!!
Mikerysaurus says :   27 September 2008   383998  
juki~ Yeah


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