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Wednesday, 10 September 2008
05:41:39 PM (GMT)
HELLO HELLO HELLOOO I'M REALLY EXCITED TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY DAY. LOL. No, it was pretty boring, BUT there were some interesting/funny things that happened. READIT READIT READIT. >:B UHM. French class was so freakinnn boring. I like..almost fell asleep. It's like ..2 hours of this lady that's like..4'8 speak French at you. >.> So, when that period was finally over I WENT TO ART CLASS. It gets somewhat interesting here. xD ART CLASS. I sit beside Jacquie (MARIEx) and Krista (strawberryPOCKY) and so, we had to use these "exacto-knives" to cut out these letters..and Krista was in the middle in between Jacquie and I and so I was talking to Jacquie, and she was like "..THAT WATERBOTTLE MAKES ME SMILE :B" and she started laughing..really hard. Then she turned around and was like "HAHA I GOT SPIT IN MY HAIR." ..Then the two of us went crazy laughing, like seriously our faces were so red, and we were crying from laughing so hard. The classroom was silent and then BAM there is Jacquie and I like..dying on the table from laughter and the whole time Krista was like "....LOL weirdos" I KNOW YOU WERE THINKING THAT KRISTA. XD Like..the whole class must've been thinking "...not again -_-;" LOL SCIENCE. We were working with acid, and it was a corrosive one. But the science teacher put water in his, to dilute it (sp?) and he dropped some on his hand (for an example of what not to do..) and SCREAMED. Everyone was like "WTF!?" and jumped. Then he was like "Oh, that wasn't really acid. It was diluted with water. :B" I was like " suck. D:" I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY ACID. UHM, OH YEA. MY LOCKER NEIGHBOURS NAME IS JEFF. :B LOL LOCKER KNOCKER. Thats what Tesha (catloverextreme) called him by accident. She was trying to say "neighbour" but knocker came out instead. xD ANYWAY. He just moved from Korea. He doesn't understand much English.. He's not good with that. xD BUT HE'S NICE :B I helped him with his lock. He was like "FASKFHAJK J D:" So, I helped him. xD He couldn't do the comination, BUT HE'LL GET USED TO IT. Well, tomrrow I get to "buy outta class" I pay 2$ for a ticket, and for 6th period I get to go to a basketball game in the gym :B All the juniors get to, it's cool :D AND I SIGNED UP FOR CHOIR. It's fun. xD TOMORRROOW I'm going to go for House Band. WE GET TO GO TO DISNEY LAND AND PLAY THERE. :B We'll only have one show and then the rest of the time, we get to play at Disney Land :D -3days- I'm gunna probably play the Tenor Saxophone. GO ON WIKIPEDIA IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. The reason I'm going for that, is cause all the guitars and really good instruments are already being taken. D: OHWELL IT'LL BE FUN :D WELL. That was my day. YAY FOR YOU. If you read all of it. :D ILUU ♥

MARIEx says:   10 September 2008   385936  

when we buy our way out
meet me at the stairs leading up to were the stands are, ok?
Or else
I'm stuck with Cameron
Mr.Squiggle Arms McCghee.
‹krista ♥› says:   10 September 2008   662941  
STRAIGHT XD....and yes..u 2 were weirdos in art XD..and yea, i was
thinking about goining house band....but im not sure D:..oh wells i
will think about it XD
‹DasAtem› says :   12 September 2008   677335  
Jacquie: HAA..Well I lost you, Krista walked ahead and we lost you.
-not blaming Krista- LOL.
You should've done concert band WITH's fun FUNFUNFUN :D


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